3 Premium Pizza Places Found in Brisbane, Australia


Movie nights with the family, romantic dates with the significant other, game time with the boys, vlog shoots with the ladies, and solo trips with your wanderlust self are all made extra awesome with the mouth-watering fragrance and flavors of pizza! Wherever you go and whatever you do, this Italian-born star is probably one of your top snack and meal options. 

Without a doubt, pizza has already become family to so many nations around the globe. In some countries, there are even specific streets dedicated to serving Italian food, and you’ve guessed it right; pizzas can never be unseen! Its savory prowess has made this fame happen, and no one is complaining! 

Brisbane in Australia is one of the many places in the world where you can enjoy various kinds, recipes and brands of pizzas. Not to mention, delectable pastas and wines make those authentic Italian pizzas even better! Traveling to Brisbane is like traveling to other countries in the world, including Italy, for its diverse showcase and provisions of multicultural food cuisines. 

Now if you are around Queensland’s capital city or soon to set foot on it, you might go around aimlessly while looking for some French fractions. That’s why this list is here to help you make your ‘what to eat?’ and ‘where to order pizza?’ decisions. Take note that this is particularly a go-to when you are looking for something classy and ritzy! 

Check out these 3 premium pizza places in Brisbane, Australia! Don’t skip a thing!

1 – CORBETT AND CLAUDE (Elizabeth St, Brisbane)

From your entrance to your exit to this pizza kitchen in Elizabeth St, Brisbane City, you will know that they are up to something sensational. Corbett and Claude makes sure you get thrilled from bite to bite to bite!

It may be a fairly sized site off an alleyway, which some consider small, but the satisfaction Corbett and Claude offers is definitely huge! You will never really know unless you grab a yum-yum bite of their pizzas. They are worth your money whatever time of day!   

Being a bar as well, Corbett and Claude is popular for group gatherings and special occasions. With a snuggly ambience, a down-home design and a colorful menu, no event will be less than fun here. Your purpose may be for a casual dining or a formal night, and this place will always be an unregrettable choice. It can get a little too busy, but that just proves how much of a must-try Corbett and Claude is!

There are platters for sharing and plates for solo enjoyment! Just from the starters, you’ll have heart eyes already! Bruschetta, Mr. C’s Chicken Bites, Halloumi Chips and Crispy Polenta Strips are some of them. The pizza Classics include Gambera, Capricciosa, and Smoked Ham and Mushroom among others. The Cigar Pizzas will blow your mind away; these are signature rolled pizzas you will adore! Some names to remember are The Man Eater and The Classic Cigar. Gnocchi Sorrentina, Eggplant Lasagne and Tagliatelle Alfredo belong to their pasta list. 

Classic cocktails, craft beers and refined wines are served from Monday to Thursday for a limited time, so if you’re heading to Corbett and Claude wanting some of these beverages beside your pizza plate, set your alarm. Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chianti Docg and Malbec are some of their red wines. 

Its name comes from Claude Chambers, the architect of the historic Corbett Chambers building. It’s great to know that this place that only knows the best pizzas also has a big historical chunk lying on it. Both the pizzas and the place will make you curious!  

Fresh and fantastic! Everything about Corbett and Claude makes you feel like you’re embraced by Italian vibes. They want guests going home with a full tummy and a bright smile, and of course, they want them coming back for more!

3 – JULIUS PIZZERIA (Grey St, South Brisbane)

Two most important aspects when choosing a pizza place are, first, the pizza’s taste, and second, the pizza place itself. Julius Pizzeria in Grey St does not lack in any of these. 

Styled just as a warehouse, Julius Pizzeria serves wood-fired pizzas that will take your heart away! The design is dapper. The nourishments are so tasteful. With amiable staff, the atmosphere suits everyone seeking a warm place to dine in. They allow takeaways, but the cheerful and cushy surroundings will make you sit and stay! Both indoor and outdoor seating are good spots for a peaceful pizza meal and IG-worthy photos too.

You might have to wait a little longer if you go a little late because Julius Pizzeria is truly well-loved for its outstanding quality that’s not to be mistaken. Real Italian staff work here too. They cater to each guest’s specific requests and inquiries, ensuring that everyone enjoys the pizza he or she orders. 

Starters are impressive already; Affettati Misti, Calamari Fritti con Rucola and Arancini are there to name some. They have a detailed, categorized pizza menu, and it’s just so convenient to instantly answer guests’ questions about the pizza names that are unfamiliar to them. For Rosse, tomato-based pizzas, Pizza Casalinga, Pizza Salame e Fontina and Pizza Norma are some choices. For Bianche, get to know Funghi Misti, Valtellina, Tartufo and more. Spaghettini allo Scoglio, Risotto del giorno and Pasta Special are delicious. Pizza Reginella and Pizza Cotto are made for the kiddiewinks! 

Julius Pizzeria has vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options for those with specific dietary needs and preferences. Not only soft drinks but also wines can be bought in Julius Pizzeria. For the latter, 19 Nick O’Leary Riesling, 18 Fontanabianca Arneis and 17 Bruno Rocca Nebbiolo are some terrific picks.

3 – PIZZA MILTONIO (Baroona Rd, Milton)

After a long, tiring day at work, you’d just want to head home and rest, but… you’d want it better with a comfort food on hand! In Milton is this hospitable pizzeria that cooks just exceptional pizzas! They are for takeouts you can cozily munch on at home and bring for the whole family too.  

Pizza Miltonio cares for big eaters and for health nuts! They exhibit a jaw-dropping set of pizzas that will keep you confused on what to choose. You will want to get a piece of each flavor. They are all so unique and interesting! Meat Pizzas include Smokey BBQ Pork Pizza and Aussie. Chicken Pizzas include Chicken Bombay and Butter Chicken. Seafood Pizzas include Classic Seafood and Titanic. Vegan and vegetarian pizzas are available; Classic Vegetarian, Tuscany, Four Cheese and Pumpkin Supreme are the names. Vegan cheese is a star! All these pizzas are drool-worthy even by just reading them! 

Aside from pizzas, salads, pastas and desserts are served in Pizza Miltonio. Fusilli, Cassarecci and Rigatoni belong to their pastas. They have Lamb Shank, Garden Salad and  Greek Salad as well. It’s time for desserts when you see the Lemon Meringue Tart and the Sticky Date Pudding. Choose among Pizza Miltonio’s organic drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks and soft drinks to freshen up.

The congenial and accommodating staff brightens up anyone’s day in this pizza place in Brisbane. Prices on the menu won’t hurt your wallets for there are budget-friendly options too. Pizza Miltonio knows how to make pizza lovers love pizzas a hundred times more!



Pizza fans in Brisbane are surely blessed to be surrounded by first-class pizza stores serving luscious pizzas away from the land of Italy. Incredibly, when you book your flights to Brisbane, Australia it’s like you’re booking for more than just one city. It’s like hopping from one country to another without leaving Brisbane’s vicinity. That’s because there’s a lot to find, to do and to eat in the vibrant capital of Queensland! 

Never miss visiting Brisbane’s swanky pizzerias serving appetizing pizzas that fit various sorts of budgets, events and tastes. They won’t make you regret a thing! 



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