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Travelling is mostly liked by every one of us. India is having amazing places to visit and enjoy and it is famous for having the 5 best places to visit in India. There are different types of travelers those who love backpacking or others who need a vacation to enjoy some seasons or special occasions. Now, after lockdown, people need a vacation which is a safe trip and enjoyable also. Some travelers are planning the trips in India and others are planning the trips abroad. But this article is all about the best holiday destination to visit India.


Agra is the best tourist place in India. This place is a tourist attraction which is mostly visited by people. Agra is famous for its Taj Mahal which comes under the wonders of the world; it is also the UNESCO World Heritage site and is an eternal symbol of love (Build by an emperor Shahjahan for his third wife Mumtaaj)

The main attraction of the Taj Mahal is its dome structure and interiors which attracts tourists from all over the world to visit and watch this famous monument.


Shimla the popular destination located in the northeast Himalayas, this is also known as the Queen of hills. The beautiful city is having some of the colonial past also and its buildings are surrounded by thick forest and an amazing view. The beautiful city which is located at the state of India Himanchal Pradesh gives a different feel to the tourist those are visiting Shimla.

The Mall is the main shopping street and the hub of the city the tourist and local used to go this place shopping, meet and eat. The place is having its church also which is also a famous tourist attraction for visitors. Sometimes there is a beautiful snowfall which is loved by the tourist and most people go to Shimla for enjoying the snowfall.


Kerela is the head south of Goa. You will trade beaches for backwater Kerala. People visited here to enjoy the houseboat at Alleppey. You can use ferries for going anywhere and you can book a houseboat for staying floating in lagoons and rivers.

The situation all over going around people mostly prefers the fresh air and the atmosphere for which the Kerela is famous. It is also famous for the different Indian Cuisine offered and freshly cooked on the water and beautiful natural sights and wildlife.


Varanasi is known as the traditional and ethnic city of India. It is famous for the river Ganga and its beautiful Ghats. It is also famous for the temples, tourist visits to Varanasi for worshiping in the temples. Varanasi is the oldest city and this city structure is very unique also tourists visit to have a look at the city.

The city is also famous for Sarnath the Gautam Buddha taught Dharma. The city is having a museum where the great emperor Ashoka chakra has stored by the archeological department of India.


The Goa city of beaches is all famous for this only. Goa is the youth destination and they visited to enjoy a beach party, water sports, pubs, dance parties, and seafood.

Goa is a tourist attraction for its beaches the travelers from abroad come around and visit to enjoy these things.


In, the above articles there are 5 best places to visit in India. These are the popular holiday destination in India where tourists from abroad and as well as India also visit. People are now using various online mediums to book their favorite holiday destination it is all because of the enhancement of Digital marketing.

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