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California is a western US state that extends from the Mexican border along the Pacific. Notable for its beaches, forests, and mountains, this state has a decent standard of living and is sure to be a treat for many tourists. From hiking the Sierra Nevada Mountains to camping in the Redwood forest, this place is definitely filled with exciting adventures to partake in.

Los Angeles is the seat of the Hollywood entertainment industry, and San Francisco is home to attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge. California is filled with a variety of unique and exciting places and adventures that is sure to fill up your itinerary. Whether it is de-stressing or enjoying a family vacation, California has something for you and more. With that being said, below here are the 5 best things to do in California. 

1.  Alcatraz

If you are someone who loves to watch crime movies and documentaries and are up for an adventure, make sure you visit Alcatraz. Although a former prison, it is infamous for holding the most notorious criminals, such as; Al “Scarface” Capone and George “Machine Gun” Kelly.


It is now a historic landmark and a pretty sold-out attraction in San Francisco Bay. So, if you intend on a visit, make sure you make reservations as early as possible.

2.  Golden Gate Bridge

Next up is a San-Francisco icon in the Golden Gate Bridge. Spanning 1.7 miles across and connecting the city’s northernmost point to Marin County, this beauty attracts visitors from all over the world for its panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, Alcatraz, and San Francisco itself.

3.   Hollywood sign

 If you have watched enough numbers of Hollywood movies, you must know about the Hollywood sign. This sign stands proudly on Mount Lee in Hollywood Hills, California. Overlooking Los Angeles and the Cali movie industry, this iconic sign first appeared in 1923 as an advertising gimmick for Hollywoodland, a real estate development. Each letter on the sign stands at 50 feet tall and is made of metal sheets that are painted white.

4.  Hollywood Walk of Fame

Sticking to the topic of Hollywood, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is yet another unique possession in LA. The Walk of Fame is studded across 18 city blocks with more than 2600 brass stars. You may spot some of your favorite movie stars and celebrities if you look better.

5. Coronado

And the last place you must visit in Cali is Coronado. Located across the bay in downtown San Diego, Coronado is a small resort town with a sandy coastline and a tree-line drag consisting of shops and restaurants. You can hang out on the beaches, historical sites or even watch the sunset.

Believe it or not, California has almost everything a tourist needs in a place. Restaurants, culture, beaches, historical sites, and museums, you name it. California is one of the complete states to live in the US.

The place also actively promotes diversity of many cultures and is accepting of many different kinds of people; however, when they enter the state. This place is a truly remarkable place for almost anyone to experience.


These are a few most iconic places to visit in California. It is granted that there are many other places not mentioned. But these places are by far the best to visit if you truly want to experience the diversity and the true nature of California.

You can nearly find anything in this state, and every city is packed with something unique for tourists to enjoy. Like any escape room, these places are the perfect escape out of your regular routine lives and experience something authentic for a change.

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