6 Best Tourist Places in Dubai | Top Attractions & Places to Visit

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Visiting the Arab City is the dream of many people. It is the most entertaining city globally, containing ultra-modern architecture, exotic nightlife, and magnificent skylines. There are plenty of tourist spots which you can explore. You will just keep on hitting the places, and the list will never end. Some contain beautiful water parks, while some lets you explore mesmerizing views. So, make sure your Dubai Packages contains all the spots mentioned below.

Burj Khalifa

The famous Burj Khalifa is always on top when planning to visit Dubai. The bird-eye view you get from the 124th floor of the tower is a lifetime experience for all tourists. It is a beautiful view of the desert on one side and the turquoise blue water of the ocean on the other side. So, if you visit Dubai, make sure to hit this place. 

Mall of the Emirates

Number two on the list of the best tourist spots in Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates. The place is a tourist attraction because of the fact that the mall is equipped with almost everything plus all in one roof. Be it famous cuisine from different parts of the world or exclusive brands available only in top places.

It also contains all kinds of fantastic ski set-up and penguin enclosures maintained at a temperature of -4degree Celsius. Thus, make sure to prioritize it while making the list of the best tourist places in Dubai. 

Dubai Underwater Zoo

One of the top attractions of Dubai is Dubai underwater zoo, so make sure not to miss it out. It has a huge aquarium house that contains around 140 species of sea life. It is a giant suspended tank placed on the floor in the Dubai Mall. As you enter the underwater zoo, there is a walkthrough tunnel displaying sea life on its sides. Plus, there are also different activities relating to the zoo that helps you get a closer look at the sea life, like glass-bottom boat tours. Apart from this, you can also try cage snorkelling and shark diving activities. 

Sheikh Saeed Al

Sheikh Saeed AL Maktoum House is a magnificent building containing many historic pieces. This is the house where sons and grandsons, which are now considered touristic icons, were born. The building is situated along the Creek near Al Shindagha. It was first built in 1896 and has visitors all year round. It stands between Bur Dubai and Deira, peeking through the Arabian Gulf. Overall speaking, it is an enchanting place to explore in Dubai.


Burj Al Arab

This wonder is the world’s tallest hotel standing at the height of 321 metres. It has its own artificial island along the Dubai Coastline. People come here from different parts of the world to witness the billowing show sail. It is the moment when a choreographed coloured light brightens up the exterior of the building.

Moreover, it is one of the most expensive hotels, which takes $15000/night for its most luxurious suite. For experiencing over-the-top luxury, you can schedule a dinner at the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant. The dining room has glass panels from the floor up to the ceiling and lets you watch sea life while you eat. 

Emirates Towers

It is a very special tower in the modern age of business architectures. Emirates towers contain office towers and the special Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. Also, the tower is home to a total of thirteen nightclubs and dining places. Moreover, the highlight which attracts people the most is the atrium lobby. It is one of the top places for business in Dubai.  

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