6 Reasons Dublin Is the Most Preferred Destination for Studies

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Deciding which University to attend for your higher education is a significant step in every student’s life. Many students want to pursue their higher education in a foreign country. This is so that they can avail excellent professional prospects, get introduced to a new culture, and sharpen their talents further. The experience of studying abroad has proven to be a wonderful learning opportunity for most students. Some of the best countries to opt for higher education in Dublin, the UK, Australia, and the US. Suppose you decide on Dublin for your higher education. You will also have to look for student accommodation Dublin before you move into the country.

Dublin is a favorite amongst students. It provides the best fit regarding safety, communication, hospitality, educational programs, and professional opportunities. These are a few amongst a wide variety of other factors. Dublin is most often considered a destination for international students since it offers many benefits in one package.

Ireland is known as one of the most desirable destinations for international students who are looking for higher education. It has also become a favorite destination amongst international students were looking to study abroad. Here are six compelling arguments for why that is the most preferred location for pursuing your higher studies.

Best universities and colleges

Dublin boasts of some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. It has some world-class universities like

· Trinity College Dublin

· University College Dublin

· The National University of Ireland gave Galloway

· University College Cork

· Dublin city University

· University of Limerick

· Maynooth University

· Technological University of Dublin

To name a few.

The above-mentioned universities are amongst the most prestigious in the world. Trinity College was named 2018 the world University rankings where it ranked at 117th position. University College Cork also referred to as UCC, is one of the greatest universities all over Europe, with a global ranking of 310. There are many student housing Dublin near universities to stay within close range.

Significant scholarship options for international students

There are multiple scholarship opportunities available for international students in almost every University. Many of the scholarship options are rather significant. The merit scholarships in Dublin range from €1000 to a complete tuition fee. But, this depends on the amount of money that the student receives as part of the scholarship. Other scholarships depend on the student’s extra-curricular performance and athletic prowess. Thus, if you get a scholarship, you will only pay for your food and student accommodation in the city.

Post work visa

People prefer to go abroad to study because they want to spend a few years working there as well. While the biggest advantage of studying in Dublin is the option of obtaining a post-study visa. International students who go to Ireland can avail a valid work visa for two years. Once you complete graduation, you will have an easier time finding employment. You can continue to stay in your student housing Dublin when you look for a job. 

Multinational corporations center

Ireland is the home to over 1000 international corporations. From the FDI to companies of finance, Dublin has it all. Other companies like pharmaceuticals and social media are also present there. Dublin has become the core of the European operation of these countries. Some of the multinational corporations located in Dublin are

· Google

· HP


· Apple

· Linda

· Facebook

· Pfizer

· Twitter

· Genzyme


To name a few. Thus, if the student wishes to look for a job in Dublin after graduation, the options are excellent writing thesis services.

Welcoming, safe and hospitable

Ireland is one of the safest countries. It has a non-existent crime rate compared to the other countries. The world recognizes Irish people for their hospitality. Thus, hospitality is an essential part of Irish culture. If you compare Ireland to other European countries, you will see the least racism levels here. Thus, students do not have to spend time worrying about the safety of the student housing Dublin.

A large number of English speakers

Irish Gaelic is the official language, but English is the language of choice for most people. Only around 36% of Irish people actually understand the official language. Thus, the course curriculums are in English. This is highly beneficial for international students. Since English is a global language, most people speak English all over the world.

Irish education is of high quality, and the hospitable culture of the country ensures that overseas students have a fantastic experience while studying, living in student housing Dublin, and working. The long-standing reputation of Dublin as a provider of high-quality education has been built on a firm foundation of dedication to high standards of performance. They have earned themselves an international reputation for excellence in academics.