Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of Kerala: A Personal Travel Experience

The Beauty Of Kerala


Today I will take you on a journey to the magical state of Kerala, also known as “God’s Own Country”. From lush landscapes to serene backwaters and rich cultural heritage, Kerala offers a truly mesmerizing experience for every traveller. Join me as I share my own travel experiences, discovering gems of hiding and meeting the warm-hearted people of Kerala.

Planning the Perfect Trip to Kerala

When it comes to travel arrangements, Kerala offers a wide range of options according to the preferences of every traveller. Whether you are looking for relaxing beaches, adventurous trekking, or rejuvenating Ayurvedic relaxation, Kerala has it all and I decided to embark on a 6-day journey to Kerala through the wonderful places of the state by exploring thoroughly.

Itinerary of My Kerala Adventure

Day 1: Touring Cochin On the first day of my trip, I started sightseeing in Cochin. I went to St. Louis. The famous Francis Church, Mattancherry Palace and the Jewish Synagogue were where I saw the amazing Chinese fishing nets. Each of these attractions gave us an insight into the rich history and cultural diversity of Kerala.

Day 2: Relaxation in Munnar Day 2 was spent in the scenic hill station of Munnar. Surrounded by tea plantations and breathtaking landscapes, Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers. I visited Eravikulam National Park, Echo Point and tried tea at the local tea factories.

Day 3: Visiting Munnar Continuing my journey to Munnar, I explored the beautiful tea gardens and admired the serenity of the hills I also got a chance to see the process of digging tea leaves, which was a pleasant experience. The smell of fresh tea filled the air, creating a really nice atmosphere.

Day 4: We left for Thekkady to start our boat trip in Periyar Lake. Surrounded by dense forest and wildlife, we had the unique opportunity to see a variety of animals and birds aboard The highlight of the day was seeing a spectacular sunset over the lake, and it gave a strange situation arose.

Day 5: Backwaters of Alleppey Exploring the Alleppey backwaters is one of the most unforgettable experiences in Kerala. I rented a houseboat and floated the serene backwaters, surrounded by swaying coconut trees and charming cottages. The tranquillity of the backwaters was simply breathtaking, and I got to see the local way of life on the beach.

Day 6: Depart Cochin As my time in Kerala comes to an end, I bid farewell to this magnificent land. I left Cochin with a lifetime of memories and a profound respect for Kerala’s beauty and friendliness.

The Warmth of Kerala’s People

One of the highlights of my trip was the incredible hospitality and warmth of the people of Kerala. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with smiles and open arms. The locals went out of their way to make my trip memorable and made me feel like part of their extended family.

A Genuine Connection in Fort Kochi

During my visit to Fort Kochi, I got the opportunity to see the famed Chinese fishing nets. I discovered a surprise when photographing these nets at sunset to capture their beauty. I was immediately captivated by the bustling scene as the local fisherman were auctioning off their catch. A friendly local approached me and offered to translate the auction processes despite the language barrier. His generosity and desire to help me feel included had a profound effect on me.

Going the Extra Mile in Alappuzha

One of the highlights of my trip was the houseboat experience in Alappuzha. I realized I had neglected to pack a glass of water as I was taking in the beautiful beauty of the backwaters. I told the boatman that I was worried about my thirst. I was shocked when he made a stop close to a house and came back carrying fresh coconuts for my dad and me. His kindness and consideration warmed my heart and made me think of Kerala’s well-known warmth and hospitality.

Tea Gardens and Heartfelt Conversations in Munnar

I had the opportunity to interact with the tea pickers at Munnar’s tea gardens. A woman came up to me and offered to walk me through the procedure while I watched them carefully pluck the tea leaves. She gently provided knowledge about the craft of tea leaf picking as I was surprised by her flawless English. She even let me try my hand at plucking, forging an unbreakable friendship despite our different languages. It was a straightforward yet profound connection that added much more meaning to my time in Munnar.

Embracing the Culture and Cuisine of Kerala

Immersion in Kerala’s rich culture and delectable cuisine are vital components of any trip there. Kerala provides an enthralling blend of history and cuisines, from colourful festivals to superb cuisine

Festivals that Capture the Spirit of Kerala

Kerala is well-known for its lively festivals, which highlight the state’s diverse cultural traditions. During my stay, I was able to experience Kochi’s year-end carnival, which was a riot of colours, music, and dance. The natives’ excitement and passion were contagious, and I found myself joyfully engaging in the festivities.

Indulging in Kerala’s Culinary Delights

As a foodie, I couldn’t resist discovering Kerala’s culinary delights. With its distinct blend of spices and flavors, the native food is a feast for the taste buds. I ate Idiyappam, Erissery, Puttu & Kadala Curry, and Appam with Ishtu. Each bite was an explosion of flavor that took me on a culinary voyage into the country of spices. Kochi’s restaurants served a variety of traditional foods, delivering a completely authentic culinary experience.

Practical Tips for a Memorable Kerala Trip

Here are some practical ideas I acquired along the way to help you make the most of your Kerala vacation experience:

  • Allow at least 6-7 days in Kerala to enjoy the many sites and activities.
  • Always double-check the cancellation policy to prepare for unforeseen plan changes.
  • Pack light clothing for Kochi and warm apparel for hill stations such as Munnar and Thekkady.
  • Bring binoculars for animal viewing at national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Mosquito repellant is necessary, especially given Kerala’s lush environs.
  • Respect local customs and traditions, and keep cultural sensitivity in mind.
  • Engage in interactions with the locals since they have amazing experiences and perspectives to share.
  • Accept the slow pace of life in Kerala and take the time to appreciate nature’s beauty.
  • Try to interact with the locals on a deeper level, try learning a few simple words and phrases in Malayalam, the local language.


As my time in Kerala drew to a conclusion, I couldn’t help but be appreciative of the great experiences and kind individuals I met along the road. Kerala genuinely lives up to its title as “God’s Own Country,” with stunning landscapes, a rich culture, and genuine hospitality. Kerala has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for peace and quiet, adventure, or cultural immersion. So pack your bags, embark on your own Kerala adventure, and let the beauty of this wonderful state charm you.