You could start your newlywed life on the endless Arabian Sea to cherish the first few days of your marriage, what else could be better?

There are a lot of rituals involved in a wedding, friends and family all around, and so many functions held to celebrate one of the biggest events of your life. But it is important to spend some quiet and intimate time with your beloved as well.

With Dubai’s necklace and a personalized & luxurious yacht, you can relax & enjoy the newlywed vibe on the Arabian coastal.

Honeymoon on a luxury yacht in Dubai

There is absolutely no doubt that when you land in Dubai, you will be greeted with the long-long stretch of Blue waters that make Dubai look so peaceful and serene. Sail on the Blue waters, sit by the deck and enjoy the Arabian Sea and the great Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

The most comfortable and luxurious yacht suite rooms in Dubai

You can watch movies on the water with your better-half in luxurious yacht rooms with king-size beds, attached washrooms & LCD (watch your favorite movies on the water with your better-half). Also, yacht rental companies in Dubai have well-trained crew members who can provide you with the best yacht services in Dubai.

Candle-lit dinner on the deck

When you book a yacht in Dubai, you book yourself a very peaceful sail on the Dubai waterbodies with utmost privacy to vibe Dubai with your soulmate. If you want to have a romantic dinner on the deck by the side of beautiful Dubai city, you can decorate it with candles.

Take a tour of Dubai

It is a completely different view of Dubai when you sail to the Dubai seaside from the Gulf waters. You can take in the architecture and enjoy the tasty authentic Arabian food prepared by the city’s top chefs. With yacht rentals, you have everything at your fingertips. They ensure they have everything you need on board.

Explore the Gulf waters by diving in

In addition to looking beautiful from the surface, the blue waters have a beautiful underwater life beneath them. You can also experience adventure watersports with the best yacht companies in Dubai to add some thrills to your trip. However, there is always an expert on board to ensure your safety while experiencing the thrill.

Yacht BBQ & exotic drinks

Just relax and eat as and when you wish. Yacht trips are meant to chill with your better-half & add fun to the trip, play games & of course eat. There is nothing more important when you are on a yacht than food. The chefs present you with a lavish array of delicious food with the truest flavours of Arabian spices with exotic and Arabian drinks.

Keep the memories forever by capturing them

Yatch charters in Dubai have in-house photographers to capture memories for a lifetime. You can plan this with the yacht charter companies in Dubai before booking the yacht. The crew members know the exact locations that will give you the best and most beautiful backdrops so that you can take some amazing photos.

The benefits of staying on a luxury yacht in Dubai

There are many Yacht Charters in Dubai that offer you the best yachting services on board that will amaze you to a great extent. With the luxurious interior, a yacht stay is an altogether different experience; the serene sunset of Dubai, the golden sands, the blue waters are incredible.

A selection of luxurious yachts are available at Royal Champion Yachts, allowing you to choose one that fits you best & customize the services as you wish. We also have honeymoon packages to make the booking process as easy as possible.