What Can Going On Adventures as A Couple Teach You About Your Partner?


Being in a relationship definitely requires you to know who your partner is and what kind of person he or she is. That person will, as probably hoped by you, be “the one” for the rest of your life. There are many ways through which different couples are able to familiarize and discover each other even more as their relationship’s length and depth stretches out. One of them is going on adventurous, thrilling and heart-racing activities together! 

That sounds fun and exciting, right? While some couples do a simple and relaxing kind of romantic getaways, there you will be — riding extremely gripping amusement park rides, hiking up tall mountains, going for a knee-jerking bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding, banana boat ride, zipline! All these and so much more form the long list of adventurous activities done by several couples, and you and your partner can also do them!

The truth is that engaging in such a lark is not just about the fun and bonding, but also about finding out more who the person you really love is. It’s also about seeing sides of your partner which you have not seen yet or which he/she is trying to mask. You’ll learn a lot, and below are just 6 of those things you’ll get to understand more:


Surely, the top reason why you will choose to go on a romantic getaway with your love is because you want to enjoy, ease off, unwind, forget the stresses out there and simply have fun together. You probably say that wherever and however you spend the time, you’ll surely be merry as long as you’re together. 

Well, while that’s true, going on adventurous and electrifying activities will give you a different kind of excitement! Activities in amusement parks and recreation centers are definitely not boring but certainly awakening! Trying them, you will experience more how fun it is to be with your partner aside from his/her fun side on a regular day you’re walking in a park. 

Here, you literally witness “how fun it is to be with them”. Is your partner a killjoy or an on-the-go kind of person? You’ll get to know more if they’re leaning more on the boring side or the spirited side. Well, that may not be important for other people, but it’s also helpful that you know!


When you are in a relationship, you most often want your partner to see the best, the excellent and the strong sides of you. Yes, your weaknesses might not be hidden from each other, but they absolutely are not your favorite things to talk about when you’re together. 

If you go for adventurous rides and activities, you will definitely be able to unravel the fears your partner has. First, literally, what rides and what activities is he scared about? Second, you may find out something deeper — serious fears of heights, high speed, spinning things? 

Knowing what his/her fears and weaknesses are is essential for you to better understand, guide and take care of each other. It’s not for teasing or putting each other down. Fears are no joke. However big or strong a person looks from the outside, deep inside, there are anxieties. Discovering what your partner’s weak spots are is important for you to support him/her more too. You will also be able to help avoid or handle things that will make him/her feel uneasy and terrified. 


Say you’re hiking a rocky mountain, and your boyfriend is walking ahead of you. Does he look back to check on you, or all you see is his back? Say your girlfriend knows you are afraid of heights. Does she let you sit down while she rides the zipline on her own? Does she forget about it and just go on a ride you can take? Or does she push you to ride it with her? 

All these situations and more say many things about your partner; even if you aren’t aware that they do, they do. Simple actions can mean a lot about their concern towards you in times such as these when you’re faced with some obstacles along the way or when your sore points and soft spots are tested. These things do imply meaningful sense about how your partner actually cares for you while he/she is also concerned with himself/herself.    


Even adventures can be considered romantic getaways because such romantic escapes aren’t always those that happen in an expensive and elegant restaurant. They are not always those with roses, chocolates and a bottle of wine. You can also call extreme adventures “romantic”! 

Instead of a quiet and sweet conversation while in a dimly lit restaurant, you’ll be filled with screaming, shouting and probably some arguments too while you ride that speedboat and before you jump off for cliff diving! Instead of wearing a nice dress and high heels, you’ll have to wear comfortable sports attire for your hiking. These are just some of their differences. With an adventurous getaway, you’ll experience challenges and struggles you will never encounter when you’re just chopping that piece of steak in a restaurant with jazz music.

Just like that, life and relationships are not always sweet. Disagreements and quarrels happen. Challenges exist! Sometimes, things can get really hard and unbearable for one or for the both of you. 

Here, even with just riding an upside-down ride or even with just driving an ATV motor on rocky and muddy grounds, you will learn how your partner deals with small and big challenges. This will help you determine the kind of person that he/she is when it comes to handling stressful and worrying situations. You’ll get to know how he/she can manage you, himself/herself and the relationship when you are also strained and panicky. 

Will your partner be more tense than you or will be the one fixing things while you’re not feeling yourself? Challenges can show someone’s genuine feelings, thoughts, values and actions. 


When you engage in physically demanding activities like the ones previously mentioned, of course, you’re filled with enthusiasm and zest, but as time passes by, you will get tired or even disheartened because of particular happenings.

You might be too scared to try a certain sport. You might be too exhausted already after doing a lot of things and transferring from place to place. You might be really sad because the place you wanted to visit is closed for the day. Suddenly, your happy mood can just turn around. 

When such moments come, what will your partner do? How will he/she cheer you up and motivate you? Will he/she even try or will just let you be? These instances will give you hints of how your partner comforts or supports you in anything, from the littlest to the hugest of things. 


Accepting the challenge to go on adventurous trips is already stepping out of the comfort zone. It is vital that you uncover the personality of your partner when it’s time for uncomfortable and uncontrollable circumstances. 

Is he just bragging about himself/herself or is he/she willing to take risks for you? Authentic personality and intentions clearly spring up when in the middle of hardships and unfavorable situations. You can say going on a romantic getaway or an invigorating one is  just an activity, but definitely it can say a lot about a person.


Truly, when a person is taken out of his/her comfort zone, that’s when true colors and personalities appear. For couples, it is important that each one gets to see the real sides of each other. Adventurous activities may be only considered done for leisure and catching up, but they really help a lot in realizations and recognitions in a romantic relationship that make things clearer. The discoveries you get from each other can either close doors or strengthen the relationship. Besides the above-mentioned things, there is more to learn. After your adventurous trip, you have truly known and understood each other even more. 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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