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Dubai is hands down a highlighting tourist’s attraction throughout the world. A Bulk of travellers each season come across to visit this wondrous Persian Gulf city. Most of the adventures people encounter here are mainly due to the sufficiency of beautiful natural reserves it keeps such as its Desert, Arabian gulf, Hatta village, Hajar mountains, diverse wildlife, and much more. Along with that manmade wonders presenting the mighty architecture stands out globally.

Be it enthralling adventure on the barren land of Safari, skiing in the synthetic indoor resort, or falling freely in the air from above the Palm Jumeirah island, Dubai is enriched with a prominent vibrancy for all. Besides seeing the head-turning sights of this luxurious city, getting indulged in exhilarating adventures is overwhelming to the hype by visitors. Explore what treasures Dubai city keeps for you and why this place is fantasized so much based on its tumults full of excitement and adventures.

Top 8 Thrilling Outdoor Activities in Dubai 2021 

1. Learn New Definition of Joy by Scuba Diving

Explore the radiant and colourful underwater world from corals to diversified reefs of marine species as if you are a part of it. Experience an utmost flush of glee letting the deep ocean penetrate your soul. Scuba diving is a pretty insane adventure of the water world which not only looks interesting but creates a new person in you once you dive in. After being properly instructed by a professional, you enjoy a two hours long tour of the spectacular deep ocean world. The Jumeirah beach is a top-notch spot for scuba diving however, there are other remarkable spots too. At the maximum depth of around 12 meters, this deep ocean dive is extremely magical.

2. Desert Safari – A Fully-Fledged Adventure Plain 

Desert Safari is one of Dubai’s best-known places throughout the world not only by its exceptionally magnetizing views but also due to a majority of Desert sports and thrilling activities practised here. Visitors get to witness the beautiful display of the entire Arabian culture employing staying in Bedouin camps, henna application, the famous Tanura dance, vast wildlife and falconry, and enjoying various engrossing activities in the sand. The exclusive adventures of Desert Safari Dubai include Bashing over red Arabian dunes in a 4×4 Hammer; land cruiser; or dune buggies, camel riding, quad biking, sandboarding, and much more.

3. Take Off to Touch the Sky Line in a Hot Air Balloon

One of Desert Safari’s exotic adventures is the hot air balloon flight which is a delight to cherish for a lifetime. The hot air balloon ride is available in morning tours. You reach the location by an air-conditioned bus ride and witness mesmerizing views beautiful bewitching Arabian dunes, sight-catching wildlife, and downright spread golden desert. See the beautiful sunrise from the sky at a height of 4000 feet and feel the serenity of breathing in open air observing flying falcons from a closer frameset. You’ll be under the supervision of an expert throughout the hot air balloon ride. Meanwhile, a tempting breakfast awaits you after enjoying a soul-refreshing hot air balloon ride.

4. Ziplining for Madcaps

Dubai has another fascinating medium of frolic adventure subjecting its visitors to a euphoric state.  The world’s longest zip line ever is constructed here in Dubai covering the breathtaking expressions of the whole Dubai Marina. Providing solo as well as duet rides using an equally framed adjacent zip line allows a galvanizing ride for an hour with maximum velocities till 80 kilometres per hour, not more than that. It’s the best activity for pleasure seekers who love height and speed, to experience a mind-blowing buzz like never before. Even imagining being there gives goose-bumps. What a striking way to meet thrill!

5. Go for Fly Boarding, Forget Your Miseries

An incredible swoop adrenaline junkies keep an obsession for! Hydro flying is not an unknown water sport exceeding heights of unlimited adventures in Dubai. A notable number of tourists solely come for this crazy water activity to satisfy a vogue they keep. Linked to a watercraft, the fly board keeps you suspended in the air while forcing water in an opposite drift from underneath so that a man can jump up high in the air of about 15 feet. Afterwards, you get pulled back by gravity under 3 feet of water. All this activity takes place under expert supervision after getting trained by a professional.  An astonishing experience indeed! If you are a real adventure freak, come along with your squad whenever visiting Dubai.

6. Wild Wadi World

Bog off in a euphoric world full of water plays. One of the most popular water parks in Dubai –the Wild Wadi water park offers mind-blowing adventures to keep the visitors remain heightened. With mind-blowing rides like BurjSurj, Ring rides, Tantrum Alley, Flow Rider, and lagoon, 100 other rides are solely constructed for kids in kid’s special pools. Decked up with manmade waterfalls, luxurious pool bars and artificial waves generating pools are its few stunning features. It’s the best place to bring kids and celebrate your best days ever with the family.

7. Reach Underneath the Surfaces in a Sea Breacher

Been on boats and yachts? Now try a super fascinating ride in a sea breacher. A sea breacher is a shark-faced underwater vehicle that takes the passengers to depths of 1.5 to 1.8 meters to keep floating on the surface of 80 kilometres of hourly speed. Water adventures in Dubai are hitting the strikes along with other speedy innovations of this gulf city. Sea breacher is a newly introduced ride in Dubai which sounds extremely amazing and looks super cool as the deadly shark.

8. Get Delighted by Fishing in the Deep Sea

Dubai is full of fishing locales where you are driven to your most feasible one by the guidance of a skipper. Hiring a skipper is a necessary part before going out fishing with family as it’s not easy to find fishing spots by a newbie. Throughout the whole adventure, you’ll get to behold the captivating skyline of the city. Catch fishes from the deep ocean with the provided fishing rods till you reach a good count. Deep-sea fishing is a notable entertainment for people of all age groups and to spend a valuable quality time in the midst of the Persian Gulf.

It won’t be wrong if we regard Dubai as a heaven on earth for adventure lovers. The gulf city has left a strong impression over the globe being counted among the best places to explore a surplus of different cultures, manmade wonders, and natural assets. So, can you wait to pack your bags in 2021 to live it to the fullest here in Dubai? 

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