9 Amazing Colorful Festivals Of Rajasthan That You Must Visit To Enjoy in 2022

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You may already know that the north Indian state of Rajasthan is the land of festivals. You might have also heard about some spectacular colorful festivals in Rajasthan, like the Pushkar Mela or the Nagaur camel fair. However, here’s something you don’t know, there are many amazing colorful festivals in Rajasthan, and visiting them at the right time will add to your life experience and memories. You can take the Udaipur sightseeing taxi service and easily visit all the places.

The Festival season is the best time to explore Rajasthan! It is the time for music and a host of vibrant festivals. There are many amazing colorful festivals in Rajasthan that you can participate in or witness to make your trip more memorable. Check here 9 amazing colorful festivals of Rajasthan that you should visit to enjoy.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

The Desert festival is one of the most well-known festivals in India. Though it is organized every year, the popularity of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival is increasing day by day. The festival has the country’s most beautiful tourist attractions. People from around the world visit to enjoy each and every moment of this festival. 

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is the largest festival in Rajasthan that spans over ten days during the month of December. The festival celebrates opportunities, and village lifestyles and develops a positive future for generations to come. The event highlights Rajasthan’s culture, flora, and fauna and also brings other cultures together in an open arena. Soak in the golden hues of Rajasthan at this amazing colorful festival.

Elephant Festival, Jaipur

If you are looking for a place that is rich in cultural diversity as well as colorful festivals, then you’ve come to the right place. There is no other destination than Rajasthan which has its distinct culture and heritage.  You’ll be amazed to know that something like Elephant Festival, Jaipur exists in this world!

The celebration of colors and folklores will take you to another world altogether. When the whole country is going through the end of the monsoon and colorful festivals mark their arrival. Elephant Festival, Jaipur is a colorful festival that marks its presence in Jaipur India among other festivities.

Mount Abu Summer Festival

Mount Abu gets covered in fairy lights and lights up like a lamp post when the Mount Abu Summer Festival begins. Amidst cultural performances, musicians, and dancers, this fair is a feast for the eyes. 

Ballet performances are a particular highlight of the festival, with troupes from Turkey, Japan, England, and the US all performing here. The Mount Abu Summer Festival is a vibrant and colorful carnival that offers you some amazing rides, colorful sights, and sparkly costumes. You can take a Taxi service in Udaipur and visit Mount Abu easily.

Mewar Festival, Udaipur

MEWAR FESTIVAL takes place in the beautiful city of Udaipur and is a five-day colorful festival having national importance. The festival is celebrated in the month of February and lasts for five days. This festival exists in Rajasthan as the “Mewar festival” as this is a special occasion for Mewar’s royalty.

The Rajasthan state is more of a place for colorful festivals and celebrations. In fact, Rajasthan is one of the states in India where you will get varieties of Folk dances, music, songs, and other events happening in all corners of the State. There are a number of festivals in Rajasthan to explore; however, if you are looking for a unique experience then Mewar Festival is what you need to check out this Rajasthan Tourism.

Kite Festival, Jodhpur

There are several colorful festivals in Rajasthan and the one that draws much attraction from tourists is the Kite festival of Jodhpur. The festival takes place in the month of March and April. People come together in this vibrant city to display their skills while flying a kite. 

When it comes to festivals and celebrations in India, Rajasthan is on the list of the most colorful ones. Rajasthani festivals include the desert festival, Desert Festival, the Camel Fair, and many more.

Teej Festival

The Rajasthan state of India is home to a variety of colorful festivals, some when it comes to festivals only in Rajasthan and some that are celebrated across the whole country. One such festival is Teej Festival. 

Teej is a spring harvest festival celebrated on the third day of Bhadrapada month and according to the Hindu Calendar. It is one of the major festivals of Rajasthan. The people of Rajasthan celebrate Teej by hosting an array of lively festivals through the streets that are often bustling with joyous crowds.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Rajasthan has no scarcity of festivals. The state has a number of colorful festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. From Jodhpur International Folk Festival to Pushkar Camel Fair, Rajasthan seems to celebrate every notable festival. 

While these festivals boast spectacular traditional and cultural events and color, Rajasthan International Folk Festival attracts music lovers from across the world. The three-day festival has been recognized as one of the largest folk music festivals not just in Asia but also in the world.    

The Rajasthan International Folk Festival is India’s premier Folk Art and Culture Festival. Amongst the diverse Landscape of Rajasthan, the festival presents a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, folk culture, and folk dance and music of the different regions of India.

Pushkar Camel Fair

The Pushkar Camel Fair is the most happening and happening fair in Rajasthan. It happens in the month of November, but it is just during this time of the year that people from all over come to visit here so that they can have a good time. 

The place is surrounded by the Thar Desert and it feels mesmerizing to witness the golden sand dunes lined up with beautiful cactus plants, white deserts, and blue ridges.

Brij Holi

Bharatpur is a popular tourist destination in India because of its well-maintained and natural environment. It is situated on the right side of the Chambal River between Gwalior and Agra. It has many points of interest including bird sanctuaries, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, museums, beaches, and palaces. For its very unique festivals, Bharatpur is also among the most visited Indian tourist destinations.

The vibrant colors and the intoxicating jubilation – are some of the things that come to mind when we think about Holi, a festival that is celebrated with joy and fervor in different parts of India. However, there are many other nuances that cannot be captured by a photo or video. One such event is the Brij Holi Festival, also known as Khojki Holi which takes place in Bharatpur in Rajasthan every year.


Rajasthan is one of the most colorful states in India. Every year, various festivals are celebrated here with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. These festivals bring the people of all different regions together to participate and enjoy. The ceremonial procession of the best events in Rajasthan is to be seen for a lifetime. If you are visiting Udaipur, opt for Best Airport Taxi Service in Udaipur.

So, you must plan for a trip to Rajasthan in 2022 as it will be highly enjoyable. To conclude, the state of Rajasthan is a beautiful place. If you get to visit this place, then definitely don’t miss out on these festivals.