7 amazing things you can do in Jaisalmer

amazing things in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a city of palaces and forts of royalty, is known as the city with golden hues in India. Jaisalmer is among the most visited tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Its huge sandcastles, fortresses, along vibrant bazaars are the reason why Jaisalmer is attractive. The city’s old streets are decorated with intricate Havelis located just beneath the city’s surface. Jaisalmer is a must for travellers who want to discover a place with an extensive history with a religious significance, tasty food, and stunning surroundings. Online bookings are available for Jaisalmer hotels when you’re preparing your tour packages for Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer was named for Maharaja Jaisal Singh, one of the most renowned places in Rajasthan and across the nation. Jaisalmer provides a wide range of activities, including food options and desert safaris. These are only a few of the numerous amazing things you can experience at Jaisalmer’s top tourist destinations.

Which Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Jaisalmer

Between November and March is the ideal period to start planning your Jaisalmer holiday. The winters here are gorgeous and refreshing. Jaisalmer is home to a lively Desert Festival in February. It is possible to plan your visit around this festival to experience the desert’s culture, food, culture, and beauty.

Things to Do in Jaisalmer

 Jaisalmer has a plethora of activities and wonderful restaurants. It is a city with a rich heritage and stunning landscape. Since Jaisalmer is a tourist hotspot, It is crucial to make hotel reservations ahead of time.

Jaisalmer Fort – The Glory, The Grandeur

Jaisalmer is known for its magnificent Jaisalmer Fort, which encloses the city. The fort is a vibrant urban centre. Around 3000 Jaisalmer residents reside inside the confines of the fort. It is filled with houses and temples and is woven through stunning narrow lanes. Many shops sell handicrafts and guesthouses and eateries that serve delicious Rajasthani cuisine and a selection of guesthouses along the way. The fort is entered by way of the eastern side, near the town of Gopa Chowk. After that, you’ll traverse through four massive gates that will weave their way to the top section. The final gate will lead you to Dashera Chowk. Dashera Chowk is in the middle. It’s possible you won’t be able to reserve Jaisalmer hotels until later.

Jaisal Rajput ruler established the fort around 1156 and reconstructed it numerous times throughout the years. It was an important location in numerous conflicts between the Mughals and the Bhatia, and Jaipur Rathores.

Top 7 Things to Do in Jaisalmer

The boating experience on Gadisar lake

Maharawal Gadsi S constructed Gadisar Lake, which was constructed by Maharawal Gadsi S in Gadisar lake in the year 1367. It was an artificial water reservoir. It was named in his honour. The magnificent tank was Jaisalmer’s main water source from 1965 onwards. It was crucially important to the Jaisalmer people, so small temples and shrines were constructed around the tank.

According to legend, the Tilon-ki-Pol gateway, which runs parallel to the lake’s shores, was constructed by a famous prostitute from the region. She also added the Krishna temple at the top, apprehensive that the Maharawal could demolish it. Jaisalmer is a very popular tourist spot. Therefore reservations of hotels within Jaisalmer should be booked well in advance.

Patwa Ki Haveli

Jaisalmer’s most famous structure is elaborately decorated and traditionally decorated. The haveli is situated within a narrow lane and is a prominent feature in its humble surroundings. The locals are very pleased with the haveli. The haveli consisted of five sections and was constructed between 1865-1865. The first part among the five remains privately-owned. A must visit Patwa ki Haveli by Kothari; a peek into the life and times of the royals throughout the 19th century is a must.

Jain Temples

The interlinked Jain temples are located within the maze of fort walls. These temples, built from yellow sandstone dating to the 16th and 15th centuries, are still memories of earlier times. The intricate carvings on temple walls haven’t been lost to the passage of time, as does their spiritual significance. The temples are like those of the marble Jain temples of Ranakpur as well as Mount Abu. There are also Jaisalmer hotels near the temple.

Sam Sand Dunes

These dunes of silk are located at 41kms away from Jaisalmer’s main city. They are a frequent trip from Jaisalmer’s city. The dunes span two kilometres and are among the most breathtaking things you’ll be able to see. The mood is drastically different between late afternoon and evening. The venue transforms into a massive party that is filled with food, entertainment and fun. Stay at any of the tent hotels near the dunes to experience the desert.

Tanot Mata Temple

The Tanot Mata Temple, located close to the Indo Pak border in Jaisalmer, is one of Jaisalmer’s most frequented tourist attractions. This Tanot Mata Temple is situated close to the Longewala Battle site. The belief is that the god worshipped in the temple has supernatural abilities that protect villages from Pakistani invaders. Visitors must be approved by the Indian Armed Forces and permit passes for the privilege of visiting this place. The temple is located in one of the finest accommodation options in Jaisalmer.

The national park for deserts

The national park of the desert encompasses 3166 sq km and is an excellent spot to discover flora and fauna. The park is a popular tourist destination in Jaisalmer because of its lush green surroundings and the incredible range of species of animals and plants. Desert National Park also houses the Great Indian Bustard, Rajasthan’s official bird.

Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara is a mysterious and abandoned town, is 19km to the west of Jaisalmer. Paliwal Brahmins were the first inhabitants of the village. They left the village over 200 years back. They were required to pay hefty taxes along with their belongings being confiscated. One of the family members was taken away. They were not noticed and left the village within a single night. Legend says they were rich in wealth and gold, but they could not take it with them. This legend has attracted many people to this area. While most homes are in poor repair, some have been renovated to serve as locations for Bollywood films.

Activities to do in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer has a wide range of options for all types of travellers. Parasailing at Kanoi is an ideal choice for those who love adventure. You’ll feel the excitement of the wind rushing past you and experience a true adrenaline rush. Parasailing is a thrilling and thrilling activity that is available to study during your stay in Jaisalmer. For parasailing to be enjoyable, you need to book a seat in advance. Is parasailing not your thing? Consider paramotoring. It is a type of parasailing powered by motors that take you to the sky while whirling around in the air. From there, you’ll have breathtaking views of golden dunes. You can take stunning photos of the scene or take a great selfie.

Quad Biking is a fantastic opportunity to explore the terrain that the dunes offer. It’s exciting to see dust splattering off the bike as it travels across the desert. An excellent SUV is an option for exploring the desert. You can choose to drive the vehicle on your own or let a professional drive it. This is an ideal option if you’re enthusiastic about speed and excitement and do not have any medical problems. To make the most of your vacation, be sure to make reservations at the top Jaisalmer hotels.

The shopping experience in Jaisalmer is a wonderful option. There are plenty of options and varieties of hand-crafted items, including jewellery, clothing bags, accessories, footwear, and shoes. There are amazing toys, Rajasthani fabrics and Juttis and camel leather and showpieces made of yellow sandstone. Not to be left out, it is impossible to visit Jaisalmer without tasting traditional Rajasthani food. Mirchi Vada and Pyaaz Kachori are both must-try! It’s an amazing shopping experience in Jaisalmer, the walled city. Jaisalmer also serves Ghotua Ladoo, a delicious dessert for those who love sweets!

Jaisalmer is much more than a destination. It’s an experience. There are numerous layers of the city that you’ll need to discover with passion. To learn about the life and times of royals, go to Jaisalmer.

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