amazing things to dubai

DUBAI, UAE - DECEMBER 22: Dubai Marina, on December 22, 2012, Dubai, UAE. In the city of artificial channel length of 3 kilometers along the Persian Gulf.

You might have heard that Dubai is all about tall buildings and massive malls. However, it’s not the case because this city of desert has much more to explore. You can find modernized galleries, huge malls with amazing architectural designs, and the cultural intuition that allure visitors. Not only is it sightseeing but allows you to perform several activities, either walking on glass skyscrapers or diving into the world’s largest pool. It’s an ideal place not only for Muslim travelers to enjoy Halal Holidays but for everyone who wants to explore the modern world. Several people from different parts of the world love to settle here because of the amenities and modernism this city provides. Although there is much more to explore in Dubai below are some popular activities performed by travelers:

Burj Khalifa – Touch the Sky

When it comes to discussing the architectural art of Dubai, no one can forget the iconic Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building. It’s visible from every part of Dubai but you can visit this 160-storey building and enjoy the view of the whole city by using high-speed elevators. You’ll be astonished to see the amazing views of the city. If you have planned your halal holidays in a specific period, it’s better to get a booking to visit this tallest building to not face any issues.

Desert Safari – Dune Bashing Thrills

As discussed above it’s the city of the desert and you must not miss the desert safari. Enjoy the dune bashing in Dubai and enjoy the ride of a camel for a personalized experience. Not only you can enjoy the rides but can also enjoy the incredible landscape at the time of sunset. You must enjoy the safari ride along with your loved one and it’ll surely be a memorable experience.

The Dubai Mall – Shopper’s Paradise

If you are on a shopping spree and want to take a break from the scorching heat of Dubai, The Dubai Mall is your place to visit next. You might get lost in the luxuries of this place as there are more than 1200 luxury brand shops in it. It gains the attention of a lot of tourists from all around the world. It’s a favorite place for high class fashion lovers.

Dubai Marina – Waterside Marvel

It has the largest zip line in the world that allows you to fly down the pools, highways, and skyscrapers of Dubai. Riders start their zip line journey from Jumeirah Beach and end at Dubai Marina. At the Dubai Marina, you can spend your evenings on luxurious yachts and enjoy the dining experience in front of the beach water. A true traveler can never miss this opportunity while planning halal holidays.

Palm Jumeirah – Man-Made Wonder

You can explore the beautiful Palm Jumeirah, which is truly an art of architecture. You need to visit Atlantis to find this man-made marvel. You can admire this beauty while enjoying the amazing experience of skydiving. If you are planning to experience sky diving get ready for it emotionally as well as financially. You need to have at least 2000AED to do skydiving and bookings are made in advance.

Ski Dubai – Snow in the Desert

Can you imagine skiing in the scorching heat, well it can be possible in Dubai. There is an indoor ski resort located inside the Mall of the Emirates. You can experience safe skiing and snowboarding in this indoor setting. If you are not into skiing, simply enjoy in the snow and that is also a worthy experience to consider in your halal holidays.

Dubai Fountain Show – Water and Light Extravaganza

You might have heard about the fountain show in Dubai and many countries have tried to copy this spectacular show but failed to reach the standard of Dubai. At the base of the Burj Khalifa, you can enjoy this captivating piece of light and water that too choreographed with the music.

Jumeirah Beach – Relaxation by the Sea

When you plan to visit the palm Jumeirah you can witness the spectacular beauty of Jumeirah Beach. You can indulge in the beauty of its crystal clear water and unspoiled sands. There is not only a beach but you can also enjoy several water sports. Visit the beachside cafes to enjoy the amazing cuisines along with the view of Burj Al Arab in the background.

Dubai Opera – Cultural Delight

If you are a fan of Arab culture and love to explore opera, consider Dubai Opera in your halal holiday. Attend a world-class performance, from opera to ballet, in this architectural masterpiece located in the heart of the city.

Al Fahidi Historic District – Old Dubai Charm

When it comes to exploring culture you must consider visiting the Al Fahidi Historic District, which is the oldest neighborhood in Dubai.

Final Words

Dubai is a place of diverse offerings that offer various options to explore for every visitor. No matter if you are considering Dubai for the first time to spend a halal holiday or you are a seasonal traveler, this place will never disappoint you. It is a blend of modernism and culture. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a shopaholic, or a culture enthusiast, Dubai has something extraordinary to offer. It’s an ideal place for people who want to enjoy a luxurious life experience. Enjoy the ecstasy of life up to the fullest!