Bank Statement for UK Visa

At the UK Embassy, it is mandatory to provide a detailed bank statement which is a proof of your financial status and total funding for bank statement for UK visa. This bank statement shows your financial strength in your homeland and a proof that you can cover total cost of your entire trip. This statement is also your guarantee that you will not have any need to work in the United Kingdoms.

Student Visa Requirements

If a student wants to study at any best and famous university of United Kingdom, then he/she needs Tier 4 students visa. A study visa to an applicant is provided upon the fulfillment of 40 points criteria. Out of these 40 points 30 pints are for admission and 10 points are for the bank or financial statement.

Students can select their desired university on the internet and can apply online. They must fill the application form online and should provide academic documents. Required academic documents are scanned and then emailed along with the application form over the university website.

Some of the mandatory documents are mentioned below;

  • Application form
  • Academic documents (certificates + transcripts)
  • Two reference letters
  • IELTS or TOEFL score
  • Scanned copy of passport.

After the admission process is complete, if the university accepts the student then it sends offer letter or invitation letter. Conditions of applied program of study and tuition fees are mentioned on the offer letter. The students will have to pay the initial deposit to the university. After receiving the initial deposit, the university issues the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies letter. This acceptance letter is mandatory to apply for the UK Tier 4 Student visa.

For UK Tier 4 Student visa, students must maintain their bank accounts for a period of 28 days. They must have authentic evidences to prove their financial state and funds to support them in UK. Their bank statement must show sufficient amount of balance that they can support their living expenses along with tuition fees of the university and they will not require any type of work permit. If a student is taking admission in any university placed in London then his/her bank balance should be at least £7200 and the universities of other cities, £5400 is needed to show.

Financial Requirements for UK Tier 4 Student visa

Students must provide a bank slip, financial statement or any certificate of deposit showing that they have enough money to cover their course or program tuition fees and their monthly living expenses for up to 9 months.

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How Much Bank Statement is Required for UK Visa?

The applicant must provide a bank statement of about six (6) months if he/she is a visitor, while if you are a student your bank statement must be consisting of 28 days before 31 days of applying for a tier 4 student visa. This bank statement must clearly show your monthly salary and financial commitments. Applicant’s total savings must exceed (min. two times) the proposed UK trip expenses. There are certain important things that you must thoroughly satisfy through your bank statements.

Bank Statement for UK Visa:

The Entry Clearance Officers make sure that the applicants have enough financial support and sufficient funds for the entire trip or total duration of stay in the United Kingdoms, while processing through the applications. Therefore, bank statement work as the evidence to prove the financial stability of the applicant. 

The Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) pay meticulous attention to the total cost of the trip for the entire duration, monthly income of the applicant, monthly expenses and other financial commits.

There are certain factors which are used by the ECOs during the whole application processing procedure, which are as follows:

  • UK Trip Expenses on the Basis of Visa Type
  • Monthly Income of the Guardian or Financial Sponsor
  • Sufficient Funds
  • Spending and Saving Patterns

Let’s discuss the details of these factors;

UK trip expenses on the basis of the Visa type

If you are applying as a student to then you must have enough money to support for your tuition fees, your daily living costs and your accommodation expenses also known as the maintenance or financial requirement. In this case you are normally required to submit financial documents to show that you have enough financial support.

However, if you are applying to go to United Kingdom for tourism purposes, visiting family or friends, to conduct a research or to attend a business meeting then you must have a daily budget of about £100 to 150 per person. This amount is only for the visa after traveling you can control your daily expenses and spend much lesser than that. The main reason is because United Kingdom is a very expensive country. A mere hotel room can cost you at least £50 per night. Food can cost about £10 to 20 per day, by adding transportation either it is public or a private taxi or renting a car and shopping, etc. that’s why the total expense can range from £ 100 to 150 per day per person.

Monthly Income of the Guardian or Financial Sponsor

The monthly income of the visitor or student’s guardian or sponsor must be at least half of the proposed UK trip expenses. Don’t prepare any false or forged financial documents then ECOs may assume that you are not eligible to take this trip and they can contact the relevant bank to check or verify the authenticity of the financial statement. Applicant must make it sure that his or his guardians salary is directly deposited into their bank account.

Funds Required

The applicant must have sufficient funds in his or her bank account which must meet the funds requirement by the UK Visas and Immigration. The financial funds of the immigrant must be twice more than the entire UK trip expenses from the last six months.

The immigrant or applicant must avoid funds parking or borrowing money from someone else to show as your own money. In case you have a large amount of money due to the sale of a property or any business investments, etc., then you must provide documents as an evidence to prove that it is your own money.

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