Beas Kund trek

Trekking tours are the best way to escape today’s chaotic and stressful life. Whenever we get the opportunity to go to the Himalayas for a relaxing vacation from Delhi and neighboring regions. The Himalayas are the most important journeys for leisure and adventure holidays.

The Himalayas are situated in northern India and consist of a variety of mountain ranges covered by snow. In this region, there are a number of walks and treks. This place is attracted by the breeze of cold winds, the whirlwind of birds, and the peace and quiet. In the beauty of the Himalayas and treatment of your soul, you will find yourself lost.

Himalayan trekking is an exciting experience you’ll live forever. So pack your bags and begin the trekking journey through the Himalayas. You can begin with the easiest Beas Kund walk in the first place. A high-altitude trek from the Solang Valley is the trek to Bea Kund.

The Beas Kund trek, also called Vyasa Kund, is surrounded by coniferous and mountain wilderness forests. The River Beas originates in the neighboring mountains and flows through the region. Solang valley is the base point of a 15-kilometer long trek from Manali to the Beas Kund.

It is known for being one of the best campsites in India and for the location of camps on grasslands. The snow-capped Himalaya mountains in the backdrop can be seen by small rivulets flowing along these grasslands. The Beas Kund walk offers panoramic views of major mountain regions of the Himalayas such as the Deo Tibba and Pir Panjal.

At the top of this trek is Beas Kund Lake. Legende says this was Sage Vyas’s meditation lake and the epic “Mahabharata,” which he wrote. The total distance to beas is approximately 30 km. The distance and the trail are considered to be easy level treks.

The Beas Kund trail passes through beautiful hamlets of Solang and Dhundi, where people stay can experience and experience the local culture and lifestyles. Solang Valley is also famous for a variety of skiing and paragliding adventure sports.

Bakar Thach, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, is an excellent place for camping. Such camping trips help us to experience new people. We are sure that we will intrigue you with the overall description of this trek, now let us go over the Beas Kund Trek in minute details.

The trek Beas Kund is a short and easy trek everybody can do. In the form of a walking expedition, it can function as an ideal weekend tour and has a maximum height of 14000 ft. There are no great challenges to the beas kund trek, but a few difficult portions must be cautiously crossed. Although beginners can do this trek, it is always recommended that a fit person goes here.

The Beas Kund trail begins in the Solang valley about 15 kilometers from Manali which is one of the most important tourist resorts. From here, the trail begins and is surrounded by pine, spruce and deodar forests. Rivulets, streams of water, mountain pastures, and grasslands are here for you.

Location and how to reach

Place and how to reach

From Solang, 15 kilometers from Manali, the Beas Kund trek begins. Manali can once be reached by several means

By air: Bhuntar is Manali’s closest airport. It is 57 km away from Manali. It is located. However, the flight is not a reliable mode of transport due to bad weather conditions.

By Road: Manali is well connected to various cities by road. Delhi is approximately 570 kilometers from Manali, and between these cities, there are regular coach services.

You can hire cars or taxis to get to Solang and start the trek from Beas Kund.

Best time

The best trek is from mid-June to mid-September. Beas Kund trek is the best time. The weather is still propitious for a memorable walking experience during these times. After October, the area is overgrown with snow and it is difficult to trek. Morning and afternoon temperatures are agreeable, but during the night the temperature drops to 3 to 4 °C.

By Volvo Bus in the morning, we arrive in Manali. A number of busses run every day from Delhi to Manali. The pick-up will be arranged from the Volvo bus stand to go to our hotel. Some welcome snacks are served here.

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