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Tourists from all corners of the world go to Egypt and book their Nile cruise applications online to explore the various tombs, stunning temples, historic ruins, and structures of a generation-long past. Moreover, the serene Nile River only provides the splendour of this marvellous country. The country isn’t always the best massive tracts of wasteland as it can seem to the uninitiated, as a lot of water sports watch for you in Egypt, like browsing, cruising, and diving. History fans will love the capital town of Cairo whilst the ones looking for a little solitude can head immediately to the quiet homestead of Aswan. Take the best Egypt tour package from FlipTrip Holidays and enjoy the best of it. 

However, one of the Egyptian towns that catches the fancy of endless guests would be Alexandria. It has an array of locations which can allure traffic past degree. A vital business centre and fundamental seaport, Alexandria sightseeing tours shape part of many Egypt journey packages and the metropolis should be one of the places you go to on your trip to Egypt. If you need to boost your journey in Egypt and supply it with a unique twist, why no longer choose Egypt tour packages properly?

Best Places To Explore In Egypt

For every Egypt traveller, exploring the nice locations to go to in Egypt travel packages is a treasure trove of stories. Egypt trip package appeal is evident and consists of modern joys and historic wonders. Discover the spirit of this fascinating country. Via its ought-to-see attractions, each telling a unique story to enchant each traveller.

  • Cairo the capital of Egypt, is an energetic patchwork of beyond and gift nestled along the banks of the Nile. Bustling markets and soaring minarets create a vibrant scene inside the town. Cairo is famous for the enduring Giza Pyramids and Sphinx, casting a spell on any Egypt trip package. From the busy markets to the awesome ancient sights, Cairo promises a journey to any other.
  • Hurghada is a coastal city in Egypt that is about 40 kilometres along the Red Coast. With its grand shores and clean waters, Hurghada is a scuba diving place. Beyond diving, get in water sports activities, or relax on the sandy shores.
  • Alexandria in Egypt is one of the country’s major Mediterranean ports, with lovely coasts and a beachfront. The city is a spot of ancient districts, museums, and archaeological parks. Discover the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the most important library in Alexandria.
  • Sharm El Sheikh, among the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, is one of the best diving locations in the world. This seaside heaven is famous for its wonderful Red Sea seashores and diverse oceanic life.
  • Siwa Oasis, placed inside the western tip of Egypt, is a peaceful oasis packed with palm groves, salt lakes, and historic records. Indulge in Siwa’s healing natural springs and immerse yourself inside the timeless charm of mudbrick houses and palm-shaded streets.

Travel Tips before You Take Egypt Travel Packages 

  • Traffic jams especially in Cairo, can be quite intimidating. But don’t be afraid to cross the street.
  • Egypt trip packages get extremely warm, particularly in the course of the summer, so stay hydrated. If you want to keep on bottled water get a LifeStraw Water Bottle. You can fill it anywhere despite water from a puddle!
  • Always haggle a piece and never say yes to something without discussing the price first.
  • Bring your personal lavatory paper. The toilets right here have an integrated bidet spray nozzle.

Unveiling Your Dream Egypt Tour Packages From India With Flip Trip Holidays

At Flip Trip Holidays, we understand that every traveller has a unique imagination and prescience for their Egypt tour packages from India. We offer a variety of Egypt excursion programs, from budget-pleasant options to costly reports, all crafted to ensure a memorable journey.

Our group of tour experts will work carefully with you to understand your pastimes, options, and budget. We’ll curate a personalised itinerary that completely captures the core of Egypt travel tour packages for you.

Discover the magic of Egypt travel tour packages and go on a memorable adventure. Contact Flip Trip Holidays now and let us craft your dream Egyptian getaway!