The World’s 8 Best Escape Rooms Worth Traveling For

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Modern technological advancements have paved the path for virtual escape room games. Places like Riddler’s Escape and the Mystery Rooms have been getting popular purely because they offer people healthy alternative entertainment at affordable prices.

In every corner of the world, escape room brands are doing groundbreaking work to contribute to the field’s development and the concept’s evolution. If you are someone who likes to travel and also play escape adventures, here are the best eight escape rooms worth visiting around the globe.¬†

1. The Laboratory in Bunschoten, the Netherlands 

This little-known escape room is now rated No. 1 in the Netherlands. The Laboratory is dark and light, clean and filthy, polished and shabby. It keeps you on edge without being terrifying. The set, lighting, and sound design are all fantastic.

The Laboratory is one of the most intensive settings gamers have experienced. The puzzles here are primarily reliant on technology. Both high-tech and low-tech devices provide clues and enhance the players’ experience. 

2. The Man From Beyond in Houston, USA 

The Man is a compelling, exhilarating, and fantastic human experience. It is a genuinely groundbreaking experience, from the stage design to the puzzle integration to the historically documented nuanced production. 

What is real? What exactly is magic? Are those two things incompatible? This fantastic location will answer all of your queries. One of the most important aspects of a great escape room is the experience. The experience is designed to provide you with those shivers and thrills. It is a fun-filled location in the United States.

3. Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore: Athens, Greece 

The Bookstore is a three-hour epic journey. You join a seemingly ordinary bookshop and learn about the protagonist’s background and secrets. The wonderful tale, inventive space, and tricky riddles distinguish this escape room from the competition.

There is no way out here! You must solve the mystery and select the conclusion using logic, awareness, your senses, and the talents of each team member. Your team must also display clarity of mind, calm, and collaboration.

4. The Mr. X Mystery House: Shanghai, China 

This Mr. X Mystery House is exciting and unique. This escape room is unusual because it is an entire home with separate escape rooms in each room. At Mr. X’s, you may choose from five rooms, all of which have earned rave reviews. They feature riddles that are entertaining, frightening, easy, and challenging to complete.

Crawling, climbing ladders, avoiding lasers, deciphering riddles, and putting the jigsaw pieces together are all part of the game. It is full of entertainment and excitement for both your head and body.

5. The Basement in Los Angeles, USA 

The Basement has been voted the finest escape room in the United States and a popular tourist attraction. Its topic, however, implies that it is not suitable for youngsters or apprehensive adults.

 The idea is that you’re confined in Edward R. Tandy’s Basement, where he’s a sick, traumatized, and cannibalistic murderer. You only have 45 minutes to get out.

The idea is based on the story structure of the film “Saw,” which is about a game inside a game. The players must deduce their answers from the puzzles and escape the escape room before the time limit runs out.

6. KGB Interrogation in Columbus, USA 

The KGB interrogation room is one of the most menacing escape games in the US. This escape room has a success record of fewer than 5%.

The narrative takes place in 1964, during the Cold War. The story follows you, an American spy on the hunt for a mind-altering substance. However, you have been found, apprehended, and hauled to Moscow for questioning. You must enter this escape room to learn the implications of an uncooperative American spy in the Soviet Union.

7. The Escape Room in Indianapolis, USA 

Players have a choice of alternatives when it comes to The Escape Room in Indianapolis. Their jailbreak and robbery concepts are the finest in Indianapolis. Both games provide distinct themes. 

According to the premise, a farmer with acres of land wants to sell it to the gamers. When the farmer’s son intends to sell the property to a real estate developer, things start to get chaotic. A hitman has been hired, and the farmer has been murdered, with you being blamed.

The bank heist idea involves a search for a cargo of gold that has been believed to be delivered to a bank chain.

8. Roosevelt Escape Room at Palace Games in San Francisco, USA 

As a follow-up to Palace Games’ Houdini escape room, the Roosevelt experience focuses on idea uniqueness, making it distinctive.

Palace Games presents a tale that allows clients to get immersed in the game in a manner that no other escape room idea can. The Houdini chamber is said to have been created in the 1900s by Harry Houdini, the world’s best escape artist.


The top escape rooms worth visiting are revealed right now. So, anytime you go to one of the cities or areas listed, be sure to stop by one of them. 

On the other hand, these escape rooms are so excellent that you may go to locations only to experience these escape rooms!