If you love the rains and dark clouds on the horizon heaving with heavy droplets, then it’s time for you to escape into some of the fantastic monsoon getaways that our country has. These destinations come alive with the rains and the many murmuring waterfalls, the brimming lakes, the rain-swept fresh greenery, the lush vegetation, the cloak of haze around all invariably cast upon you an intoxicating spell. To discover the natural music hidden in the pitter-patter sound of the rains, choose to explore the beauty of any of the following top-rated Monsoon destinations in India listed below –

1. Wayanad

This picturesque South Indian hill station is a source of immense delight for vacationers especially during monsoons. ‘Splash’, the 3 day spanned monsoon festival held at Wayanad during monsoon season makes the place all the more sought-after for vacationers.

2. Nelliyampathy

This is one very picturesque hill station of Kerala that assumes a fresh verdant and sonorous beauty with many waterfalls around during the monsoon season. What seems most breath-taking to tourists visiting this destination is the sublime sight and stature of Pothundy Dam.

3. Mahabaleshwar

This mist-clad hill station perched amid the Sahyadri ranges of Western Ghats is famed enough for its lush evergreen forest covers, for its many mulberry and strawberry bushes and for its exquisitely scenic sightseeing ;points such as Venna Lake. Also the hill station receives a record rainfall during the monsoons that makes it a fond hotspot for rain lovers.

4. Leh-Ladakh

With the rain clouds covering the sky, the icy kingdom of Leh-Ladakh takes on a distinct beauty presenting really breathtaking views of the famed enough Pangong Tso Lake, high motor-able roads and mountain passes. For adventure seekers and nature lovers it becomes a dream destination indeed especially during the monsoons.

5. Goa

Sand, surf and sea-you would have enough of these in Goa. If you have already experienced mirthful strolls on the sunny beaches of Goa, visiting Goa during the monsoons will actually give you an altogether different taste. Rain-swept deserted beaches and fresh greenery everywhere would make you feel intensely romantic.

6. Araku Valley

Araku valley experiences its monsoons between months June-October. The vale is encircled by mountains such as Galikonda, Raktakunda. During the monsoon season the beauty of the valley is enhanced a tenfold as the scenic gardens valley turn greener and fresher and even come ablaze with colorful flowers.

7. Munnar

This exotic hill station of Kerala truly comes alive during the monsoon season. The undulating hill ranges carpeted with vast expanses of tea gardens, the many hills around mantled with fresh lush greenery, the salubrious weather and the silvery mist all around make Munnar indeed a land of paradisiacal beauty especially during the monsoons.

8. Chikmagalur

This destination in Karnataka falls at the base of Mullayanagiri mountainous range and is notable enough for receiving really heavy rains. During the monsoons, it is indeed a mesmerizing sight to visualize the green carpeted coffee land amid a pall of mist. Mullayanagiri Peak and Hebbe Falls make the place famed enough.

9. Pondicherry

If you wish to relish the essence of early monsoons, pack your bags for Pondicherry or Puducherry, a picture-perfect land dotted with scenic beaches, monuments and temples of immense architectural beauty and the many churches.

10. Ranikhet

Ranikhet, a beautiful picturesque hill station of Uttarakhand is one of the top-rated Indian monsoon destinations. The sublime views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, cool climate, lush green dense forest covers all make Ranikhet a favorite location for rain lovers and monsoon lovers alike.

11. Darjeeling

Experience monsoons at its best by visiting the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling perched on the Lesser Himalayan mountainous ranges. Darjeeling is looked upon as the gateway to the seven sisters states of North east India. Apart from the beauty of the misty peaks, the Darjeeling tea estate, the Darjeeling toy train services are too important aspects that make Darjeeling famous in the tourist circuit.

12. Chandipur

Chandipur in Odisha’s Baleshwar district is a fascinating beach famed enough among tourists because the water there recedes much at the time of ebb tide. In the monsoon season the beauty of Chandipur is worth enjoying. The heavy showers that Chandipur receives during monsoons also lead to fishermen communities finding maximum ‘catches’ per day. Thus you could enjoy some tantalizing local fish-based recipes when you are Chandipur during the monsoons.

13. Govindghat

This mystical location falls just on the meeting point of two holy Rivers, Alakananda and Lakshman Ganga. From Govindghat starts the trek to the sacred Hemkund Sahib and the most gorgeous valley of flowers, a floral paradise that comes alive with all its colorful Loral bounties during this monsoon season.

14. Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji cradled in the midst of the high peaks of Khasi hills is well-renowned for receiving record rainfall during monsoons. It ranks second in the whole of the world in terms of receiving heavy rains. This gives birth too many awe-inspiring tall waterfalls at Cherrapunji like Nohsngithiang Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Kynrem Falls. Also the many living natural root bridges that Cherrapunji has would invariably cause anyone to marvel at those natural wonders.

15. Lonavala

Lonavala perched amid the folds of the Sahyadri ranges in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra is another amazing destination to visit during monsoons. The lush greenery, breath-taking view of the many waterfalls and the cool climate would lure you like anything. Karla caves and the waterfall in vicinity to Bhushi Dam are some sites that tourists really enjoy visiting.

16. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, a Tamil Nadu hill station perched amid Palani Hills of the Western Ghats takes on an enchanting beauty during the monsoons. The verdant greenery, the many pellucid lakes and gurgling waterfalls, spectacular views of rolling hill ranges make it one of the fondest destinations for monsoon lovers. The Kodai Lake side and Berijam Lake side are popular points for lazing and strolling.

17. Coorg

Coorg in Karnataka turns into one of the most romantic destinations during the monsoons. The dense forests of Coorg enriched with a vast array of fauna and flora assumes a really unique beauty during the torrential downpours. The aromatic whiff from the vast stretches of coffee plantations, the many alluring lakes and waterfalls and the yummy local cuisines would indeed leave you intoxicated.

18. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a beautiful conglomeration of about 570 islands is an exotic destination with its turquoise sea waters juxtaposed with shimmering white silvery sandy beaches. With the onset of the monsoons and heavy rains pouring down, Andaman and Nicobar islands come decked in gorgeous natural beauty. It’s truly enjoyable to indulge in exciting water sports with the rain and refreshing cool breeze sweeping across your face.

19. Mount Abu

This beautiful hill station of Rajasthan is thronged by tourists almost all year round. But when dark clouds cloak the sky and rain pours down in heavy showers, Mount Abu takes on a completely different look, fresh and young. For optimum dose of adventure, nature and spirituality, this is perhaps the most ideal destination.

20. Kutch

If you visit Kutch in the monsoons, you will actually be enticed to the very core by the sight of the surreal horizons of the desert plains and the towering dark monsoon clouds cladding the Dhinodhar Hills. So consider visiting Gujarat Rann of Kutch during the monsoons.

So these are the top 20 monsoon destinations that could be visited to experience the beauty of the rains in the true sense of the term.

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