Top 4 Best Motorcycle Campsites in Kentucky, USA

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When most people think about Kentucky, they think about fried chicken and crispy zinger burgers. There is no doubt that the food scene in Kentucky will beat everything else but this doesn’t mean Kentucky is all about food and not about its scenic location and breathtaking view. In fact, Kentucky is perfect for a family trip because it offers something for everyone. Good camping sites, breathtaking views, mountains on the eastern side, and water bodies surrounding the area from the western side. You will see camping sites that offer all. In fact, most people who like to travel are familiar with these camping sites but people who are just starting to explore the routes might not know about them.

If you don’t know much about Kentucky, you need to know that Kentucky is mainly famous for its culture. You will see people loving bourbon, horse racing, moonshine, coal, and more. In fact, Kentucky is known as the horse capital of the world as well. If you think these are not the options that interest you, you might want to reconsider because Kentucky offers everything that you can ever think of. People love the state parks, the automobile manufacturing industry, the tobacco basketball scene, and baseball bats. If you are into music, culture, food, and some good liquor. Kentucky should be at the top of the list for you. Apart from this Kentucky has some of the best and most scenic camping sites that are safe as well. For most people who enjoy camping, one of the biggest issues is that the options are very limited and there are no activities. If you feel restricted because of these reasons, you will find the camping grounds in Kentucky very interesting.

With the help of this article, we will list down some of the best and safest camping sites within Kentucky that you should explore. Our goal is to help people organize the camping sites according to their interests and the activities that they enjoy the most. Within these camping sites, you will find so many different activities so you can also bring along your family.

Kentucky State Park System

Thinking about camping and not considering the Kentucky State Park system will be a big mistake. Within the Kentucky State Park system, you will find 31 different camping grounds. Each ground has a side for tents, camos, RVs, and even motorcycles. You will also have grounds for riding. The best thing about these camping sites is that it has everything that you might need. You will have easy access to water, a dire ring, tables, and power so you can stay connected. You can also book online and know about the camping sites.

Crockett Frontiers Campground

Just by the Grand River, you will find Crockett Frontiers Campground. If you look at the living situations in the village you will see around 400 people living by the shore. In between twin lakes, Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake you will see rows of houses. For families that want to explore and enjoy some recreational activities, this is the best place to visit. Apart from this, if you are visiting with your families, you will see convenient stores where you can fill up your gas tanks, get medical assistance, post things or just shop for anything. In fact, you will have access to all the basic life necessities.

Kentucky River Campgrounds

If you are visiting Frankfurt, you have to consider Kentucky River Campgrounds for camping. Just by the Kentucky River Frankfurt, you will find these campgrounds. The best thing about these camping sites is that they have everything that will help you enjoy your stay. It is safe and you will get to enjoy free cable. Apart from this you also have a gas station to fill up the tank, ice, camp store, laundry service, boat ramp, oil, and more. For recreation, you can enjoy swimming, a playground for playing, fishing, boating, and storage options as well. These campgrounds are open all year so you can easily book and visit anytime you want.

Diamond Lake Resort and Campground

While visiting Owensboro you will get to visit the Diamond Lake Resort and Campground as well. Since this is a resort, you will get to enjoy a lot of different activities. You can also bring your family along because it is very safe.  This resort has overall 270 campsites. If you feel tents and camps are not very interesting you can opt for motel rooms, cottages and fully equipped camps. Apart from this, there are so many different activity options so you can actually enjoy fishing, go-karting, boating, golfing, and theater. The best thing is that the food here is really good. You can enjoy ice cream, pizza, and various grilled meat options as well. If you are a book lover or you like taking pictures, there are so many campsites where you can sit down, read your book, and enjoy the music.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Kentucky is much more than you think. If you like camping with your motorcycle make sure to book and know if they allow you to bring your motorcycle. Most of the camping grounds ran by management offer the facility of renting equipment. These camping sites also offer safety, power, equipment, heating options, and more. If you are traveling with your family and friends, make sure to know about each camping site and the facilities they offer. This will help you reduce the overall hassle and you will be able to pack according to the requirements as well. If they offer renting facilities and they have fixed tents, you can simply book the tent according to your need. This means you can save time, money, and effort. This is an ideal situation for beginners who find it difficult to pack everything and carry it on a motorcycle. Since Kentucky is a fully developed area, you will have easy access to a market where you can buy anything you want.