Top 4 Best Motorcycle Rides in the Midwest

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Being a US citizen, there is constant pressure that you need to match the fast-paced life. You have to be on your toes, meet deadlines, get to work, earn enough, and even invest in your side hustle. No matter what you choose or where you want to be these things will stay important for you to sustain your lifestyle. However, what if we tell you there is a place in the US where all your dreams come true. The places where people are nice and friendly, the land is cheap, the lifestyle is slow-paced and you can live a life according to your needs without thinking about meeting the next deadline or waking up early for work. Well, even if this seems too good to be true, you still need to visit the Midwest just to see what you are missing.

Why should the Midwest be on your travel list?

The Midwest is known to be the home of Henry Ford, great lakes, some rock and roll, some of the best sports teams, and great lakes. In short, it is a place where you can actually get to experience the best lifestyle and live your dreams. Most people like to visit the Midwest just to enjoy the lush green farmlands, others visit to explore the best and most scenic destinations whereas, most people just want to get away from their busy life and explore some places that can help them relax. Once you reach the Midwest, you will never have a second of boredom because it offers something for everyone. You will have some of the most beautiful places offering steamy summers whereas, in winters things can get really freezing. During the spring and fall seasons, you will get to experience mild weather, so you can choose this destination anytime. Even if you want to enjoy some leisure time, the Midwest has to be the best place to stay and enjoy your time.

With the help of this article, we will help you explore some of the best destinations in the Midwest. As we already mentioned, Midwest has lush green fields on both sides and the places are very scenic, you will see some of the most breathtaking views on your way to the destination and the best is that the roads are fully paved and things are easily available so you don’t have to worry about carrying too much luggage with you.

Top 4 Motorcycle Routes in the Midwest

Although the Midwest is filled with the best destinations and food options, you have to keep in mind that more options mean you have to set everything within a limited time period. So, when you schedule your route, know about the places and then know what time it will take to get there and how much you want to stay there.

Route 66

If you have traveled anywhere in America and you like to explore routes, you will see people mentioning route 66 everywhere. This is so far the most famous route and offers the best view. Offering a route from the Midwest Chicago all the way to Los Angeles this route is known to be the mother of all roads. In fact, if you have joined any travel portal you will see travelers and riders talking about this route very often. In 1985, this route was also officially named the US highway when it was added to the interstate highway system.

Needles Highway

Needle highway is located in South Dakota and it is a must-visit place so far, in fact, most people don’t want to take this route to get to some destination but just so they can get to experience a scenic route. This is a must-ride route if you are going to a Sturgis rally. Starting from the Custer state park and passing through the eroded granite spires, towers, pillars, and more this route will lead you to the Midwest, as you pass through this route you will find a narrow one lane tunnel which is the reason it is called the needle route or needles highway.

Crowley’s Ridge Parkway

If you are passing through Arkansas and you want to explore the best, this is the route that you must consider. This route will lead you to experience and enjoy the breathtaking views of the first national scenic byway along with the Crowley’s Ridge Parkway. This route spreads around 200 miles and it extends into Missouri as well. Most people getting to the North American geological ridge formation take this route as well.

Michigan Tree Tunnel

If you are close to the northern border of America, this is the route you must add to your bucket list. Tunnel of the tree will offer you a pure Michigan experience because this means you will experience a scenic route, so if you like taking pictures, this will be the ideal route for you. You can also bring along your camera or just use your phone to capture the best pictures.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to planning your trip. Although the route and destination are very scenic and you can easily travel because of the Availability of fully paved roads, there are other things that you need to keep in mind. Starting from the weather conditions that you can see on the weather app schedule you’re routine accordingly. In most cases, when you don’t have a scheduled routine according to the time, date, and the activities that you want to enjoy, you will not be able to enjoy the trip. On the contrary, if you know where you want to be and what you have to do, this will help you pack accordingly so you will not have to buy too many things on the way. Another important thing is that most people have the same list of things that they want to carry and they just use it as a checklist. However, your packing checklist needs to be different according to the destination, route, weather, and the kind of things you need to carry with you.