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Denver is one of the most scenic and beautiful places to visit because of its great landmarks and lively crowd. The city is sunny throughout the year, so it is famous for hiking, picnics, and water sports. Once you take a tour around the city, you will find many amazing things to do. However, one thing that makes any trip excellent is the comfortable stay. So, here are some great hotels where you can stay during your next trip to Denver. These hotels are one of the best ones in Denver and will never disappoint you.

Capitol Hill 

Centrally positioned and filled with attractions, there’s no better neighborhood in Denver than Capitol Hill if you are visiting for the first time. Located at the center of the city, Capitol Hill is a neighborhood that has a huge history and some great landmarks. There are many wonderful attractions in the streets of Capitol Hill. Some of them are the Colorado State Capitol building, the US Mint, and the Molly Brown House Museum. 

Best Hotels for Stay in Capitol Hill 

1- 11th Avenue Hostel

Owned by a group of travelers, the 11th Avenue Hostel is a clean, secure location located at the heart of Capitol Hill. You can easily find many restaurants, points of interest and landmarks nearby. Moreover, this is considered the most economical option for first-time visitors. 

2- Le Meridien Denver Downtown

If you are looking for a modern facility, Le Meridien Denver Downtown should be your destination. It is a few blocks away from Denver city’s best destinations and landmarks. Moreover, you can find a couple of bars and restaurants just by walking around the hotel.

3- Ember Hostel

If your budget is somewhere between luxury and medium, Ember Hostel should be your pick. It has amazing facilities like a Jacuzzi, a fire pit, a spa, and the staff is very courteous. You can also find tourist attractions and amazing restaurants nearby with the help of Denver car services providers. They can guide you about the whole city.

The River North Art Districts  

The River North Art District is a community that is one of the new additions to Denver City. Like many cities, where downtowns are extra expensive, the long-left business part of the metropolis has become attractive because it is affordable. The artists of Denver have made this community extremely effective. 

Best Hotels to Stay in River North Art Districts

The Ramble Hotel 

It is considered one of Denver’s most beautiful hotels. If you’re always looking for a stylish hotel when traveling, this must be your place to stay in Denver. It is decorated in the 17th-century French salon-style and has light blue walls with wide windows. You can enjoy the tourist attractions with a comfortable stay if you pick Ramble Hotel. 

Curtis Park Club 

If you want to make your stay a more homely experience, visit the Curtis Park Club. If you are planning to cook, they have a special place for it. Moreover, it has a very stylish boutique bed and breakfast with access to a fully equipped communal kitchen and an elegant meeting place for everyone. It also has a backyard to enjoy a picnic combined with a BBQ. 

Central Business District

The Central Business District is situated in the North of Capitol Hill and is the hub of the business. However, a visitor must not get fooled by its name as The Capitol Business District is one of Denver’s most vibrant neighborhoods. This downtown area comprises tall commercial buildings, museums, entertainment spots, and sports. Therefore the majority of the people prefer staying downtown because of the liveliness found there. The central business district is also home to Denver’s most vibrant nightlife hub. If you’re looking for great clubs, entertaining pubs, and amazing bars, this is the place that you should surely come to. The Central Business District offers nightlife for travelers of all ages and styles.  

Best Hotels to Stay in Central Business District

1- Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 

By staying at Hyatt Regency Denver, visitors can experience excellent shopping, eating, and nightlife only a few steps from their front door. Located at the city’s center, this motel is near all of Denver’s important attractions. It has an indoor pool, a well-maintained gym, and a chilled Jacuzzi.

2- Hostel Fish

Having an excellent location, colorful artwork, and cutting-edge decor are some of the reasons why people love this hostel. Being located in Downtown Denver, it is the city’s quality celebration hostel and one of the finest facilities to live in Denver. It is near bars, restaurants, golf equipment, and pubs. You’ll additionally discover most of the pinnacle locations to go to in Denver within walking distance to this hostel. 

So, whenever you plan to visit Denver, book one of the hotels mentioned above, and you will surely have an amazing experience. 

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