09 Best Places To Hike With Family In The USA


Hiking is a great way to get closer to nature and delve into its peaceful retreat. It is also the best possible form of natural exercise that requires no equipment and still helps you maintain fitness.

A lot many factors need to be considered when planning a trip into the wild. Especially when traveling with young ones in the family. A safe trek that is interesting and beautiful to keep the young ones entertained is highly important. 

The appropriate hiking gear is fundamental to carry essentials, campsite necessities, and other equipment that might come in handy. These days it is easy to find portable, durable, and minimalistic equipment for hiking adventures.

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Let’s walk you through the top 9 places that are safe and family-friendly for hiking in the United States of America. We are sure that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from planning a trip soon.

1- Mount Rushmore National Memorial (South Dakota)

It is impossible to not be impressed by the magnificence of the four presidential heads carved skillfully in the mountains. We all have grown up studying them in books, watching them in cartoons and in movies too. But they never cease to amaze us with their beauty.

Mount Rushmore presents an exciting and memorable hiking experience for kids and adults alike. No matter what age group you belong to, you will be enchanted by the surreal experience.

The half-mile Presidential Trail allows you to walk past the studio of the talented sculptor Gutzon Borglum and come up to the base of the mountain. It is the perfect opportunity to give your kids a hands-on learning experience and discover some fascinating facts about this place.

2- Great Sand Dunes National Park (Colorado)

This is more of a fun place than a hiking trail where kids and adults can do as they please on the dunes! Running up, rolling down or sliding are just a few activities that are most enjoyed by visitors.

Sand sled and sandboards are a must-have for the kids as it makes the trip all the more amusing. There is no chance your kids can get hurt by falling on the dunes. However, a few precautions must be taken during the scorching summers.

3- Mount Rainier National Park (Washington)

If you want to introduce your children to nature at its best, then nothing beats the scenic beauty of Mount Rainier national park. The Sourdough Ridge Trail will present you with an opportunity that can be compared to a mini-adventure of sorts.

With exquisite views of the snowcapped mountain peaks of Western Washington and a trail that passes through meadows with the most beautiful flowers, you are bound to fall in love with this place. 

4- Mammoth Cave National Park (Kentucky)

Let your kids’ imagination run wild on the Frozen Niagara Tour at the Kentucky Mammoth Cave. The enchanting and magical views of the Rainbow Dome, Crystal Lake, the Frozen Niagara Flowstone, and the Drapery room have a mystical feel to them.

The unique formation shapes can be imagined into any animal, cartoon character, or figure if anticipated creatively. This makes it a wonderful prospect for the introduction of underground spectacles to kids of a young age. 

5- Petrified National Park (Arizona)

The Giant Logs Trail is an ideal short hike for young kids. The park features astonishing visuals that are sure to leave you and the kids awe-struck at all instances. For example, the massive ‘fallen trees’ made of rocks are a sight to be seen. 

It is a great place to show kids the different barks, knotholes, and growth rings on the tree trunks. The most popular feature is the dinosaur exhibits in the Rainbow Forest Museum that are always loved by kids.

6- Assateague Island National Seashore (Maryland, Virginia)

If your kids are by any chance a fan of “Spirit Riding Free” then this is the perfect place to be at. All kids love ponies in general, but they are going to enjoy them even more due to the physical appearance of the famous Assateague Island wild horses. 

These horses are short and chubby, making them look like ponies while in fact, they are full-grown horses. Visitors are delighted to see these adorable animals who do not fail to amuse the bystanders. 

7- Muir Woods National Monument (California)

You feel like ants when you hike through the magnificent and striking trails along Redwood Creek. This immensely old forest dates back to over 600-800 years, with trees over 250 feet in height and 14 feet across the trunk.

There is no wonder that hikers can’t seem to keep their eyes from opening wide at the breathtaking sights offered by this majestic forest. Children love the amazing view and the easy trails that loop every half-mile to two miles.

8- Acadia National Park (Maine)

Brace yourself to enjoy 50 miles of smooth, gravel carriage roads to enjoy a hike, horseback riding, or cycling. The flat and even roads are ideal for pushing a stroller as they are neither steep nor do they have any sharp turns. 

Plan a bicycle ride with your family as you pass by the amazing wooded landscape and stone bridges that are expertly strewn along the trail. There are 17 stone bridges in total, all of which are uniquely designed according to their location and are a masterpiece of art.

9- Zion National Park (Utah)

There are countless kid-friendly activities at the Zion National Park, which make for a perfect family vacation where you can bond with your family over fun activities. Easy trails like The Riverside Walk make hiking easy with young kids.

This narrow hike with towering mountains on both sides offers beautiful views of the canyon rocks with shady spots on the way if you wish to take a break. Another mentionable characteristic is that the flat trail is wheelchair accessible, further adding value to its features.

If you wish to go hiking with your family, then this list will serve as the perfect reference guide. We have carefully put together trails that are safe for kids, so you don’t have to keep worrying about the safety of your family. 

Happy hiking to you!

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