7 best places to visit in Ladakh for adventure enthusiasts

amazing places in ladakh

Many adventure junkies already know that if they want the ultimate “adventure satisfaction” Ladakh is the destination they have to plan for. It is truly an amazing place for people looking for the ultimate adventure. 

Are you looking for places to visit in Ladakh that would satiate your hunger for more adventure? Worry no more, this blog has 7 such destinations with what they have on offer for you.

Zanskar Valley offers Chadar Trek

There are some things in Ladakh that are difficult to find elsewhere and one of the finest examples to substantiate this is the Chadar Trek. Popularly known as “The Frozen River Trek”, Chadar Trek receives a lot of adventure junkies and is one of the best places for your adventure tour to Ladakh. Situated in the Zanskar Valley, this trek is done on the frozen river that goes by the same that of the valley. You can visit here in peak winters which are November to January, to enjoy this trek. 

Zojila Pass offers a daunting biking experience

If you know how thrilling riding on a narrow street is- you will enjoy this ride the most. Approximately 23 km from Sonmarg towards Kargil, you will find the daunting, exciting, enthralling stretch of road named Zojila Pass. It is not only the altitude of this pass that thrills riders but the turf as well. Yes, you heard that right. You will be riding on a completely tampered road with slurry/ slush all over. 

The water puddles will have snow-melted water. The road has granules and pebbles all over the place. Does this sound thrilling to you? Watch out for the sloppy turf in between all of this. Yes, owing to the altitude, water on some patches freezes to ice on the road. If you don’t be cautious, you might skid. Nevertheless, this will fill your nerves with an adrenaline rush.

Pangong offers a great jeep safari experience

It is not just riding that thrills in Ladakh but even the jeep safari can give you a shot of adrenaline rush. Driving through the narrow roads and visiting one of the beautiful places on earth- Pangong Tso, is a thrill in itself. It might sound like a convenient option but visiting Pangong will surely give you a lot of thrilling and spine-chilling moments. Moreover, when you reach here, you will still enjoy your time and the breathtaking beauty of the place will give you a great time. 

Zanskar River offers white-water rafting

White water rafting is offered at many places throughout our country. But what if you get the chance to enjoy the sport at an astonishing 4200 m above sea level? Yes, you heard that right! Zanskar River flowing in Ladakh is one of the dream destinations for adventure junkies. One of the best sports that can be enjoyed here is enthralling white-water rafting. Apart from the chilling water, the gurgling of the river makes it even more adventurous for junkies offering them exactly what they wanted. 

Karzoo offers Ice Hockey

Not every place in the world you can enjoy playing ice hockey on a natural rink, right? But when you visit Kazroo in Ladakh during winters, you are up for an adventurous treat. Karzoo is one of those places in Ladakh that comes to life in winters. A lot of adventure sports are played by the locals here. You’ll find pleasure in watching ICE Hockey or you can play with them.

Leh offers riding to Khardung La top

One of the highest motorable roads in the world, Khardung La Pass also known as K-Top pass is a thrilling place to be at. With astonishing height, the entire trail leading to this pass is going to be amazing and bumpy. Several riders traverse through this trail to reach the top and enjoy the thrill it has on offer when you reach the summit. 

Magnetic Hills offer a quad biking experience

The gravity-defying place in Ladakh is one of the best places to visit and it attracts a lot of travelers throughout the year. People not only love to visit here for the fun of it but Magnetic Hills has several thrilling sports on offer. One of the best things to do here is enjoying a quad bike ride up the hill (which scientifically is down the hill). If you are planning on doing this, you are up for a treat. 

These are just a few of many amazing places to visit in Ladakh to satiate your hunger for more adventure. But pack your bags accordingly and take all the important measures that should be taken.