Best Places To Visit In Oman, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

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Countries in the Middle-East rest with enticing mysteries hidden deep under the golden dunes. One such destination that allures wanderers is The Sultanate of Oman. Its geological benefit surpasses many norms of a common tourist destination. Ancient souks in bygone alleys with brimming Omani culture and tradition give major leisure goals to visitors. The corniches of the country are cut out by the warm waters of the Arabian Sea giving vistas that will skip a heartbeat.

As 2022 comes to an end, we thought of giving you a brand-new list of attractions and the best places to visit in Oman. Save this list for your next Omani vacation.

1. The Ash Sharqiyah Region

For those who are looking for a dreamy set-up with their loved ones, this place must be at the top of your Omani itinerary. The beach sands have cast curvy beaches giving amazing experiences facing azure waters. Enjoy quality time at the coast as you near the galaxy of stars above for intimate talking. A drive to this region and back will surely be captivating. Camping and star-gazing are irresistible here.

2. Masirah Island

The island draws attention because of its significant economic activities and scenic location, in proximity to Oman. Masirah is the biggest island in the country and offers truly promising stays at beach resorts and beach-facing accommodations. A few of the abandoned ships on the coast mimic fictional as well as historic realms of the pirates. You can cruise your way to the island and hire a ride to sneak around its green roads.

3. Musandam Beaches

If anywhere you look for a lethal combination of white sand beaches and deep blue seas, Musandam Beaches top the list. Kayaking, boat rides, cruise tours, snorkelling, and underwater cycling are some of the adventure sports that will keep your adrenaline in pace and your holiday spirits high. Hugged by rough cliffs and overlooked by soaring falcons, the vistas promise other-worldly experiences.

4. Sur Lighthouse

Evenings in Oman lit up everywhere. Whether a lighthouse at the edge of a corniche or the local fine dining places or marts- find Omani culture, food and traditions giving you a warm welcome. Sur Lighthouse lits up as the sun dips on the western coast of Oman, attracting locals and visitors to its rich historical significance. As the tower glows, you can spot the lighthouse from a huge distance, navigating directions to the Sailors.

5. Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

Seeing turtle eggs hatch early in the morning is an exciting sight in Oman. The Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve nurtures and cares for the endangered species of green turtles. Over 20,000 female turtles migrate to the eastern coast of Oman, for laying eggs. Playful sights like turtles digging holes for egg safety and new toddies being hatching out and making their way to shore are loved by many travellers. Watch and photograph the beautiful scattering of the sky in the morning while you see new life on the Shore.

Oman is getting better and more interesting. With upcoming new and innovative

projects to attract tourism, the nation promises exceptional tourism experiences in the coming year.

Look out for our next blog and make your travel itineraries better. Apply for an Oman visa now and see the new frame of Oman.