The Best Places To Visit In The UK: A Travel Guide

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Travelling has always been a fascination for everyone. To travel is to grow. Travelling enhances personality and provides us exposure to expand our viewpoint toward the world. By traveling across the border, we met people from different nations and diverse cultures. This polishes our knowledge and allows us to work on our thought processes.  

 Some people want to visit Switzerland, and some maybe interested in visiting Amsterdam. But this travel guide has collected the best places to stay in the UK. THE UNITED KINGDOM! 

The UK is a tourist attraction, from sky-touching buildings to ancient and antique buildings, from breathtaking lakes and sandy beaches to beautiful green parks. 

Without further delay, let’s read about the best places to visit in the UK. 

1. Beautiful Cities 

a. London, England

No doubt that there are tons and tons of beautiful cities in the UK which every tourist should visit. London will be at the top if we make a list of those city destinations. You don’t have to find any particular reason to roam around this iconic city. The world famous landmark of London is Buckingham Palace, where the Queen of the UK and Royal family inhabit. 

Furthermore, Westminster Abbey, Tate, and the sky-tall Tower of London are also the center of attention for travelers. How can we forget about the higher educational institutes in London, such as University College London, Imperial College, and King’s College London? The universities of this city are the most desirable institutes for the student community, not only in the UK but in all countries. 

The architecture and museums of this city are full of “glimpses from the past.” We can challenge you that once you visit this grand city, you will never feel liberated from its grandeur.  

b. Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Edinburgh is considered one of the most strangely made cities by God. It is known for its ancient volcanos and jaw-dropping crag and tails. Without any question, Edinburgh city has the unique landform in the whole world. But this is not the end. The Old Town has medieval streets which compel you to dive into the glorious history of humankind. 

Furthermore, Edinburgh owns world-class art galleries, the center of attention for artists all around the globe. This city gives off the vibe of Old Town and New Town. To visit Edinburgh completely, a single visit will never be enough! 

2. Attractive Towns

1. St Ives, Cornwall, England 

St Ives is one of the top-notch beautiful towns in the UK. It is known for its picturesque streets and breathtaking landmarks. One thing that makes it so unique for the natives and travelers worldwide is its beaches. St Ives has four marvelous sand beaches visited by thousands of nature lovers yearly. 

St Ives was established as a colony of artists in the 20th century. Today, it possesses its branch of Tate. In addition, St Ives is a hub of museums and galleries which you should not miss at any cost. 

So, whenever you visit England, do not forget to visit St Ives!

b. Rye, East Sussex, UK 

It is not hidden from anyone that Rye is one of the most highly visited towns in the UK. The critical point to notice about this town is that it is ancient and is located on a hilltop. Rye’s location allows it to stand out from other towns of England. The houses in this town are preferably made up of timber, and the roofs are skewed. 

You can judge the level of preservation of this town by the fact that it has the most original buildings than any other part of Britain. The plus point for the tourists is that they have more than enough options of hotels and facts to stay in. 

Rye is the best place to visit in the UK; we can claim this because there is no competitor in this town.  

3. Beautiful National Parks to visit. 

a. Lake District, UK 

Lake city is heaven for travelers. This national park is known for its pretty sceneries and attractive peaks. Lake City is the destination of every honeymoon couple, no matter native or non-native. Furthermore, the largest lakes in the United Kingdom are situated here. Not only this, the highest mountains with the perks of different outdoor activities like mountain biking and kayaking are here. 

We bet you would not like to miss all these during your visit to the UK. 


In this post we have told you about the best place to visit in the UK – A travel guide, you can say. In addition to this list, there are many other places one should visit. The United Kingdom is no doubt the kingdom of beautiful places. Another tip we would like to give you is that before starting your tour in the UK, grab some discount vouchers from VoucherCabin and thank us later. Happy traveling!