Best Summer Holiday Destinations In India To Visit In 2022

summer holiday destinations

In India, summers may be brutally harsh. Summer holidays, on the other hand, are the ideal time to unwind, travel, and create beautiful memories. As a result, you must make quick preparations for a wonderful summer vacation in India. 

India offers a plethora of fascinating summer holiday options for you and your friends, family, and loved ones. While avoiding excessive temperatures and the hustle-bustle of cities, enjoy good weather, visit magnificent sites, and immerse in engaging activities.

In India, there are several sites to visit during the summer. We’ve compiled a list of the summer tourist places in India for 2022. What’s striking is that they’re not simply scattered over a region but across India. So, here is our magnificent assortment of hill stations, cities, and villages to which you may look forward to in the blazing summers without breaking a sweat. When going on a trip, always carry a good reusable water bottle that can keep you hydrated.


Shimla is often among the most incredible vacation spots and popular summer destinations in India, particularly during summer. It is a fantastic holiday area popular with locals and visitors from across the globe. Travel and hospitality, as well as agriculture and horticulture, provide considerable money in Shimla. Shimla never fails to wow its visitors despite its regular influx of visitors.

The beautiful weather and kind inhabitants make it easy to welcome visitors from all over the globe. Shimla has a special spot for all travelers, from the busy lanes of Mall Road to the adventurous Kufri. Everyone who visits Shimla, it is said, takes a piece of it with them and leaves it wealthier.


Nainital, located in the Kumaon Hills, is a picturesque hill town built around a strangely shaped lake known as the ‘Naini Lake.’ It is one of the most attractive summer destinations in India. 

Uttarakhand’s hill town is famed for its lovely lakes, panoramic vistas of snow-capped mountains, and small-town charm. Take a romantic boat trip on Naini Lake or one of the adjacent lakes, enjoy the natural beauty and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in this charming village.


This hill resort, located in Himachal Pradesh, offers unrivaled scenic beauty, adventure, and all you need for a fantastic holiday. The lovely village is surrounded by vegetation and snow-capped mountain peaks. This summer hill station offers several tourist attractions like Solang Valley, Mall Road, Hidimba Devi Temple, Rohtang Pass, and others. In addition, Manali offers adventurous sports such as zorbing, paragliding, and ziplining.


Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is a seductive, delightfully raucous, cloud-wrapped hill station in India. People come from around the globe to pay tribute to the city’s gorgeous monasteries. You can also get amazing views of Mt. Kanchenjunga from here. Gangtok is also known for the hikes it provides. Summer is the most incredible time to visit this charming city. You’ll be amazed by the lush foliage and deep valleys. It is among the best places for summer vacation in India.


Munnar, nestled in the verdant Western Ghats, is a welcome respite as the temperature rises. Since the British period, it has been a well-known tourist destination. This charming vacation spot is known for its stunning scenery, tea plantations, distinctive flora and fauna, spicy aromas, and agreeable weather. This lovely hill village in Kerala also acts as the business hub for some of the world’s most prestigious tea farms.


If you’re planning a trip to India’s northeast during the summer, Shillong should be at the top of your list. Shillong is one of nature’s most stunning creations, with hypnotic lakes, cool woods, scrumptious food, and a skyscape that will undoubtedly fill your memory card.

A week in this northeastern Indian tourist resort will bring you delight and relaxation. Shillong, Meghalaya’s capital, is known for its historical importance. The sense of Mother Nature that can be felt at some of the top sites makes it undeniable to visit Shillong. The balloons here will mesmerize you in ways you didn’t realize were possible.


Mussoorie is a must-visit summer tourist place in India. It features peaceful hills, unspoiled wildlife, and the ideal vacation experience for everyone. It is located at the height of 7000 feet and provides a pleasant temperature to assist you in escaping the summer heat.

This hill station in Uttarakhand, also known as the Queen of Hills, enjoys a mild, pleasant temperature all year. Even if you don’t wish to come during the summer, you may do so at any time. Mussoorie also offers sky walking and adventure activities such as zip lining.


Darjeeling has it all: jaw-dropping scenery, mesmerizing sunrises, and the unspoiled splendor of the hills. Darjeeling is the ideal summer holiday destination in the North East for family holidays and romantic getaways.

It’s also an excellent place to visit if you’re traveling alone. It’s renowned as Tea Garden Paradise because of its fun toy train rides, high mountain slopes, and unparalleled peacefulness. Darjeeling is one of India’s most attractive hill stations in West Bengal and the East.


We’ve all heard of the ‘Toy Train’ trip to Ooty. In the increasing heat, the hill town has become a popular hangout for couples and families alike. Every mountain enthusiast will find it to be a wonderful heaven. 

This exquisite hill station in Tamil Nadu, also known as Udhagamandalam, is a gorgeous destination to rest and unwind. The verdant trees, pleasant atmosphere, and large dams are all really captivating.


Pachmarhi, often known as the Queen of Satpura, is a lovely hill station in Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the best summer tourist destinations in India since it is surrounded by nature and history. The Bee Falls, Pandava Caves, Jata Shankar, Handi Khoh, Mahadev Temple, and other tourist attractions can be found in Pachmarhi’s mountain ranges.


Mahabaleshwar is a hill town in the Western Ghats known for its strawberries, multiple rivers, stunning waterfalls, and breathtaking hills. It is one of the most incredible weekend getaways from Mumbai, Pune, and Satara for all seasons. It is, without a doubt, Maharashtra’s most popular tourist destination, offering calm, adventure, and delight in equal measure.


During the summertime, Coonoor is another popular summer destination in India. This hill station, nestled in the Nilgiris, is home to a beautiful tea plantation and is the second biggest in the region. The Nilgiri toy train ride to the hill town is an unforgettable experience. It is located in Tamil Nadu, at the height of 1930 meters, and is just 19 kilometers from Ooty. It’s a peaceful spot with great picture opportunities.

This was our list of the best summer holiday locations in India. So, when are you going to one or more of these places to take a vacation from your routine and the city summer? Before you go on a trip, don’t forget to carry reusable water bottles and buy travel accessories online.