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Abu Dhabi was inhabited by fishermen and pearl collectors a few decades ago. But after the discovery of oil, it all changed. What you see today is the luxurious Abu Dhabi steeped in tradition, heritage, and culture. It is one of the largest emirates of the UAE. The city features modern skyscrapers, opulent shopping malls, lush-green gardens, parks, and green boulevards. Today, Abu Dhabi is capable of catering to the taste of global tourists be it for leisure, luxury, water sports, and adventure. If you want to enjoy one of the affluent emirates of the UAE, here are the best things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

How age-old faith can be followed and preserved is best seen at this grand religious place. It is one of the most beautiful structures on the planet earth and a hugely popular city attraction that has to be seen. It blends Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid architecture style and is constructed completed in white marble. The mosque is one of the best examples of modern-day Islamic architecture. The kind of intricate carvings, glassworks, and mosaic tiles gone in constructing its interior and exterior are a treat to see. The Mosque can hold up to 40,000 people at one single time. It is one of those mosques where non-Muslims are allowed. Take the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque guided tour and inflate your knowledge about Islam.

Explore Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

How to best capitalize on the popularity of something can be best seen at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It is one of those technology-driven indoor themed parks that has given fans of Grand Prix and Formula 1 races an opportunity to know everything about Ferrari. Not only it’s the world’s largest, but one of the few built on a Ferrari theme. It features around 20 rides and attractions. Kids can enjoy safe and interesting rides in toddler-friendly carousel. For those who want to experience speed and thrill of driving a racing car, the park offers state-of-the-art racing simulators. For those who seek adrenaline rush, the park offers Formula Rossa – the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Rejoice the beautiful Abu Dhabi Corniche

Some places are so extraordinary that just being there fills one’s heart with utmost happiness. The Abu Dhabi Corniche is one such area. It is a seafront area that is perfect for strolling, biking, and taking in the beautiful view of the skyscrapers lining up the street as well as accessing the beaches for leisurely and water adventure. It offers an easy access to beaches, cafes, restaurants, and shopping joints. It is 5 miles long and is idle for a family to spend some quality time.

Get Lost at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

This massive amusement park is the biggest in the UAE and one of the best in the world. It is located on Yas Island and is dedicated to a couple of giant motion picture studios of Hollywood. The park features several thrilling, scary, and leisurely rides for an entire family. Whether you want to spend a day filled with excitement and thrill or just give your kids the best time of their lifetime, this amusement park has something for all. Here, you can meet your favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, and get immersed in many interactive activities. There are a few heart-pumping rides meant for only daring souls. There is no dearth of activities to be enjoyed. From concerts, to sports machines, and cultural celebration, the Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi holds exhilarating events.

Experience Opulence of Emirates Palace

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world that has become a prominent landmark of Abu Dhabi. It’s so stunning and impressive that it cannot be divided into any star category. In fact, it’s so opulent that it goes way beyond any star category. It’s so lavish that its interior is adorned with golds, expensive crystals, and pearls. To add glamour to its interiors, beautiful carpets are laid out. Besides the interior, the outer area of the hotel is equally soothing. A grove of palm trees, lush-green gardens, and  sparkling white water fountains add to the charm of this hotel. The Emirates Palace welcomes its outsiders to experience skin treatment at one of its spas and to enjoy tea, lunch, and dinner at its restaurants. 

Cool Off at Yas Waterworld

If you get desperate and seek relief from the heat, then there is no better place than Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. This mammoth waterpark offers plenty of rides and slides along with a lazy river. So, whether you are seeking thrills or leisure and wet splashes of water all over your body, the get cooled off at this amazing waterpark. If you are serious to experience adrenaline rush, then try world’s first hydromagnetic tornado water rafting ride. You can also experience surfing at this waterpark, and free-fall waterslide where you drop into the water at a lightning speed.

Abu Dhabi is a fantastic city where you get a dose of culture, heritage, fun, thrill, excitement, and adventure. The city has no limits in its offerings to tourist. However, if you indulge in these few best things to do in Abu Dhabi, a vacation in this capital city is bound to be unforgettable.

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