What are the Best Things to Do in Luton?

Best Things to Do in Luton

Luton is a big city, and an unitary authority area of Bedfordshire that is situated in the south of England. It is one of the most populated town which has not got the status of a city in the UK. It is a university town and one of the most populated ones in Bredfordshire. Standing on River Lea, just 50km of London, this town is a very historic town that is recorded in the Domesday Book as Loitone and Lintone. It’s establishment dates back to the 6th century as a Saxon outpost on the River Lea. You will be thrilled to know that this town was quite famous for hatmaking and a large Vauxhall Motors factory.

Stockwood Park

It is a large urban park located in South Ward at the southern end of Luton. It was a part of the Crawley family estate before becoming a park in the ownership of Luton Council in 1945. There is a house in the centre of this park known as the Stockwood House which was the residing place of the Crawley family. The house was vacated by the family and later demolished by the council. It is a beautiful park spread across 100 hectares of land with a museum named Stockwood Discovery Centre that displays rural crafts and trades which give visitors a taste of life in Bedfordshire before the Industrial Revolution. There are plenty of trees from the earlier times and also multiple sporting fields and an exercise complex. 

Wardown Park Museum

The Wardown Park Victorian Estate is home to the Wardown Park museum which is a wonderful museum of Luton in Bedfordshire. It focuses on urban archaeology and culture which will tell you about the history of this city. The museum also represents the old hat-making art and lace-making trades, with multiple examples of lace from the late 1600s. And don’t forget to have a peek at the Wenlock Jar, one of only 3 remaining medieval bronze jugs in England, tracing back to the 1400s.

Barton Hills National Nature Reserve

Located North of Luton is a breathtaking countryside, Barton Hills at the northeastern footprints of the Chilterns. This downland range is loved for its unique wildflowers like larger pignuts, hair violets, orchids, fleaworts and, most unique of all, pasques, which bloom from April to June. Since the area is filled with flowers there are a variety of butterflies of vivid colour seen at this place, and there is also a perfectly clear pool of chalk at the foot of the slopes of this hill. 

But where can you stay while studying in Luton to visit these beautiful places? Well, there are numerous student housing options available such as dormitories, hostels, uni halls, and private accommodations. One such student home is Hatbox Luton. 

student housing in Luton

It’s a contemporary student housing located on Castle Street, Luton. Students enrolled in the  University of Bedfordshire can easily reach their classes on time as this building is very conveniently located just 7-minutes’ walk away. Also, the city centre can be reached in less than 17-mins by bus which means everything you need within commuting distance. The property comes with multiple onsite amenities such as a fully equipped gym, cinema room, social spaces where you can interact with other residents. Head to the games room to have a break from your studies and refresh yourself. Students can choose from different types of rooms such as en-suite rooms in Cluster Flats and private Studio apartments. 

The transport connectivity is quite good so you can easily explore the city. There is a bus stop located just a few blocks away from the building. The property has a spacious kitchen which is equipped with all the modern appliances so you can prepare your meals easily. There is a living area where you can interact with other residents to know them better. You can also watch movies with friends on the large big screen TV. The studio apartments come with a comfortable bed, study area, and plenty of storage space for all your belongings.

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