6 Best Things to Do in Orange County, CA — Top Activities & Places to Go!

places to go in orange country

The top things to do in Orange County, California, are unlimited. And each one is distinct and special for each guest. When I took the Laguna Beach Surf class, it made me like surfing even more, and I ended up taking another class. On the other side, also to kayaking, I got the opportunity to do some snorkelling on my Laguna Beach Kayaking Tour. Seeing corals, fish, and sea lions was a memorable experience. And during my Hollywood Tour, I preyed on the opportunity to photograph the Hollywood sign. It was a long yet enjoyable trip. Nothing, but, beats a whale-watching cruise.

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1. Salt Creek Beach Park

One of the best things to do in Orange County, CA is to visit the beach park. There is a basketball court, a volleyball court, and dedicated areas for surfing, swimming, and fishing at the park. It is also surrounded by excellent hotels for vacationing families. On the beach courts, you can play basketball and volleyball. After that, go for a walk on the beach or go swimming. Remember to snap lots of photos.

2. Pretend City Children’s Museum

Alexandra Airth and Sandra Pfeffer founded the Pretend City Children’s Museum as a non-profit organisation in 2009. The museum features interactive exhibits modelled after significant metropolitan landmarks. A tiny city with hospitals, construction sites, a beach, Orange Plaza, and a police station is shown. It will also assist your youngsters in learning numeracy, creativity, and collaboration. Check out the photos and assist your children in signing up for informative field trips.

3. Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art

The Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art exhibits charitable regional art by contemporary and emerging artists. The gallery exhibits modern art by artists who use a variety of approaches to present their masterpieces. Many of the pieces at the exhibition are paintings and sculptures. View the gallery’s different sculptures, paintings, and pictures.

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4. Orange County Zoo

The Orange County Zoo, which was in 1985 as the Irvine Park Zoo, is home to animals unique to the Southwest. The Orange County Zoo is a refuge for wild creatures native to the South Western region, such as bobcats, coyotes, cougars, and black bears. It also has well-kept domestic animals such as sheep, goats, and pheasants. Look at the creatures on display. If it is permitted, feed them and learn about their names and histories. Learn what each animal eats on a daily basis.

5. Discovery Cube OC

The Discovery Cube Orange County, known as the Taco Bell Discovery Centre Science Centre, is a science museum that helps children learn. One of the nicest locations to visit in Orange County is the Discovery Cube OC. It encourages interactive STEM classes. It’s one of the best things to do in Orange County with kids, and as parents or guardians, you’ll have a great time as well. Bring your children to Dino Quest to discover more about prehistoric species and how they lived before they became extinct.

6. Shipley Nature Center

The Shipley Nature Centre, named after the previous Mayor of California in 1974, is an 18-acre natural park dedicated to the protection of local wildlife and plants. The Centre features one-of-a-kind attractions such as wildlife in their native habitats. This weekend, visit the Centre to learn more about animals and plants while viewing new ones. Learn more about wildlife, animals, and plants by attending the Interactive Interpretive. Are you hungry? If you’re hungry, go inside any of the eateries in the car.

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