10 Best Travel Destinations in Qatar for your Next Trip

qatar travel destinations

Traveling for some people becomes their internal love and brings out their best version. To Bring things in the right manner, people end up traveling so that they can enjoy the beauty of nature and explore themselves. These days, one of the most popular destinations that are in love with people is opting for Qatar. From unique architecture to culture, cuisines, and local markets, Qatar has it all. 

Do you want to know more about travel destinations in Qatar? Let’s find out: 

Qatar Tourism for Better Enjoyment

If you are fond of traveling, Qatar can be your one-stop destination. From beaches to stunning architecture, to shopping, Qatar can offer the best experience. Being one of the safest along wealthiest destinations to enjoy it comes as the best while choosing the bucket list. Qatar has a range of destinations, cultures, and more to offer.  Qatar is known for attracting major crowds across the globe. To help you make your visit worth it, add some of the best places to visit in Qatar to your bucket list as follows- 

Here is the list of best places in Qatar you can explore: 

Souq Waqif

It is considered a great melting pot. If you are taking up the visit to Doha, the trip won’t get completed if you are not taking up the move to souq waqif. Right from an amazing shopping experience to the gold, spice, and falcon souqs all the things are present here. It is considered to be the best place in Qatar to visit wherein you can see all the wonders.

Doha Corniche

Another place in Doha that is going to tempt the visitor is Doha corniche. The park along with the promenade gives up the good hang-out point where people can walk or can ride. It is one of the finest destinations where people can enjoy leisure time and make incredible memories.

Aspire Park

It is known as the best of the sports city in Doha where visitors can enjoy and have a gala time. Reusable water bottles can be considered the best way that can help in getting the body hydrated all the time. The aspire park is the biggest park in Doha where you can enjoy outdoor activities, picnics, and more. A perfect way to spend your day relaxing with fun activities. 

Museum of Islamic Art

It is one of the best attractions in Doha. This museum has the best piece of art which will leave you content all the time. It is designed with the renowned IM Pei architecture which is rightly based on Islamic art. The paintings collected here are from three different continents. Right from the different times near in 1400 years, it adds up to the amazing geometric pattern.

Qatar National Museum

This museum is one of the most astounding attractions that binds beauty with wonder. So, taking up the Travel pillow alone will give you much relaxation while moving. It has a stunning rose crystal desert look which will give you the best look of all time. But keep in mind that the cost to visit here varies as if you are a student or the child below 16 years you will have to pay INR 500 on the other hand if you are an adult the general admission fees will be INR 1000. Visiting time to the museum will be from 9 am to 7 pm.

Katara Cultural Village

The trip to Doha will not get over if you are not taking up the visit to Katara cultural village. Located on the eastern coast, it is one of the best Qatar holiday destinations with all the relaxation you’re looking for. There is no entry cost for people to visit here and enjoy. There are many cinemas, opera houses along with the conference hall where the visitors can enjoy the best of the time. The village opens all the time day and night so that anyone can visit here and enjoy the rest of the day.

The Pearl

It is an outstanding artificial island that adds up a great experience for the visitors. Right from adding good places to visit it gives the best of the luxury visit. There are great spots for entertainment along with shopping where one can take up the best time by themselves. For the visitors, this place is open from 10 am to 10 pm so make the most of it.

Al Shahaniya Camel Race Tracker

If you are a fan of animal races, then Al Shahaniya Camel Race Tracker is one of the most exciting and thrilling Qatar tourist spots. As seen on TV this tracking place is the same. It is located around an hour away from Doha. The opening and closing time of this racing track is from 9:30 am to 5:30. So, make the plans accordingly. The place can be humid and due to camel racing, the air will get filled with dirt so it’s better to carry a Travel wrap or scarf for safety. 

Inland Sea

It is the most amazing place to explore, the inland sea is a must to go. The beauty of the sea and the sound-free atmosphere will give you all the peace inside out. The desert here is around a 4*4 drive which will add more adventure to your trip.

Mathaf Museum of Modern Art

If you are the one who would like to praise the beauty of the place and are fond of art, the museum is your one-stop destination. It is one of the best holiday destinations to explore and understand how modern art is taking up the change these days.


Whenever you travel to Qatar, do not forget to add these top destinations to your bucket list for the best experience. Apart from the above-mentioned places, you can explore various other tourist attractions, local culture, relish local cuisine, dive into local markets and online shopping sites in Qatar where you will find tons of exciting deals and discounts to make your visit worth it.