5 best trekking destination in Mumbai

trekking destination in mumbai

1.Kalsubai Trek

Maharashtra is now able to limit places to hike and in the event of a monsoon that is not too far away and the number of trekkers may be at the level of a huge peak. The mountain tiers of Sahyadri can be large enough to include numerous hiking locations. Kalsubai trek is one of the best examples for an exhilarating hike. travelers can choose the routes that can be easy but stunningly beautiful. Kalsubai is the highest mountain in Maharashtra. Kalsubai is believed to be the top highest point in Maharashtra which is why it’s considered to be one of the top places for hiking near Mumbai.


The peak is located at an elevation of around 1646m above sea level within the Sahyadris region of Akole Taluka in the Ahmednagar district. At the base of the hill you can see an unassuming Temple that is called Kalsubai as well. From the top views of the surrounding area are more important. In the surrounding there are Harihargad, Anjaneri, Ratangad, Brahmagiri, Kulang and many more. As with other treks, Kalusbai trek additionally offers the trek a base to start from. This one is Bari Gaon with a populace of about 100. It is one of the best places to hike near Mumbai.

Along the trails you’ll be seeing chains, metal railings ladders, railings and more which will allow you to get up easily in areas with moderate difficulty. There are numerous hiking routes and the chant of the animal to reach the summit. The main route begins in Bari Gaon, placed approximately 6 kilometers away from Bhandardara.

Best Season: Monsoon

Length of trek: 7-8 km (approx.)

Distance from Mumbai Distance from Mumbai: 152 km

Difficulty Level: Easy

2.Harishchandragad Fort Trek

At a height of 4,671 feet, Harishchandragad Fort is a splendid walking area close to Mumbai metropolis , which provides visitors with stunning views of the magnificent city of Maharashtra. The castle’s history is a long one and has an uncooked and natural appeal that is surrounded by dense vegetation blankets and a plethora of trails that strive to be an unforgettable experience.

The beautiful castle can be reached via seven unique routes, but the Khireshwar route which takes you through lush forests and stunning landscapes is the most popular among all hikers. You will be awed by the beautiful forest, gorgeous natural hills and a soaring atmosphere of secludedness of the entire region and it’s certainly one of the top areas to hike in Mumbai

Best Season: Monsoon

Length of trek About 20km (approx.)

Distance from Mumbai One hundred kilometers

Difficulty Level: Easy

3.Visapur Fort Trek

A well-known hill castle located close in Visapur village of Pune can be described as Visapur Fort that offers journey lovers a fun and enjoyable day hike regardless of the season and time. It is believed that it is part of the Lohagad Visapur fortification, placed in an approximate distance of nine to ten kilometers away from Malavli Railway Station. It is situated at an altitude of 1084 meters over sea level. The castle is situated on the same plateau in Lohagad and is among the most prestigious treks in the vicinity of Mumbai.

It was constructed between 1713-1720 by Balaji Vishwanath the castle is a magnet for record enthusiasts construction admirers, record enthusiasts, and also nature lovers. The main routes to hike to the castle can lead you to the location quickly. One route starts beginning at Malavli station, after traversing the Express Highway and reaches Bhaje village. The village is preserved until Lohagad Visapur. The trek continues for 2 hours, then flip to the left after crossing Gomukh Khind and reach your Visapur base. The trek is considered to be in being one of the top hikes near Mumbai.

There is one small left-hand turn into the wooded area that is dense before taking you up to the top. Another route begins in Patan village. A visit the most renowned trekking spot can be made up with possibilities of taking a trip to the nearby attractions and more. In the list of sights, the Hanuman temple and its carvings are of great fun and are thought of as an absolute must-see out of your point. In addition, in the course of the monsoon season, the trails become incredibly active and will offer visitors with unbeatable experiences in the course of the day. It’s one of the best places for hiking near Mumbai.

Best Season: Monsoons

Distance from Mumbai Distance from Mumbai: 118 km

Difficulty Level: Moderate

4.Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi Fort is a well-known castle situated within the Sahyadri Mountains and offers one of the top hikes in Maharashtra. The castle is situated on a ridge of around 2710 feet above sea level. It provides visitors stunning views of the mountains as well as the backwaters of Shirota dam. It is accessible from Pune quickly and without delay by Lonavala. The road leading to the castle isn’t high-quality, particularly for driving.

It’s like an old-fashioned dust moto song that can be used to race. The Fort is an ideal location to tenting non-violently close to Mumbai particularly in the caves that can accommodate around forty people. There are various lodging options available for those who do not want to camp in the castle. Kalbhairavanath Temple located in the bottom is among the main lodging locations near the castle. When you travel up to the castle, enjoy the delicious local meals or make a meal that is simple.

The path for hiking will not pose many dangers, but be sure to keep yourself hydrated. The evening hikes towards the castle is the best performed treks here as the route is straightforward and without any deviations. If you are wearing a torchlight it is possible of achieving the summit quickly. While there are many options to do in Mumbai but hiking is among of the most unique and is certainly one of the top hiking spots near Mumbai.

Best Season: Monsoon

Length of trek 15.km (approx.)

Distance from Mumbai to Mumbai: 118 kilometers

Difficulty Level: Easy

5. Lohagad Trek

Lohagad Fort, which is the most popular tourist attraction in Mumbai and is a must-see aside from the brave. Lohagad Fort Trek considered to be one of the top trekking spots in Mumbai and attracts many people from around the globe to explore the difficult route that takes us to the summit. It’s a great multi-access trail from the city’s base. You can get to the city’s center by taxi, bus or even on foot.This day trek in Mumbai and also evening treks are important for people who wish to experience a thrilling adventure in this.

The monsoon takes millions of trekkers from all over the globe, and transports tourists to the village of base because it is the advised time to go through to Lohagad Fort like all attractions in Maharashtra particularly attractions such as castles and mountains. The plateau where the fort is situated is alive, even when it’s cloudy and cold in the wet season. Views from up there as well as on the trails are what that inspires adventurers to take on the challenge.

put the monsoons and rain aside and go on with the adventure.

The lush green carpet along the paths is an uplifting note for anyone who comes through and there’s wildlife to see as you stroll.Lohagad Fort translates to Iron Fort in Marathi and is located on one of the chain-like sides of the famed Sahyadri Mountains. There are four magnificent gates that go beyond doubt.

Best Season: Monsoon

Distance from Mumbai to Mumbai: 94 kilometers

Difficulty: Medium