Which Yacht Is The Best Yacht To Organize Special Events And Gathering?

virgo yacht

Dubai is a busy city having a lot of new things to explore. People loves to celebrate different special events like birthday party, bachelor’s party, bridal shower, wedding ceremony, graduation party, corporate events and anniversaries. Everyone tries to opt some new method of making special events more important and memorable. As life these days is full of work load and hustle bustle of city make us mentally tired.  Dubai offers number of attractive activities, but the emerald green waters of Dubai are on top of the list. People all around the world come to experience the sea. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy the beauty of sea, the best way is to book a yacht and celebrate your special events. 

Yachts best for Events and Gatherings:

To get an energy to renew oneself, book a yacht rental Dubai. There are a lot of yachts available which can fit to the requirements of events and gatherings and can make them memorable. Some are mentioned below:

1. Virgo yacht

Whether it is birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or bachelor’s party Virgo yacht is best. It is 88ft in size with a capacity of 65 guests and has a unique design which offers sheer joy and incompatible luxuries in the open sea under blue sky. The captain and crew of Virgo yacht are highly professional regarding the work and will put all their efforts to make the guests satisfied. While cruising, a wide range of cuisines are served and live music will add in the pleasure. All the arrangements regarding the event will be done with great care.

2. Gugu boat 

It is an ultra-modern party yacht of 78 ft long with a capacity of 90 guests. It’s a party yacht that can be a full fun area for the guests. It provides the high-end services by the hard work of the team. Beautiful views can be seen while traveling on Gugu boat. There is proper area for buffet or any small gathering like birthday or any other friends’ gatherings. Live music or live cooking can be added. At the time of booking, discuss all the needs and requirements of the event so everything get prepared beforehand.

3. Big daddy 

A stylish and elegant yacht for small gathering of 85 ft size makes the events or gathering more memorable. Away from the noise of city, it would be perfect gathering place where everything can be arranged according to the will and delicious food variety can add on the joy. A cozy environment around the yacht will leave a mark on the mind and body. It features spacious interior and exterior design and excellent customer care by the experienced staff of big daddy.

3. Lotus mega yacht

Lotus mega yacht is 220 ft in size and has an accommodation of over 400 guests. The crew meets all high-end services with their expertise. A variety of fun and leisure options are available on lotus mega yacht the yacht is ideal for large gatherings like wedding ceremony, graduation party, and corporate events. Enjoy and capture the beauty in the eye of camera. Wide range of food cuisines or buffet can be done on the yacht. The glowing sky and lightening around the city will make your event memorable. 

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