Will a taxi business like Bitaksi succeed in Turkey?

bitaksi clone app

The taxi scene in the Istanbul market has been shaky for the longest time. But is the new world bringing in some new order that can be great economically for Turkey? Turkey is in full swing with the rest of the world when it comes to technology.

In fact, being such a popular destination of holidays and tourism, Turkey has to stay one step ahead when it comes to transportation. The transport scene of Turkey isn’t very famous though. The taxi scene especially is notorious for being rude and judgmental.

So, how did an app like Bitaksi make it in this market?

One thing that we have to understand above all is the fact that for certain kinds of services, the demand is almost always there. Say, for instance, for a country where tourism happens to be their primary source of income, there will always be the need for hotels and restaurants.

As will be the need for taxis. So, Istanbul has always needed taxis. But taxi drivers here are somehow less trusting and can be rude without intention. This is why an application like the Bitaksi has been able to carve its place here.

What exactly happens?

What really happens is that normally, when people would hail a normal cab the driver may or may not stop for them. Then there is the perennial issue of bargaining over prices and haggling over unwanted things.

With the Bitaksi app, things get a complete U-Turn. Drivers in Turkey admit that when a user books a ride using the Bitaksi app, the users are more trusting towards their drivers. They don’t think that the driver is set to punish them or steal from them.

Using an app is a transparent way of getting rides and offering rides. This is because with the application, the rider can see everything beforehand. He doesn’t have to wait for the driver to say yes or no! 

When he books a ride, only the cab that has agreed to accept the job arrives. There’s no more convincing involved anymore. He or she doesn’t need to convince the driver to take them to a particular location at a particular price.

As a corollary to this, this is also an extremely useful tool for the taxi drivers. It allows the drivers to get ride requests instantly and to make sure that they will not suffer with customer suspicion. Since the ride fare is shown right in the beginning there is no scope for the Rider to say no or have a problem with the fare.

Setting up your own taxi business in Turkey

Unlike the other countries of the West, the taxi market in Turkey is booming in a big way. There is a lot of scope for people to get into this industry and start earning a lot from it. The taxi business has many advantages if you buy the Bitaksi clone app.

This is because you will not have to spend any time on researching local needs and develop an app from ground up. Turkey is a unique market. It is possible that an app like Uber might not be as successful as an app like Bitaksi will be.

Buy Bitaksi clone app

If you are sure that you want to proceed in this business you must make sure that you buy the Bitaksi clone app from reliable sources. There may be quite a few companies that build such apps, however, ensure that you take a full demo of the app so that you know what you are paying for.

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