6 Boutique Staycation Benefits For A Lavish Experience

boutique hotels in kolkata

For those seeking an ideal getaway to escape the mundane life and chill out for a couple days, boutique luxury hotels stand as unparalleled in their comfort and overall allure. These private retreats are dedicated to providing an immersive experience that not only satisfies the senses but also offers a plush and personalized staycation experience!

Distinguished from the usual hotel chains in overall size and structure, boutique hotels take a different approach to slay the game! They provide top-notch personalized services along with luxurious rooms portraying the charms and culture of the location.

So, what makes lux boutique hotels a preferable staycation? In this blog, we have gathered the top 6 features or benefits that make boutique hotels the first preference for visitors looking for an ideal staycation.

Features That Make Boutique Hotels A Top Choice

Situated Across Prime Locations

One of the first features that distinguishes boutique hotels in Kolkata from generic ones is their location. No matter where you are, you will always find such hotels situated across the most prime locations in a particular city.

This becomes a major benefit especially if you’re a traveller! Think about it, you are getting easy access to the local shops, and tourist spots, and also have good communication support. Boutique hotels let you have a truly authentic experience and allow you to be a part of the local culture.

Well-designed and spacious rooms

Big hotel chains usually have standardized furniture and generic decorations for their rooms. For someone who travels regularly, this might turn out to be a bland experience very soon!

Compared to that, luxury boutique hotels tend to take their rooms to a whole different level with unique room decor and customized furniture. Rather than focusing on making rooms, they concentrate on making a comfortable and plush haven! The room designs are thoughtfully curated with local artworks, high-quality linens, etc., and also have private balconies, fireplaces, and minibars for a memorable experience.

Forever-friendly staff

Boutique-style luxury hotels in Kolkata are relatively smaller in size when compared to bigger hotel chains. And for that reason, they are capable of providing the guests with personalised services.

The staff are friendly and ready to assist you with any help you need. They take their services a notch higher by remembering your preferences. Added to that, they also provide you with recommendations aligned with your interests. No matter what you require, they are always up and ready to help!

Possesses a distinct individuality

Boutique-style five-star hotels in Kolkatahave a distinctive individualistic personality that sets them apart. Each of the properties reflects a particular theme or a local flavour.

You may find traditional-themed boutique hotels with exposed brick walls that exude the elegance and timelessness of the property. You may also find a contemporary-themed hotel with modern interior decors, reflecting the sophistication and sleek design at every turn.

Authentic local cuisines

Want to immerse yourself in the authentic local cuisines of the City of Joy? The best hotels in Park Street, Kolkata, for e.g. like The Park Hotels Kolkata can serve you the best and the most authentic local cuisines.

Starting from Mutton Kosha, Chingri Malai Curry, to Aloo Postoto, Shorshe Bhindi and many more, experience the true essence of the authentic cuisine of Kolkata.

Apart from these delicious Bengali dishes, the restaurants of The Park Hotels Kolkata like The Zen offer exclusive authentic oriental cuisines which includes Japanese, Thai, and Chinese delicacies that are sure to ignite your appetite like anything!

Other than that, if you want to experience the vibrant night-life of Kolkata, Tantra and Someplace Else offers the perfect ambience. Sit with your preferred beverage, and enjoy the ecstatic night life of the City of Joy.

A home away from home

What sets a boutique hotel truly apart is the range of amenities and the warmth of stay that it provides. Think about it. You will get every single amenity that you have at home, and might even get more than that!

However, even amidst the bustling room decor, and the hoard of amenities, a boutique hotel exudes the warmth of a home. That’s one of the major reasons for it to be called “a home away from home!” The well-behaved and helpful staff, the proximity to local culture, etc., add up to elevate the overall experience of your stay here!

To Conclude

Boutique hotels might not be as enormous as the big chain hotels. However, the amenities, services, and the experiences that they provide, are truly outstanding, and make people consider them as preferable options over any of hotels!