When Will British Airways Resume Flights To Africa?

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Do you feel like buying a flight to South Africa but you are not allowed to travel there? Why? It may be impossible for them to help you if you combine all cheap flights to Johannesburg. Global norms have been shaken by the pandemic that has swept the world. Traveling with your loved ones or for leisure to different parts of the world isn’t as simple as it used to be. 

When will British citizens be able to fly from London to Johannesburg again? You guys are looking for cheap flights to johannesburg It’s the big question for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone wanting to see a place or someone in South Africa. The following is a breakdown of what’s happened over the past two years and what the chances are of these flights continuing.

Restrictions on Flights Following the Pandemic

After successful visits to South Africa throughout the year, most of the Brits found themselves in a difficult position by the end of 2019. As the pandemic insurgence became a reality for the entire world, South African countries found themselves on the Red List of the United Kingdom. This was in lieu of the thousands of positive cases that emerged within these countries.

The emergence of Omicron Variant 

Since the emergence of the most recent variant, South Africa remains on the UK’s travel Red List. Only British/Irish citizens with permanent residence rights can enter England starting on 26 November. Consequently, UKVI will now pause issuing visit visas.

As part of their commitment to South Africa, the UK High Commission further stated that other visa categories will be processed including work, study, and settlement routes. In addition, if approved, customers would have to observe quarantine measures. There will, of course, be other requirements as well. To fly with British Airways:

A PCR test is required that is within the time frame of being 72 hours prior to departure

The completion of a passenger locator form

Two negative COVID-19 tests and a confirmed booking at a registered quarantine hotel.

New Covid Variant in South African countries  

As of November 26, 2021, the U.K. temporarily banned flights from South Africa once again. Additionally, five neighboring countries were included in this study as a result of a new, drastically different variant of Covid-19 that was found there. Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, said the restrictions were in place as a precaution to prevent the spread of the new variant. As of Sunday, travelers to six African countries will be required to quarantine in hotels upon arrival, as outlined in the U.K.’s red list.

Researchers are still trying to determine whether the newly discovered variant, called B.1.1529), is more transmissible or lethal than previous ones, but so far, it has the greatest number of mutations of any strain found. South Africa’s healthcare system is already under strain, so the threat of an increased number of cases has raised concerns inside the country and internationally. 

Reopening of Flights

In early December, British Airways began operating long-haul double-decker flights following the restoration of its entire fleet of A380s. South Africa has been on the UK’s red list of countries for the entirety of the year. This has unsurprisingly resulted in South African countries being in huge demand or even on top of the list of destinations. It was a wise decision for, undoubtedly, the world’s biggest passenger aircraft to finally launch its flights to Johannesburg.

Earlier in November, it was reported that British Airways plans to restore its Airbus A380s for Johannesburg beginning January 10, 2021. This would be in addition to a Boeing 777 scheduled daily. Due to the widespread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, however, the plans had to be abandoned, which landed South Africa back on the UK’s red-list as well as a few other neighboring countries.

According to the latest schedule data, British Airways will begin operating Airbus A380s on January 17, 2022. Reports state that from January 17, 2022, Flight BA 57 will leave London Heathrow at 21:10 and land in Johannesburg at 11:05m, while the return flight will leave Johannesburg at 22:15 and land in London Heathrow at 11:20m.

As of 2022, it seems much more plausible that flights will continue for the Brits who are anxiously waiting to visit these countries. Though if any confusion regarding this subject matter arises, reliance.pk is the perfect place to visit to get your doubts cleared! Flights London to Johannesburg will be once again open very soon!  

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