How to Set Up and Start a Taxi business in Mexico

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Mexico is one of the world’s most favored locations for tourists. Each year, millions of tourists throng the Mexican landside to bask in its glory and culture. This is probably the biggest contributing factor to the growth and success of taxi platforms here. As more and more people commute there, the need for taxis continues to grow.

However, one has to understand that we, as a people, have evolved from the earlier times. Today, we are no longer dependent on a whistle to get a taxi. Nor do we prefer to have one taxi driver’s number saved in our phones and hope that he or she is available when we need him or her. This is why we have become reliant on our smart phones and trusty apps to do the needful.

The on demand sector is booming like never before and if you want to wet your beak in this potent business structure, then it may be wise for you to jump on the band wagon of on demand taxi app based businesses like Uber.

Who can this business?

If you are in Mexico, you can easily set up and start off a business like Uber. There are mostly 3 ways in which people utilize on demand apps like Uber to digitize their own taxi businesses:

When you own a single taxi

Some people believe that an app like Uber is only justified when you have a network of taxis running around, but nothing could be farther from the truth. If you have a single taxi, you too can digitize your taxi business with the help of an on demand app like Uber. All you need to do is to make sure that you make the necessary geographical settings from the admin panel including radius of action, geo fencing, etc. That’s it! Your single taxi will definitely do a lot more business with the backing of an application.

When you are a taxi company with a fleet of taxis

This one is easy to understand. If you own a taxi company with a fleet of taxis, you can use this platform to make sure that your customers can hire any of your cabs right from the app. The cab closest to the customer will receive the request and you should be on your way to making money easily with a digital medium like Uber app in Mexico.

When you don’t have any Taxis

This may be a little confusing to understand but is the most profitable option. Consider a situation where in you do not have any taxis nor do you wish to drive any. The app becomes a platform that allows other taxi drivers (independent) and other taxi companies (with a fleet) to register into your app and connect with users. Basically, using this business model, you neither have to offer any kind of service nor have to be in the taxi business. You simply help provide a common platform to the taxi drivers and the customers to find each other when the need arises. And each time anyone uses your app for their rides, you make a commission.

How to build this app?

The process of building an app is a very complicated one. Unless you too have an innate sense of coding and app development, it is not advisable to go down that route and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars only to wait a couple of years before the app can see the light of day.

Instead, what many smart entrepreneurs are doing these days is buying pre built ready made on demand taxi apps built on the model of Uber. Many developers also like to call it the Uber clone app. If you wish to set up your own taxi business in Mexico, getting the Uber clone app is going to be the cheapest and quickest option.

Who will make this app for me?

It’s simple, really! Building apps is a specialized service that is why you shouldn’t bother yourself with hiring individual and independent app developers. Instead, simply opt to partner with a white label mobile on demand app Development Company. These companies have a full fledged, technically armed, and infrastructurally equipped team working for them. This team builds the app keeps it ready for purchase.

You take a live demo of the app, understand it full well and then, if you decide to purchase the app, they white label it with your brand name and logo. They also add the color theme of your company to the app and then launch it on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store under your server credentials.

Is it safe?

There is always going to be a certain degree of risk when it comes to building a business. However, if you can ensure that the company you make the purchase of the app from is a reliable one, you should be secure.

The best way to do this is to take a look at their portfolio, the number of clients they have services, getting their feedback or testimonials, and, of course, taking a look at the live demo of the app and trying it hundreds of times before actually making the purchase. Also, remember to check if they are offering the licensed source code of the app along with the purchase. That is an important component that you must not ignore.

Wrapping up

On the whole, the opportunities to run business like Uber in Mexico are abundant provided you have a clear idea so as to how to proceed. Make sure that you have understood how the app platform works before making and purchase and also identify the right white label mobile on demand app Development Company to ensure that you have the best app in the industry that can help in skyrocketing your business.

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