Top 5 Most Popular Cab Services Canada 2021

Top 5 Most Popular Cab Services Canada 2021

We all are quite familiar with numerous apps that allow us to avail of services right at our doorsteps. Some of these are food delivery apps, shopping apps, retailers, and cab services, among others. These apps have eased our daily lives to a large extent. Undoubtedly, some of these apps have become an integral part of daily lives. Commuting from home to the office, ordering food online, buying dresses, and ordering groceries at our doorsteps has become quite a thing of our day to day lives. The emergence of these apps and their services have made it super easy for us to avail of the best quality services right at our fingertips. 

In this article, we will be talking about one of the most beneficial categories of service apps- the car booking apps. If you are about to visit Canada or are looking for a daily commute transport to help you travel to and from anywhere in the city, here are the top five most popular cab services in Canada


The first one on our cab booking list is ZimRide. It is a unique taxi booking app that allows you to create a profile based on your specific network, such as your workplace or organisation that you study at. Thus, you can search for drivers within your network and request to join them on their journey. This app can be of great use for you if you are a daily commuter. The most distinguishing part of the ZimRide app is that it allows you to see if you have any Facebook friends in common with your driver. Thus, you can ensure your safety with this feature. Nonetheless, the app recently restricted its services to people within specific networks which sounds a little disadvantageous. 


Who might have not heard about this cab service in Canada or anywhere else in the world? Probably no one. Yes, Uber is that popular in its genre of services. It is because it has spread its network of services across many countries in the world. The Uber app offers various cab options to choose from. You can even share a ride with someone by choosing the carpool option that will come at a rate lesser than the other options. Uber can prove to be a good choice if you are travelling within the city. It offers affordable ride-booking and sharing options. 


The next on our list is the ZoomZoom car booking app. It comes with various useful features such as a Rate Card that allows you to view and compare the prices of different cabs available in your area to accept your ride request. To add to better safety measures of its customers, the app allows you to add up to three emergency contacts with whom you can share your ride details. Once you are done with the booking, you will have access to the details of both the driver and the cab that will come to pick you up. Thus, you can keep a track of your ride until you reach your destination safely. 


With this unparalleled app, you are allowed to find drivers who share similar itineraries and request to join their rides on the way. It offers an interesting platform to help you grab just the right travel companion in Canada. Although the app offers its service mainly in Canada, you can use its service between Canada and the United States as well. The app’s “Private Networks” option allows you to connect with employers or other networks for a more specific group of potential drivers with whom you can choose to ride at affordable rates. The app has a simple user interface that makes it easy to use by anyone.


Lyft is a good choice if you are looking to book cabs to travel shorter distances, say, for instance, within the city. You can either choose to ride in a cab all by yourself or ride in a carpool- that is similar to the one available in Uber which is the shared ride option. Moreover, the app is quite informal and relaxed that makes it easy for people to use it. It offers some good carpool deals during certain travel hours such as late-night hours and weekends in larger cities. So, if you are looking for a much relaxed, reliable and affordable ride, definitely choose Lyft. 


Car booking was never this easy, but now with the advent of so many apps to choose from, our daily lives have become a lot easier. Now that you have got the five best car booking apps in Canada, you can simply drop off your worries and set out to travel on a tight budget, and that too by availing yourself of the most comfortable rides. Grab the best ride deals today and set off on a hassle-free journey with any of these comfortable cab booking and ride-sharing apps.

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