Guidelines for tourists about car rentals in Dubai

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International tourists and businessmen have come to cherish Dubai because of its wonderful backdrop, smooth highways and modern architecture. Travelers from all over the world come to the city to spend quality vacation time. Moreover, it is the meeting point of many businessmen who come here to attend different seminars and events or to carry out their deals. The city has to offer something to everyone because it is a metropolis that is reaching its booming period. Therefore, when you visit the city you must rent a car from the car rental service. So you can travel to different destinations in style with a satisfactory automobile. With a premium car on rent, you can enjoy the different attractions of the Emirate with a passionate spirit. So that you can explore every entertaining nook and corner of the city that is built for the tourists. Therefore, for your assistance, we are outlining the guideline for tourists about car rentals in Dubai.

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1. The Junction Number are not Organized Logically

After you have rented a car from the luxury car rentalin Dubai. The next thing you need to do is getting familiarized with the routes. This can be done by viewing online maps before going to any location that you have selected. You can get accurate details about the different venues of Dubai by the GPS of the car you are driving. However, you should know some facts about the streets of the Emirate. For example, you should not consider that the junction numbers of the streets are organized logically. They are not in a sequence. For example, when you drive on the main highways like Sheikh Zayed, you will find out that the Junction eighteen is led by the Junction thirteen.

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2. Confusing Street Names

Street names can be a bit confusing when you observe them. You should never feel lost if you see a little spelling mistake between the names mentioned on the online map you are watching and the street signs. That is because of the difference in the way the Arabians spell their street names and how they are spelt on the web-based maps. One sure thing that can help you in finding out the right details about your destination is the GPS. You should always rent a car with a working GPS from the luxury car rentalcompany.

3. Be Cautious of Construction Work

There is a construction occurring at the streets of Dubai with great consistency throughout the Emirate. Therefore, you can experience a change of routes now and then. Also, that can create some difficulties for reaching your destinations. However, you can always be sure to reach your favorite shopping store or restaurant within time with the help of a web-based map or GPS that comes installed in your car. That is why whenever you rent a car from a car rental service you can always tell them to provide you with a car with a GPS.

4.Avoid Drinking While Driving in Dubai

You should never drink before you drive your car in Dubai. Since there is a strict law that prohibits drinking for the drivers. All the authorities have no tolerance for the people who drive their automobiles in intoxicated conditions. Those who violate these rules are fined a high amount of money. Or the visitor can even be imprisoned or deported from the Emirate. Therefore, to be on the safe side, if you are drunk then you should consider renting a car with a chauffeur who can do the driving. Relieving you of any driving worries. To rent a chauffeur-driven car you must contact a quality car rental service

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5. You must have Driving License before you rent your Automobile

All the visitors to Dubai who want to rent a car from the car rental servicemust have a valid driving license. Before you rent a car you must submit your driving documents to the rental car company. The residents of Dubai should provide the Driving License, Visa copy and Passport Copy to the luxury car rental company so that they can drive the car in the city. The travelers who have a license from the countries whose licenses are considered authentic in Dubai should also submit the Emirate acceptable Driving License, Visa copy and Passport copy to the carrental service. Similarly, international driving licenses are also accepted in Dubai. The visitors with an International Driving License should provide their International Driving License, Visa copy and Passport copy to the authorities. If you don’t have a valid driving license then you can also apply for the temporary driving certificate for driving in the city. Another restriction for driving a rental car in Dubai is the age limit. You must be twenty-one years or older to rent a car from a car rental service.

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