What Flooring Is Best for A Caravan

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When choosing flooring for a caravan, the top priority should be that it’s lightweight and easy to clean. If your caravan is carpeted and you’re thinking of changing it, the good news is that it’s possible. Carpeted caravan floors are comparatively more challenging to clean, compared to other types of flooring.

Carpeted floors are also more difficult to maintain, and repair should there be parts that are damaged. Carpets are also heavier, and it could add to the caravan’s weight which is a concern especially if you have numerous appliances and cargo. It’s also a consideration that your caravan’s floor is resistant to damp and moisture to prevent mould and to optimize thermal insulation.

So, which type of flooring is best for a caravan?

Vinyl plank

Perhaps the most favoured type of caravan flooring is the vinyl plank because of its durability, ease of cleaning and maintaining and its very pleasing to the eyes. There are numerous colours and styles to choose from and there is a design for every caravan.

The vinyl planks are also easy to install. The planks just click and lock together without a need for any adhesives. The seams are also moisture resistant so mould will not be an issue. The only downside is that these planks could be pricey. But if price is not an issue to you, these planks are perfect for your caravan.

Vinyl sheet

As opposed to vinyl planks, vinyl sheet flooring is one continuous roll. The sheet must be cut to fit your caravan’s floor before installation. It is comparably cheaper than other options and more lightweight, although not as durable. Still, it serves its purpose efficiently.

One of the obvious advantages of vinyl sheets is that it’s entirely waterproof since there are no seams. Unfortunately, since it’s one continuous sheet, replacing a part that’s been damaged means replacing the whole sheet. It is also difficult to remove the whole sheet since adhesives are used to stick it.

Cork flooring

This type of flooring is championed for its sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Even if it is soft underfoot, this type of flooring is highly sturdy and resilient. It is also preferred by those that want an additional layer of insulation. The added bonus is that this type of flooring is resistant not only to moisture and mould but also to pests and fire.

Cork flooring is available in two different forms, the sheets that need to be glued or as planks with grooves and tongues that interlock. Cork flooring must be sealed to avoid damage making the installation more difficult compared to other types. Sealing must also be done every two years, making the upkeep for this type of flooring higher maintenance.

While choosing the caravan flooring it’s important to consider your budget into account, the additional weight of the flooring, durability and aesthetic. Do your homework, decide what factors matter the most. If it’s an option, ask professional advice, then select the flooring for your caravan based on that information.