Essential Caravan Fittings for Better Caravanning Experience

Caravan Fittings

A caravan typically has its regular features made for adventuring outdoors. However, it would be a lot better if you could add some features that you want to make it more suited to your lifestyle. With so many things to choose from, it can be confusing which feature to prioritize.

Since caravan fittings don’t come in cheap, it is important to make wise decisions when buying add-ons for your van. To help you out, here is a list of the most popular caravan fixtures that would transform your van and make your adventure more comfortable and enjoyable.


While you could stay inside your caravan when the sun is up in the sky, it would be a waste not to be able to enjoy a beautiful view while the weather is good. An awning is one of the best caravan accessories that help extend your living space outdoors so you can rest and take in the view while being protected against the elements.

You could use this space as a coffee area, resting area, or even an outdoor dining area. Be sure to get the right measurements to buy the right awning that fits your caravan perfectly.

Solar Panels

Having an independent power source for your caravan greatly adds to the comfort and functionality of your van. You could use appliances and gadgets during your caravanning, making it more convenient no matter where you go.

Since solar panels come in a variety of sizes, you could easily find one that would fit your caravan. First, determine your average power consumption in a day so you’ll know the size of the solar power system you’ll need. Don’t forget to add a battery so you’ll have extra power at night or when the sun isn’t shining bright enough.

Water Tanks

Caravans come with regular water tanks attached to them. However, its capacity might not be enough for your needs especially when there are many people on board. You could increase your caravan’s water capacity by installing a bigger water tank before going on an adventure. That way, you’ll have more clean water onboard for drinking, cooking, showering, and everything else.


Almost all vehicles nowadays have cameras installed in them. Don’t let your caravan get left behind and get one for it too. Reversing cameras are one of the best techs you could install in your caravan. It serves as an additional safety feature since it allows you to see everything that is going around the van. You’ll get to see people, kids, trees, power poles, and everything else behind the vehicle, making it safer especially when you’re about to park at the site.

Customizing your caravan to suit your lifestyle is a great way to make it more comfortable and convenient to stay in. When buying caravan fittings, take a look into your lifestyle and the things that you’ll need to be sure that you’re investing in the right things. No matter what the outdoors throws at you, you can surely handle it with a caravan fully equipped with everything you need.