Chadar Trek

Regardless suggested as the ‘Frozen River Trek,’ the fanciful Chadar Trek gives you an experience like no other. There are a couple of frozen sheets of ice over which you can walk around show up at the mountains that are embraced by snow from all of the sides. As you keep on strolling, the snow from the mountains would be relaxing on one side and outlining a stream, which is a fanciful sight to hold.

Like this view isn’t adequately intriguing, if you proceed to walk and look at you there is an eminent viewpoint on the peculiar Himalayan greatness until to the uttermost degree that your eyes can onlooker. The brilliance of the Himalayas and the mountains would seem, by all accounts, to be perpetual, and you would never need to get back resulting to watching this stunning greatness!


This excursion overall happens on the frozen stream of Zanskar, and subsequently it is named as the Chadar Trek.

Address: Zanskar River, Ladakh

Hours: The excursion occurs generally during the daytime when there is light.


The Chadar Trek would take around nine days to wrap up, including your return from the spot to Leh. This excursion ordinarily happens during the fundamental multi day stretch of January to mid-February when the Zanskar Lake is frozen, to have the choice to walk around it.


The provisions of Chadar Trek are the snow-shrouded mountains, frozen falls, frozen lake over which you can walk, and miles and miles of mountains until your eyes can see. It is a substitute kind of illusory brilliance that you can never get enough of. Chadar Trek draws out a substitute side of your person that you didn’t know existed. The Chadar Trek isn’t just an experience, yet it is pivoting the hardest of troubles that you will not at any point gone over.

It holds the beautiful secrets of the Himalayas, allowing a person to participate in the charmed heavenliness of those snow-clad mountains. It is an undeniable prerequisite do thing for each one people who love snow and taking up intense hardships.


The cost of the excursion would fuse the going with:


Camping out organizations of the excursion

Dinners during the excursion

Other excursion essentials like a sheet material, kitchen tent, toilet tent, setting up camp bunk, and a couple of utensils

Awards and entry costs

Crisis treatment units, clinical packs, oxygen chambers, and bunks

One pioneer to guide you, a cook, and some supporting staff

Transport from Leh to the excursion early phase and return.


It would cost you INR 17,000-55,000 generally per singular, dependent upon the time at which you make your arrangements or your accommodation tendencies. On the off chance that it is the last second reserving, it might hinder you more than INR 55,000. Jannattrips is the best platform to book chadar trek at best price.

Proposed for

This excursion is completely recommended for fit people, with no sudden issues, as you need to walk around ridiculous temperatures. On the off chance that you are not adequately fit you really need to go on the excursion, you might contact your accepted specialist and take tips before you take any further steps.

The best strategy to get to Chadar Trek

There is only a solitary possible way to deal with show up at Leh and Ladakh, which is through air. You can undoubtedly go on an outing to show up at the central command of the Chadar Trek and a while later starting there; you can meet your excursion subject matter experts. The excursion experts will manage the rest of your journey later on, which is at least a point, as you don’t have to manage each not entirely obvious detail with respect to this development. It is fundamentally unimaginable that that any of these roads would be open by any kind of vehicles, so it is suggested that you pass by walking.

Through Air: You can show up at New Delhi to go on an outing to Leh. Delhi has some relentless excursions to Leh reliably so you can plan a trip and quickly book passes to go to the flawless Leh. At the point when you are over the spot, you can see many snow-shrouded mountains, which will give you clearness regarding why you can’t show up at Leh by road all through the colder season. Before long, you make sure to participate in the flight ride, as you can get an exceptional gander at all the faultless areas and a bit of the mountain runs, the airborne viewpoints on which are past enchanting.

About Chadar Trek

The journey begins in beautiful Leh, which you can reach via plane. Flights are the most pleasurable and enchanting method to arrive in Leh, which is surrounded on all sides by snow, giving it a completely white appearance. As the plane descends towards Leh, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of the mountains at an altitude of 11400 feet above sea level.

The underlying move towards your excursion begins at Leh, moving towards TsomoPaldar. Coming, you would cross Chilling and Tilad where you can onlooker the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, the brilliant Magnetic Hill. Starting there ahead, you move towards Tibb Caves going through a course that will not at any point freeze. From Tibb Cave, you move towards Nerak which is the essential town of the Zanskar district. From Nerak, you get back to the Tibb Cave and move towards Gyalpo. From Gyalpo you return to Tilad do, and a while later you return back to Leh.

Entrancing real factors about Chadar Trek

The temperatures during the evening can go as low as – 25 to – 35 degrees when the environment ends up being extremely merciless.

The entire excursion distance is 105 km around, most of which is covered by walking.

During the daytime, you need to walk around the virus ice sheets of the frozen Zanskar stream, however in the evening time you need to rest caves which are organized near the frozen stream.

You can gently take the Himalayan water to stifle your thirst, as this water is seen as completely secured and pure to be taken clearly.

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