Chadar Trek

Popularly referred to as chaddar stream Trek or Zanskar Trek, or Ladakh Frozen stream Trek – it’s the sole one of all its kind within the whole world. The word “Chadar” suggests “blanket” and represents the sheet of ice cowl that forms over the frozen Zanskar stream within the dead of winter. You’ll notice on the Trek that it can not be higher delineated. The Chadar Frozen stream Trek Ladakh is thought to be a walking route connecting villages on the Zanskar stream throughout the winter. For hundreds of years, this frozen riverbed has been utilized by the locals for trade and transportation. This route is most reliable within the month of the Gregorian calendar month or Feb once the ice sheet is most stable and thick.

Zanskar stream could be a huge and quick flowing stream all around the year. It flows through a steep ravine, for the foremost half, between Chilling and the Zanskar vale. The trek exclusively sits at a high altitude on a frozen sheet of ice. This Ladakh trek from Chilling to Zanskar vale takes over per week. We might do most of the walking within the daytime and have our tiny non-public camp.

While it remains one of the foremost distinctive treks in the mountains and has no comparisons anyplace within the World, the chadar frozen stream ice trek is unfortunately associated with the vulnerable activity. We tend to estimate that will stop to exist at intervals succeeding five years – thanks to environmental factors. There’s over-use, heating, receding glaciers and construction activity that is heavy the natural rock face of the stream gorge. In 5 years just about, once the road comes up, the lifetime of the Zanskaris are greatly simplified throughout winters, and therefore the Zanskar stream trek can turn out to be associated with ancient native ritual, that when accustomed to noisy activity for thousands of years.

Overview of the Chardar trek

1.      The Start of the Journey

The journey starts at the mountain city of Leh. The sole thanks to reaching Leh is by flight, and it’s enclosed by snow giving it an entirely white look. One will catch a glimpse of the snow-capped mountains from the flight because it descends toward Leh that is found at 11400 feet on top of the water level. The trek is over the Zanskar stream that lies frozen throughout the winter. The foremost most well-liked time to cross the ice would be in Feb. Throughout that point, the ice tends to be at its most stable state. The Frozen stream trek begins from the tiny village of Chilling from wherever the Zanskar stream begins to freeze.

2.      Across the Ice

The ice is as dangerous sometimes because it is safe throughout others. One has to find out the safe ways over the precarious sheet and always remember the feet’ ice conditions. The trekkers will prefer to camp within the caves on the banks just like the locals or start tents wherever the ice is the most stable. The setting is on the brink of twenty degrees below temperature and reduces additional once sunset moreover. Heat and stratified garments area unit counseled as is being on the move the maximum amount as potential. These facilitate invariably keep the body heat and forestall cold sores and additionally keep the blood from chilling.

3.      Better Safe than Sorry

It is invariably counseled to remember the ice conditions the least bit times. There are many factors to think about making a certain journey. Most of those factors involve the conditions of the ice and, therefore, the footing decisions of the traveler. The precautions include:

  • The traveler should remember the ice sheet conditions.
  • There could also be cracks within the ice that ought to be avoided.
  • Finding places with a coating of snow is the best place to run unremarkably.
  • Slippery ice is found on many sections and may be walked on with utmost care.
  • Cracks might suddenly seem underneath one’s feet, and it’s needed to run to additional solid footing straightaway.
  • The ice isn’t a trekker’s friend, and one should respect it and remember the conditions the least bit times, particularly whereas selecting the inhabitant’s spot.

4.      Gear and Trekking data

Trekking gear ought to be brought from home as there don’t seem to be several places on the market at Leh throughout the winter wherever it is bought. Food that may be preserved and created quickly, like instant noodles, is a superb addition. One should have enough before starting up because it is suggested to be moving for the higher part of the day to stay warm and keep the journey in momentum. Ice picks, trekking boots, and many additional heat-covering areas unit a compulsion in such conditions. Tents area unit counseled; however, ex gratia united will camp in caves like the local’s UN agency journey across the stream. However, being a non-local, that concept might not be wise and carrying tents is usually commendable.

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