9 Best Christmas Destinations to Make your Occasion Memorable

Christmas Destinations

Christmas Destinations

Christmas is more than just a holiday; it’s an event that unites people worldwide for this sacred, beautiful, fun occasion. Many of us prefer celebrating this beautiful occasion at home, while others enjoy travelling to new places. The event is celebrated worldwide with unbridled excitement and transcending boundaries of place and faith, as it is celebrated by people of other religions too. December is imminent, and so is Christmas. We have tried bringing you a list of some best Christmas destinations to enable you and your family to make this occasion amazing.

1: New York City:

In a place like New York City, an occasion like Christmas is known to be made magical. The city transforms into a destination celebrating one of the best Christmases in the history of the planet with the addition of Christmas lights and light snowfall. It is customary to see the entire city drenched in lights and grand Christmas tree decorations. Something you can do on Christmas Eve in New York is to participate in Christmas Spectacular.

2: Iceland:

For vacationers seeking a festive atmosphere, Iceland is the ideal choice. Here, the Christmas season is alive with bustling markets where wooden booths are filled to the full with food, drink, and gifts as massive Christmas trees stand watch. A real winter paradise composed of untamed lava fields and jagged mountains covered in snow is to be expected. There’s also a no better time to take a warm plunge in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon than when it becomes really cold outside. You can take a self-drive trip into the highlands to see the amazing northern lights vista.

3: Amsterdam:

Another fantastic place on the globe to celebrate Christmas in Amsterdam. In the Dutch city, it is renowned that every century centuries is decked out in shimmering lights in early December. Are you planning your Christmas trip to a place like Amsterdam? To plan your trip at a low price, you can use Travel pro promo codes available at various discount websites to make your Christmas trip memorable yet affordable.

4: Beaver Creek:

 Beaver Creek is one of the best Christmas destinations to make this occasion remarkable. The place has numerous resorts and retreats, providing tourists and locals with various winter sporting opportunities, including skiing and other fun activities.

5: Dublin City:

Dublin city is one of the Christmas destinations you can visit during Christmas. These city’s streets on Christmas are exquisitely drenched in lights. As a visitor and traveler, you can experience numerous pantomimes, holiday decorations, and festive cheer at Docklands. In this beautiful city of Dublin, Christmas is truly a joyful time.

6: Edinburgh:

 Edinburgh is one of the memorable Christmas destinations and is enticing for many reasons. Even in the gloom, there are pleasant eateries and museums, and the chilly North Sea winds give an excuse to visit the pub for a hearty glass of wine. It is recommended to go early in December when the Christmas markets are open to enjoy the occasion fully.

7: Hong Kong:

The most incredible city in East Asia does not permit the Christmas season to pass without a thriving Christmas festival. It is an ideal place to visit if you’re looking for close Christmas vacation options. Beautifully decorated storefronts and Christmas trees, lights strung from the city’s tallest buildings, and Christmas music playing through speakers all over the place make it the ideal destination for a holiday vacation and undoubtedly reminds the arrival of this special occasion.

8: Maldives:

On Christmas Day, a country like Maldives gets profuse from eateries, and many hotels in the Maldives serve the traditional fare. If you choose to forgo the sprouts, you will be rewarded with platters of fresh lobster, oysters, and grouper, all accompanied by a bottle of sparkling wine. Maldives is also one of the affordable destinations to opt for the celebration of Christmas.

9: Singapore:

Singapore spruces up the holiday season. Restaurants unveil their holiday menus, and the fireworks display at Marina Bay marks the season’s onset. One can witness the bedecking of Christmas lights on the streets in mid-November.


We all desire to make an event like Christmas memorable and exciting. Many of us plan our expeditions to different countries and places to make this special occasion more special and remarkable. You can go through the places mentioned above to make your Christmas trip magical and affordable.