Cities that were visited the most around the world in 2020

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A lot of people spend the last days of the past and the first year of the new year making plans for the future: making lists of goals, considering new trips, future jobs, challenging themselves. Tbilisi girls, Istanbul men, Baku children – all of them faced similar problems during Covid-19. Last year, even if they were very good, is often somewhat forgotten, hoping that the new ones will be even more colorful, interesting, bringing new experiences, pleasant moments.

However, the already ending year should not be completely “written off” – after all, certain experiences, lessons learned or even statistics may be useful in the future. For example, this article provides a list of cities that were most visited by tourists in 2020 – it will definitely be useful for those people who plan to travel in 2021. Based on the 2018 global tourism index compiled by MasterCard, we will not only introduce you to the ten most popular destinations but also tell you how these cities attract tourists.

10. Antalya, Turkey

This resort is in tenth place on the list. It turns out that this city and its surroundings are eagerly chosen by many tourists from different parts of the world for their holidays. It is estimated that in 2018, Antalya was visited by more than 11.27 million people. tourists from foreign countries. Situated on the stunning Mediterranean coast, Antalya is a city that boasts beautiful beaches. 

There are about 300 sunny days a year, so the bathing season in the Antalya region runs from the end of April to November. And that’s not all: Antalya is full of great hotels, luxury shopping malls, modern clubs, restaurants, cafes. Therefore, it is a city where you can both join the rhythm of the metropolis and enjoy a quiet rest by the sea or in a hotel by the pool. 

9. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a city where a large number of travelers from Lithuania have visited. Meanwhile, the Japanese capital Tokyo is still a great exotic. However, globally, this city is very popular with tourists – in 2018, it is estimated that 12.12 million people visited Tokyo. travelers from all over the world. Shining skyscrapers, bustling streets, bullet trains, technological innovation – Tokyo is an infinitely modern city. 

However, it is also rich in centuries-old temples and the heritage of ancient architecture. Tokyo even houses the majestic imperial palace. It is these interesting contrasts that entice travelers. And where else is the distinctive Japanese culture, great traditional food restaurants, and spring sakura blossoms? Tokyo is a favorite of travelers not for nothing. 

8. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul In eighth place is another Turkish city, Istanbul. In 2018, it was visited by as many as 12.8 million. travelers from all over the world. Unlike Antalya, where most travelers go to indulge in high-end hotels and the seaside, Istanbul is a city of sightseeing tours. It is rich in buildings of historical value, such as the 17th century. Tbilisi girls, reminiscent of the Blue Mosque, a highlight of Byzantine architecture considered Sophia Cathedral, luxurious 15th century.

Topkapi Palace, the Basilica Cistern under the city, etc. were built. And where are the charming oriental markets, the multitude of restaurants, the Arab hammams, the wandering streets of the old town, the romantic shores of the Bosphorus, and at the same time the western shopping malls, the modern quarters? There is definitely no shortage of attractions in Istanbul.

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in Southeast Asia is a country that stands out from other countries in the region. The harmony of modernity and perennial culture is astonishing here. And where is the nature of fabulous beauty: jungles, white sandy beaches, emerald bays, green hills, and precise tea plantations. Most travelers who decide to visit Malaysia start their journey from the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, as the country’s largest airport is located here.

Kuala Lumpur is the largest city in Malaysia, the economic and cultural center of the country. It is rich in both green parks and majestic skyscrapers, the most famous of which is the Petronas Towers. These are the skyscrapers twins, which are currently the tallest in the world. Kuala Lumpur is full of interesting museums and galleries, as well as the Royal Palace, home to the country’s sultan. The Malaysian capital, 2018, was visited by more than 13.53 million people. tourists. 

6. New York, USA

In sixth place on the list is New York, which never sleeps. This iconic US metropolis was visited by as many as 13.67 million people in 2018. tourists from foreign countries. We really call New York iconic: it is not without reason that a lot of great movies and books have contributed to this image of this city. 

Lots of art events, bohemian parties, modern business centers, prestigious offices, shops, illuminated advertisements, the famous Central Park, a paste with the architectural value it is one of the most valuable museums in the world, the Statue of Liberty on the coast … Tbilisi girls, new York is a really very interesting city, where everyone can discover fascinating activities. It is not for nothing that tourists love this city so much. 

5. Singapore

Singapore Modern, rich, cosmopolitan – this is Singapore. It is a city-state in Southeast Asia, often referred to as the gateway between the Western and Eastern worlds. Singapore’s economy is based on tourism. Tbilisi girls, this is not surprising, because every year more travelers visit this city than there are permanent residents. 

In 2018, for example, as many as 14.47 million people came to Singapore. tourists. Well, a little over 5.5 million people live there all the time. people. Tall skyscrapers, futuristic parks, a host of lights – this is Singapore. Still, that’s just one side of it. The city is also rich in ethnic squares such as Little India or Chinatown. Here you can get acquainted with the oriental culture and taste traditional dishes. 

4. Dubai, UAE

Dubai Fourth on the list is another radiant and modern city, Dubai. The largest city in the United Arab Emirates boasts really large tourist flows. It is estimated that this year it was visited by more than 16.66 million. travelers. What makes Dubai so attractive to tourists? 

First of all, it is a very lively city with an abundance of entertainment, a high level of service. Secondly, it is easy to combine the modern pace of the city with a great holiday, because Dubai boasts really great sandy beaches, warm sea, and sunshine almost all year round. It is not for nothing that Dubai is not only the most popular resort area in the UAE but also in the entire Middle East. 

3. Paris, France

Paris The romantic capital of France, Paris, ranks third on the list this year. In 2018, as many as 17.95 million people visited this city. tourists. Magnificent architecture from different eras, world-class art collections, cozy cafes, the banks of the Seine, perfect for long walks, bohemian Montmartre … Haven’t you been to Paris yet, Tbilisi girls? Maybe a trip to this French city should be planned for 2021? 

2. London, UK

London The second place on the list is another European city – London. It is estimated that this year it was visited by more than 20.42 million. tourists. Maybe you were one of them too? London is a contrasting city. It impresses with both its modern kind and royal elegance. Every quarter of the city is very unique. The bustling riverbank, majestic centuries-old buildings, a plethora of museums and galleries, huge parks, artists ’squares, a Chinatown reminiscent of Asia Minor, gleaming offices. London is definitely where to visit.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand is a holiday destination that we can confidently name as a leader in exotic travel. This is also evidenced by the numbers. According to statistics, the Thai capital Bangkok was visited by as many as 21.98 million people this year tbilisi girls tourists! Bangkok is a city that boasts both its size and tireless pace of life. There are many different sounds, colors, smells, and contrasts. 

Huge skyscrapers, magnificent Buddhist temples, amazing and very varied local markets, a royal palace considered a masterpiece of Thai architecture, a multitude of canals bustling the city … Bangkok is a city with a truly unique aura.

In the end

In this article, we covered the most visited cities in the world in 2020. If you would like to have well-known local tour guides in any of these cities check out

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