Family Trip Ideas for Couples Traveling with Kids

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Being a parent does not have to spell the end of love! Traveling with your lover allows you to disconnect from the strains of daily life and reconnect with one another. If you can’t find a sitter or don’t want to leave the kids at home, try these nine tricks to make time for romance on your family trip.

1. Family-friendly cruises

Such cruises include engaging activities for all ages as well as group childcare, allowing couples to spend time together. Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line are some of the finest cruise lines for kids.

The best cruise travel agency can arrange connected cabins or a suite for privacy after the kids have gone to bed. Alternatively, many luxurious accommodations provide a useful “privacy screen” between the adult bed and the children’s sleeping room.

2. Request a room with a patio or balcony.

After you’ve put the kids into bed, a balcony at your hotel or on a cruise ship may be a terrific spot for chat and a soothing drink with your honey. Even better if the outdoor space includes a hot tub! This extra room allows parents to enjoy the outdoors while their children snooze throughout the day if they are traveling with a baby or small child who still naps during the day.

3. Look for hotels that have a kids’ club.

While the kids are at camp, enjoy a little romance on your family vacation. Many resorts provide group babysitting services that include crafts, games, scavenger hunts, and cultural activities.

4. Book a suite or two linked rooms.

Sleep deprivation kills romance faster than anything else. A room with a separate door is essential if your child is a light sleeper. What grownup wants to go to bed before the sun sets?

After nighttime, a suite also provides seclusion. When booking a room, make sure you know what you’re receiving because occasionally a “suite” is just a bigger room with a sitting area.

5. Bring your family.

Vacations allow your children to spend quality time with their grandparents and other family members. Even better if Grandma and Grandpa are prepared to look after the kids so you may go out for a night or two! Just make sure everyone is on the same page about childcare arrangements before you go home.

6. Take a trip with pals.

Co-vacations with friends work best when the other parents have children of a similar age to yours. The kids will have fun playing together, which will allow you to have some adult talk on your trip. Couples can also take turns babysitting so that each pair can have an evening to themselves.

7. Hire a babysitter for the room.

Parents can have a date night while abroad by hiring a local babysitter.

On the other hand, most resorts will give a list of suggested babysitters or childcare companies.

Check references ahead of time before leaving the house. If you want to go out without your kids more than once during your trip, schedule the same sitter for numerous visits. This will most likely make everyone’s experience less stressful and more pleasurable.

8. Bring a dependable nanny or babysitter with you.

If you don’t mind sharing your holiday with your normal sitter, bringing her along will provide you the most freedom to participate in adult-only activities while on vacation with your family. When traveling with families, full-time childcare providers are often paid their regular weekly pay plus any meals or admission fees. The babysitter frequently sleeps in the same room as the kids. If you give her some free time during the vacation, you might be able to persuade a part-time childcare provider via your holiday travel agent to accompany you to a pleasant place in exchange for lodging and board.

Where should you go?

Mauritius – This is classic romantic lovers’ country, with all the drop-dead stunning beaches you could want for, but many resorts are well set up for families, with kids’ clubs, babysitting, and even the occasional family massage session.

Glamping in the UK – Tire the kids out with healthy countryside activities, then relax with fire-lit evenings under the stars – all without having to set up your own tent.

Thailand – Few places offer better value for money than Thailand. Rent a cheap romantic villa and enjoy the space between you and your children.

Italy – Rent a wonderful antique farmhouse in the countryside in Italy. Once the kids are in bed, you can stare out over the hills and vineyards while indulging in great Italian cuisine.

South Africa – Visit one of the numerous family-friendly wildlife lodges in the nation. While you enjoy a twilight wildlife drive, the kids may participate in a small dung spotting safari.

Set aside time for “us.”

Even if a suite or a babysitter isn’t in the cards, make time for romance on your trip. Vacations are a time for relaxation and reconnection, whether you clink glasses with your partner during a toast while at dinner, hold hands with your honey as you walk down the beach, or snuggle with your partner after the kids have gone to bed. On a family vacation, parents certainly deserve a little romance!