5 Covid-19 Precautions Which Should be Followed by Everyone While Travelling in Dubai

Travelling in Dubai

It has been almost a year since the whole world is fighting against the corona virus which is a life threatening virus and is spread like field fire. This virus has left the world devastated and isolates people to their homes for nearly a year now. Now slowly there is some relief from this virus in some countries and people who were isolated has started to travel around the world to get rid of the frustration that the virus has caused. However virus has reduce to some extend but there is still possibility that the virus could returned especially in the places with heavy tourism like Dubai and this is the reasons UAE is taking all the precautions to make sure it does not spread again. Although United Arab Emirates is taking the entire possible step to stop the virus from spreading in there but if you are planning to travel to Dubai here are the 5 covid-19 precautions which should be followed by tourists & safe drivers while travelling in Dubai.


First prefer to not travel anywhere but if it is very necessary for you to travel to Dubai make sure you have completed your vaccination before travel because it will reduce your chances to catch virus. Vaccination is very important not only for but also for the others surrounding you who can catch virus from you if you are not vaccinated and catch virus.


You should take test 2 to 3 day prior to your trip to make sure that you are infected with the virus because if you are infected and you travel then it is possible other people surrounding can catch corona virus. After 5 to 10 day from When you arrive in Dubai again take test to make sure you are not infected and you think you are showing symptoms that you have infected with the virus the first you should do confirm it by taking test without wasting a minute.


If you are travelling to Dubai make sure you have leave your place when it is absolutely necessary and even in that case try to maintain 6 feet distance from everyone. It does not matter that you are vaccinated or not you should keep a distance from everyone to reduce the chances of the virus to spread.


Wearing mask reduce the chance of you catching corona virus from others and others to catch the virus from you. As the mask purify most of the oxygen for you and it is also mandatory to wear it in Dubai so be responsible and think about your and other’s safety and wear mask.


Wash your hands repeatedly throughout the day to make you have any particle which could cause you to be infected with corona virus. Make sure the sanitizer is always with you when you are outside so you can sanitize your hand and the sanitizer which you are carrying should have at least 60% of alcohol content in it.

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