Slow Travel Crafting the Ideal 3-Day Goa Itinerary

goa itinerary

My initial trip to Goa as an adult left me disillusioned. We chose a “unique” beach overrun by tourists, lacking charm, and filled with generic eateries. The overwhelming crowds dampened my enthusiasm for the region.

However, my perspective changed when I experienced slow travel on a later visit.

Fortuitously, we lodged at Cancio’s House, a centuries-old Goan homestay in Aldona. It boasted its own well for drinking water, provided shade with jackfruit trees, and featured a central courtyard where three generations of the Amaral family had lived. Here, I found the quintessence of susegad Goan life – the specialty of embracing gradualness and tracking down satisfaction.

During our visit, we appreciated relaxed strolls in the downpour, random bike rides, genuine discussions with our hosts, visits to the nearby bread shop, and snapshots of reflection. It occurred to me that this is the genuine embodiment of movement – not an agenda of spots to visit, yet a valuable chance to drench oneself in new environmental factors.

From that point forward, I’ve made it a practice to get back to Goa consistently, in some cases remaining for a really long time, here and there only a couple of days. Each visit supports that sluggish travel isn’t characterised by the length of our visit, yet by how we decide to invest our energy.

Through my deepening connection with Goa, I’ve shared valuable insights with friends seeking to enhance their own Goa experiences. This itinerary reflects some of my favourite activities and hidden gems, offering a path away from the tourist crowds towards a more authentic, intimate exploration of the Goa that holds my heart. voice changer app

Goa Trip Plan for 3 Days

Day 1: Arrival and Beach Exploration

Arrival at Goa and Check-in

Morning: Breakfast at a local café or resort

Afternoon: Visit popular beaches like Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, or Anjuna Beach

Evening: Enjoy water sports activities (jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides) or relax on the beach

Dinner at a beachside shack or restaurant, sampling Goan seafood specialties

Day 2: Cultural and Historical Exploration

Morning: Visit historic sites such as Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort, or Basilica of Bom Jesus

Lunch: Try authentic Goan cuisine at a local restaurant

Afternoon: Explore the vibrant markets of Panaji or Anjuna for souvenirs and local crafts

Evening: Attend a traditional Goan dance or music performance

Dinner: Indulge in a fusion of Goan and Portuguese flavours at a colonial-style restaurant

Day 3: Nature and Adventure

Morning: Embark on a wildlife safari at Mollem National Park or visit Dudhsagar Falls

Lunch: Picnic amidst the lush greenery or enjoy local snacks from nearby stalls

Evening: Go for a travelling experience in the Western Ghats or select a stream journey along the Mandovi Waterway

Evening: Unwind with a nightfall ocean side walk or partake in a yoga meeting by the shore

Goodbye supper: Commend the finish of your outing with a fish grill or a conventional Goan thali mea

Here’s a simplified version of the recommended Goa itinerary:

Rather than racing through the typical places of interest, these agendas centre around embracing Goa’s casual way of life north of three days. They offer exceptional open air, culinary, and social encounters that go past the ordinary party scene. These activities support local businesses and preserve Goa’s rich culture and environment. So, your short trip not only promises fun but also contributes positively to Goa’s community and nature. fire safety systems

Accommodation Options in North Goa

With more people working remotely and travelling for leisure lately, the cost of places to stay in Goa has shot up. Unfortunately, many places that used to feel like staying with a local have become more like regular businesses, and you might pay a lot for a less welcoming experience.

Experience the charm of staying in a 500-year-old Goan home at Cancio’s House, where three generations of the Amaral family welcome you! Their outhouse cottage offers a cosy retreat. I’ve been here multiple times and always leave impressed by the family’s hospitality, fascinating stories, and delicious Goan dishes (even for vegans). Aldona village has evolved, but it still exudes Goan allure with its ancient church, green rice fields, and quirky locals who love a good chat.

Escape to The Secret Garden, Saligao

I wrote some of my first book at The Secret Garden. It’s a typical Goan house renovated with care by a couple from Goa and Britain. Now, it’s surrounded by its own mini forest of food. You can enjoy lovely chats, delicious sourdough pancakes (amazing!), and even swim under the stars.


In crafting the ideal 3-day Goa itinerary focused on slow travel, we’ve woven together the rich tapestry of this coastal paradise. From tranquil mornings on pristine beaches to immersive cultural explorations in quaint villages, every moment is savoured. By focusing on profundity over expansiveness, we’ve dug into the spirit of Goa, embracing its rhythms and flavours. Whether you’re enjoying delicious fish by the ocean, loosening up in peaceful yoga meetings, or wandering through energetic business sectors, each experience encourages a more profound association with this captivating objective. Slow travel in Goa isn’t just about ticking off attractions; it’s tied in with embracing the substance of the spot and allowing it to saturate your spirit.