No-Brainer Clubs & Walks to Experience Delhi’s Nightlife: Check them Out here!


Delhi is known for its electrifying yet cozy nights. Delhiites love to party and relax post their work and love their night outs. But believe us Delhi Nightlife is just not constrained to drinks, DJs and dance, it expands a little more to long aesthetic strolls in the most Historic and culturally rich city of the country. Here are some spots recommended by Delhiites themselves for you to enjoy your night outs in the City of Hearts.

Clubbing Hangouts in Delhi

– Dear Donna

Dear Donna is regarded as a Modern-Day interpretation to the Victorian Romance. It takes inspiration from the era of refined sensibilities wherein gathering with friends and family over a regal multi-course meal fueled with cocktails and good conversation is a staple. The bas teleports one to late 90’s and early 2000’s England to showcase its classic gourmet food and modern mixology.

Location- Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi

Cost- ₹3,000/- for 2 people (with alcohol)

– Toy Room

Toy Room Aerocity is an extravagant nightclub which is regarded as the most exclusive spot for the arts, fashion and celebs. The eatery has worked in the Hospitality business since the 70’s. The design of this club takes visual inspiration from a mix of Iconic, fictional characters, in fact  even children toys and has contemporary popular celeb styles and counterculture Graffiti. It has parties running late into night and is just the perfect spot to get exposed to how Delhiites party.

Location- Aloft, Aerocity, New Delhi

Cost- ₹3,500/- for 2 people (with alcohol)

– One8Commune

Indian Cricketer and owner of restro-bar ‘One 8 Commune’ chain, Virat Kohli has opened this new swanky restaurant for the folk of his hometown, Delhi. One8 Commune believes in welcoming all the people irrespective of their gender or preferences with utmost honour. As its name suggests, it is an exclusive establishment which serves the communities.

Location- Aerocity, New Delhi

Cost- ₹2,100/- for 2 people (with alcohol)

– Kitty Su

Regarded as the shrine of Aesthetic innovation, Music and opulence, Kitty Su’s fusion genius would be clear to one, only when they walk into the Multi-level establishment. Their sound and lighting innovation is in sync with the Reputation at the establishment they are placed in.  Kitty Su is known for its California Sushi Rolls and it’s a common belief that whoever has their sushi comes back for more.

Location- The Lalit New Delhi, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

Cost- ₹6,000/- for 2 people (with alcohol)

– Monkey Bar

WIth the Most extravagant and contemporary terrace sitting, Monkey Bar is a quirky and out-of-box cafe. With a plethora of food options ranging from Continental & Chinese to even North Indian. Some popular picks at this eatery are Goan Chorizo Pao, the scrumptious Flutterfly and Seafood speciality Bang Bang Prawns.

Location- Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Cost- ₹2,500/- for 2 people (with alcohol)

– Summer House Cafe

The story Behind Summer House Cafe is a simple one: One Gorgeous summer barbecuing out in the open lawn leads to the thought of why can’t the people of Delhi have a summer house to call their own. So that’s what the creators did. Spanning over two Floors with modern yet cosy interiors, Summer House offers its guests a culinary delight inspired directly from the American cuisine of comfort food with a massive menu alongside exotic and diverse cocktails. All of the delectable items offered at the Summer House Cafe just make its guests reminisce of a Warm yet comforting summer afternoon.

Location- Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Cost- ₹2,500/- for 2 people (with alcohol)

Late Night Walks

Delhi is all the more Happening when it comes to life at night when the streets get empty and away from the loud and populous traffic. It’s the best time to explore the unexplored spots simultaneously taking care of your safety while you’re at there at Night

– Pandara Road – India Gate Walk

A stroll on Pandora Road after midnight is an unforgettable experience. Restaurants like Gulati and the heart-filling Chuski with a beautiful view of the India Gate, are other great places to spend the night out with your closest friends.

–  Shahjanabad

Many Delhites enjoy hot cups of tea and a stroll through the lengthy, feudal streets of Shahjahanabad.

For the more daring, the following locations are said to be haunted by otherworldly entities. To solve certain riddles, brave individuals visit Jamali Kamaliat in Mehrauli, Karbala Cemetery near BK Dutt Colony, and Feroz Shah Kotla Fort on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.

–  Parthasarathy Rocks

Delhi is full with hidden jewels buried away in quiet spots and crannies throughout the city. The JNU campus is one such treasure. If you’ve ever visited inside, you know it’s a different universe. The marvel known as Parthasarathy Rocks is hidden in one of the campus’s laneways. Although admission to PSR is not accessible to everyone and requires a JNU ID card, you can always ask a student to assist you and they would gladly do so.

– Jamali Kamali – Ghost Walks

If you are inspired by ghost stories and want to take ‘adventure’ to the next level, embark on Ghost Walks in Delhi’s numerous haunted locales and discover the dark secrets of the past of this Place.

– Feroz Shah Kotla Fort – Vikram Nagar

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, one of Delhi’s oldest buildings, was completed in 1354 by Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq. It is believed that the fort has a significant impact on Djinns, spirits, and ghosts that roam around the place after the sunset. Baoli is a stepwell that is located on the northern side of the pillars of the fortification. It was built in underground sections that are located on the fort’s expansive gardens. It also consists of an underground canal that includes running water wells on the side, which is a sight for your Daredevil night out at this Historic piece of Art.

Although it might feel borderline Daunting to step out late at night in a city so massive like Delhi, but it’s a remarkable experience for whom who would not be able to explore it otherwise. Trust your gut, still stay alert and explore the spots mentioned above to fully know the cultural Diversity of the Capital City.