Delhi to Patna Flight with MyFlightTrip: A Comprehensive Guide

delhi to patna flight

The accessibility of various forms of transport can greatly enhance the existing connection between the cities of Delhi and Patna. MyFlightTrip, one of the prominent service providers in the field of travel services, presents many options for the passengers who are looking for a convenient and cheap flight. Whether you just want the cheapest possible price for a flight ticket or are concerned about other factors like the airline company, the schedules, the add-ons and trimmings of the trip, this guide will help you in coming up with the right choice.

Delhi is the second most important city of India which serves as the largest commercial center of the country, while Patna is the regional capital of Bihar and occupies the seventeenth rank among the top large cities of India according to the latest census of India.

Delhi: The Bustling Capital

Delhi as it is the capital city of India is a city that has ancient past linked with the contemporary society. Newspapers are one of the sources of information, which tell about the megacity where ancient constructions peacefully live side by side with modern shops and business centers. Some of the popular landmarks to be visited are Red fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar and the scenic beauty of Lotus temple. Delhi also is the political capital of India and boast of hosting government buildings and also foreign missions. With its rich and diverse culture, history and strong business support it has become the biggest attraction for not only the national but also the international tourists.

Patna: A Historical Gem

Patna is the capital City of Bihar and it is one of the oldest city in the World which has continued its existence uninterruptedly till today. Located at the southern side of Ganges River, it houses historical and cultural importance and significance. Tourist destination include among others the Golghar, the Patna Museum, the temple of Mahavir Mandir and Pataliputra the ancient city of Bihar. The city is also an education and a business hub, a way and means that stands to positively affect the economy of the region.

Why this flight Delhi to Patna?

Among all mode of transport, the air transport from Delhi to Patna is the fastest and convenient mode. The use of a flight takes about one day as it point to point means of transportation or rather a means of getting to different destinations. It takes 5 to 2 hours to get here and it takes over 12 hours by rail or bus. This unequivocal time-saving factor makes the flying a preferable mode of transportation for business peoples, tourists, and other peoples who don’t want to spend much of their time.

How to book a Delhi to Patna Flight Ticket through the website MyFlightTrip?

User-Friendly Platform

This is a convenient site to book flights from Delhi to Patna as MyFlightTrip provides all the information with ease. From the design point of view, the website and mobile app look customer friendly, colourful, and easy to navigate with some easy peasy bookings. Flight seekers are able to search for flights, compare probable costs and book the tickets within a couple of clicks.

Wide Range of Options

Another major consideration to going for MyFlightTrip is the flexibility that comes with the many options for flight available. Regardless of whether you prefer low-cost flights or high-end aircraft service, you will be able to grab the service you have been looking for.

Sabse Sasti Flight Ticket

For those seeking cheapest flight, common or sabse sasti flight ticket onward, MyFlightTrip presents a range of cheap flight deals. The site synchronises its list of flights with the current offers of various airlines and therefore customers are likely to get the most competitive prices. According to the several options that were considered to get more information about the prices, it is possible to state that it is recommended to look for cheap flights in advance and do not stick to definite dates.

Secure and Reliable

This assurance applies to safety and security that MyFlightTrip holds in high esteem for all its users. The platform utilizes the best encryption features in honouring the discretion of your personal and other financial details. Also, it offers quality customer support to help with any concerns or questions that may and a smooth booking process.

The major airlines that are involved in providing flight services between Delhi and Patna are the following:

Various flight connectivity exists between airports of Delhi and Patna and frequent flights are available from various service providers right from the low-cost segment to the luxury airlines.

Here are some of the major carriers


IndiGo is among the leading and favorite Low Cost Airlines of India and has a vast network across the country. With its strong punctuality and low fares, IndiGo provide several daily flights a day from Delhi to Patna. If one is looking for a sabse sasti flight ticket, then it is a place to consider visiting.

Air India

Here, Air India fulfills the role of the official Indian airline, being both a full-service and a low-cost airline. The features incorporated are quality products for customers to sit, free meals, and good and favorable response to the customers. Air India has its operating flights for those passengers who prefer to fly in the more traditional flights.


Spice jet is also a major and popular low cost airlines company of India. Cheaper than fiscally-embarrassing fares and it provided many connecting flights between Delhi and Patna. It operates with a network that connects to several destinations, and the company services the market with efficiency, giving travelers the best deals.


Vistara is a full-service carrier and it offers inclusive services and comfort that anyone would wish to have in a journey. The services that it provides are comfortable and well-crafted seats, and a variety of delicious meals to eat while in the waiting area, coupled with excellent customer service. Even though the prices of the tickets sold by Vistara are comparatively steep, the comfort of the flight and the maximum services provided does justify it.


Now let me present some of the flights that GoAir provides as a low-cost carrier in between Delhi and Patna. GoAir Offering low-cost fares and having a good reputation, GoAir is a suitable airline for those who are more inclined towards having a budget airline.

Traveling is one of the most common activities that people engage in and the notion that you have to book a flight from time to time is an understatement.

Book in Advance

It is possible to get a sabse sasti flight ticket from the airlines with the following tips: one should book for the flight well in advance to get acheap ticket. Close correlations were evidenced with the information regarding the fact that the average ticket price increases with the growing proximity of the date of the flight, thus, early booking provides opportunities to save considerable sum of money.

Be Flexible with Dates

Ideal flight bookings have a flexible flight scheduling that must be booked earlier in time in order or get better fares. With the help of the fare comparison tools available on MyFlightTrip you may find that it is necessary to fly during the cheapest days.

Use Price Alerts

MyFlightTrip has a tool that can inform you that the fare to the flight of your choice is cheap. This will assist you in developing alerts on product availability and making sure that you are the first to secure the best deals.

Consider Alternative Airports

Although, this may not have relevance looking at Delhi to Patna LPU, it is worthwhile to look at nearby airports for departure or arrival to get a cheaper deal.

More often than not, online stores have clearance sales and other quick-changing offers that will alert you to the current available deals.

Make it a point to visit MyFlightTrip often to inquire about the promotional offers that they have in store. Lastly, it is worth to mention that all Airlines often make have times for sales and promotional fares that may cut the price of the ticket.

The Flight Experience Pre-Flight Preparations

Just to be safe, always check important documents such as the ticket, identification or any other permit necessitated by your journey. International flights require you to be at the airport at least three hours before the scheduled time of departure, while domestic flights should give one at least two hours before the flight time to go through check-in formalities, security andfinally the boarding process.

Check-In Process

Almost all of the airlines provide their customers with a choice of Web check-in which can otherwise be time-consuming at the airport. The check-in formalities can also be done through the MyFlightTrip application or on the airline’s website of the flight to be booked. Web check-in in most cases is opened 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight.


It is organized when it is time to board the train, plane, or bus and often starts 30-45 minutes before takeoff or departure. Check the announcements and block your ears with those of the boarding directions. The following are recommended patron checks: Make sure you have easily accessible and in-hand your boarding pass and identification for inspection.

In-Flight Experience

Despite the type of flight and the ticket category, passengers may face significant differences in the aboard amenities. There are no-frills airline carriers such as IndiGo and SpiceJet that provide only the essentials of a flight with additional amenities including food and beverages available for purchase. Some of the cheap international airlines that offer better facilities are Air India and Vistara as both the airlines offers free meals and better services than the other cheapest airlines.

Arrival in Patna

Upon your arrival to the airport in Patna, the sign ‘Baggage Claim’ is easily found to get your luggage. The Car and Taxi services to reach Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport Patna are available from all the possible routes and many local transport options like auto-rickshaw and online taxis are also available.

Exploring Patna Historical Attractions

Golghar: Historically, this building was used as a granary by Brits in 1786 with clear view of the city.

Patna Museum: Contains numerous objects and monuments reflecting the ancient Indian culture; Based in Patna, the museum has on display the Didarganj Yakshi.

Kumhrar: The archaeological remains of the ancient city of Pataliputra: Despite being the capital of the Mauryan Empire for several centuries and a great centre of learning, no significant archaeological evidence of Pataliputra has been unearthed as yet.

1. Major findings include the ruins of a palace and a few ancient structures near the end of Bailey Road.

2. There are plans to build an Archaeological Park near the old town area but no major

Religious Sites

Mahavir Mandir: The below photo suggests that it is one of the famous and miraculous temples of Lord Hanuman.

Patna Sahib: A splendid Gurudwara associated with the birthplace of the tenth and the last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Cultural Experiences

Bihar Museum: A new contemporary museum to display the origins and legacy of Bihar.

Sonepur Mela: An annual cattle market festival in The Republic of Bihar, in India, which is one of Asia’s biggest markets selling cows.

Local Cuisine:Patna or Bihar provides light and delightful Bihari cooking for its sweet loving guests. Also, for the conventional wakes, one should not miss out Mohanthas Litti Chokha, Sattu Paratha, and sweets like Khaja and Tilkut.


Traveling by flight is safe and comfortable especially when you are using MyFlightTrip to get from Delhi to Patna. Abundant flight options, easy booking system and the great variety of offers and promotions, MyFlightTrip helps to make sure that every client finds sabse sasti flight ticket without the necessity to sacrifice the quality. For your travel to be as comfortable as possible, and for you to get the best experience that will enable you see the historical background and remarkable culture of Patna, then this guide will be very useful in ensuring that you do not come across any nasty surprises along the way.