Desert Safari Dubai |An in-depth Experience at Dubai’s desert

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

Every trip to Dubai must include a desert safari. The favorite things in Dubai are to go dune bashing and take pictures in front of a dramatic sand dune background, ride a camel, and watch restless Tanoura and belly dancers while sipping your third cup of hot tea during a desert safari Dubai camp adventure.

We’ve been on so many desert safaris in the almost ten years we’ve lived in Dubai, primarily because at least one friend from back home comes to visit us every year. If the desert safari Dubai happens to be on a day when I am free, it would be hard for us to say no. Our life’s motto is “never say no to a fun adventure,” and this is always a good time. During our many trips through the desert, both as a family and as a group, I have learned a lot of valuable things, some of them the hard way. Here are some ideas for making your Dubai Desert Safari more fun and memorable.

Find A Tour Guide You Can Trust

In Dubai, many tour companies and travel agencies offer Desert Safari trips for various prices. I know it’s tempting to choose the tour with the lowest price, but you should be careful because the price isn’t always a good indicator of quality. I prescribe “The Adventure Planet,” one of the most trusted tour operators for Desert safari in Dubai.

Be careful of tour companies that offer Desert Safaris for very low prices. You can find these “too good to be true” trips on many discounts or coupon sites. In this situation, you must research, read reviews and make phone calls to find out as much as possible about the company. Before you book a business or tour service, you should read more than one or two reviews unless you know and trust the person who wrote the excellent review.

Plan The Trip With a Friend Is The Best Option

Most people book a desert safari in Dubai online because it is quick and easy, and deals are often to be had. But before you buy anything, you should call the company to see if the dates you want are still available. This will help you avoid surprises and speed up getting your money back if the trip doesn’t go as planned.

We weren’t responsible, we had to cram our desert safari into the two days before my mother and brother’s trip back to Manila. That scare taught me how important it is to be ready for schedule changes before they happen.

You wouldn’t want to go on a desert safari when it’s too hot or when the sandstorms will make you eat dust and freeze to death. In movies, sandstorms always look amazing, but I can tell you that they aren’t quite as cool in real life.

Inform Before Tour Operator

A tour guide needs time to get materials together, answer questions, and stop problems from happening. Some older family friends took us on a desert safari as kids. We told our tour guide that some of our friends might not be in the best shape for the dune bashing trip, so he should take us straight to the campsite. But when our guide changed cars with us, he forgot to tell our new driver. The nebbish driver thought we were up for a game, so he started driving recklessly immediately. We had to yell for five agonizing minutes (the driver spoke very little English, by the way) to make it clear that we couldn’t keep dune bashing. Even though our older friends were understandably scared by what happened, in the end, they were fine. I think I was the one who almost died because of the misunderstanding. Just plain lame.

Bring Along Some Snacks

You should know that you might not get food immediately when you reach to the campsite. Most meals and drinks take an hour or two to come out, and you usually have to wait in line for them. Trust me, nothing good can come from going through that terrible change.

I think you should be ready when you get there. Bring some cookies, fruits, or chocolates, so your group doesn’t go crazy while they wait for the buffet to open. Bring water with you so you can drink and stay hydrated. You’ll be thankful to me when you look back. Thank you a lot.

Getting Arabic Scarves

A traditional cotton scarf called a keffiyeh wear on the head by many men in the UAE. These can buy at the campsite for about 25 to 30 dirhams (about $5 to $7) each. They come in different colors and are a great way to remember your trip.

One piece of advice is to wait for the vendors to come to your table instead of going straight to the booth where the scarves are being sold. Scarves are often sold at a discount, and sellers may be willing to make deals. This means you won’t have to spend more than 15 to 20 dirhams instead of the usual 30.

Because you can’t go to the desert without taking a picture of yourself on a camel, right? If you like to keep track of your trips and take pictures to remember them, this is probably something you should write down.

Why not? Why not if you can afford it and it makes you look really happy in a picture? Do it already. It doesn’t matter to me what happened. I suggest you and your friends ride the camel in different groups so you can take turns taking pictures of each other. If you don’t have friends who are good at art and want to take some photos home as souvenirs, you should be ready to spend a lot of money.

My point is that all you need to have a great time on a Desert Safari Dubai is a positive and open mind and great people to share the good and bad times with.