Detailed Guide For Disneyland Paris Tickets

disneyland paris tickets


Are you drooling over a real fairy land? Well, in that case it seems your wish will appear true. Thanks to Europe for providing one. This fairy tale is named Disneyland Paris, which is situated in the heart of Europe, providing you joyful experiences through its adventurous rides, theme parks, firework, and light shows. All these could be real fun but to attain that you must grab the golden opportunity to have the tickets to the magical land. Not to worry, we will walk you through all the essential steps that you need to know about Disneyland Paris Tickets, including various prices for tickets, its availability and even some fine tips to save some bucks in hand.

Ticket Prices for Disneyland Paris in Full

Every year thousands of people come here with their children, friends, and family to boast their happiness exploring the rides and entertainment characters of Disneyland. But to make your experience much better, we bring you the details of various ticket prices, so that you will enjoy your time being there.

1. One Park One Day Ticket – this starts from €62 (Rs 5,536.85 approx.), with transportation, from €119 (Rs 10,627.19 approx.).

2. Two Parks One Day Ticket – this starts from €82 (Rs 7,322.94 approx.), with transportations, from €120 (Rs 10,716.49 approx.).

3. Multi-Day Park Passes – you may pay an extra €109 (Rs 9,734.19 approx.) to €80 (Rs 7144.33 approx.) for additional days.

4. Special packages – Disneyland Paris also promotes some special offers for groups and families that have benefits like accommodations, food and added perks. 

5. Park Hopper tickets – These tickets are for those people, who want to explore both the parks on the same day. Also, you should keep in mind that you will pay an extra €65 to €85 per ticket to avail this for yourself.

6. Annual passes – Well, these tickets are handy in case you prepare yourself for multiple visits in a year. Depending upon the services and perks it provides, it usually costs you between €259 to €449. Even though it is expensive, not only it saves you some penny over a discount, but also it keeps you from the hustle of booking the tickets again and again.

Note: The above-mentioned details of Ticket Prices may change year to year.

Hacks for saving money on Disneyland Paris Tickets

While booking tickets for Disneyland, if you are thinking of ways to save some money, then here are few hacks that will work for you.

Book the tickets beforehand – if you want to grab an opportunity on getting a discount then booking in advance is really a nice idea. It also provides you with certainly friendly promos and discount offers in their website as well.

Hidden package deals – these benefits are for those who really goes for a good research work. Many a times lodging near the Disneyland offers you an included Disneyland Paris package that comes with a decent discount.

Explore this place during thin crowd – when people are less during off season, often they distribute their tickets at an amazingly low price. This is the time when you can completely take the advantage.

Never ever stop enquiring for special discounts – if you are going solo or with a group or may be with kids, they might be having an ongoing special offer for it. This rare chance is difficult to grab but still it is always worth asking.

Things to Remember

While planning for Disneyland Paris, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

The most crowd that takes place here is during the summer holidays.

You should book a lodging facility near the park to save money on transportation. You should even consider booking it in advance as the slots are filled out soon.

You can book your tickets both online and offline.

You can enjoy your meals inside the park restaurants according to your likes.

You may also get some discount if you go for the packages of food.


Overall, Disneyland is a wonderful destination that you should consider exploring. All the rides that you are going to ride and other games that you are going to enjoy is worthy of its price. Do not forget to enjoy the popular light show during the evening time. Make a budget friendly plan according to your suitability and follow our given tips to enjoy your day in Entertaining Disneyland Paris.